Whitney Wolfe, Great Entrepeneur!

Whitney Wolfe is a success American entrepreneur. Whitney is the CEO and founder of the social site Bumble. Bumble has over 20 million members on the site. The site is unique because Bumble allows women to take the initiative interacting.

Bumble has been growing significantly since opening. With all the growth that has been taking place; many other entrepreneurs have been trying to purchase Bumble. However, Wolfe takes pride in her business and doesn’t plan on selling it anytime soon. Wolfe even turned down an offer of 450 million for Bumble. She doesn’t want to sell her business because she has put too much time and energy into creating it.

It is important to note that there are two different types of Bumbles. The first type is Bumble BFF. Bumble BFF focuses on friendships between women. Bumble BFF is for women in the world who aren’t looking for a relationship. There aren’t many sites out that are used strictly for friendships. Bumble BFF gives women the change to connect with women who are looking to be social. Bumble BFF has been tried by over 3 million women nationwide.

Bumble Buzz is another form of Bumble. Bumble Buzz is used for business professionals. Bumble Buzz is another form of LinkedIn. Bumble Buzz gives professionals a chance to network with each other for business reasons only.

Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah,. She attend school at Southern Methodist University. She majored in international studies. While in college Wolfe created her own life for tote bags. Her tote line was a huge success. One of the reasons Wolfe’s tote bag line was very popular is because all of the earnings were donated to the areas of those who were affected by the BP oil spill. Many famous celebrities were even photographed while wearing some of Wolfe’s tote bags.

As of today, Wolfe recently got married in Positano, Italy. The wedding was extremely beautiful. The wedding photos were captured by Vogue Magazine. vogue did an amazing job capturing some of the most beautiful photos of Wolfe and her husband. Wolfe is at a peak in her life. Both her career and personal life is going extremely well.

For details: fortune.com/2017/11/14/bumble-dating-app/

Developing a Positive Entrepreneurial Attitude with Market America Events

Without the right attitude, thriving in a business becomes an unachievable task. It’s paramount that an individual exhibits the right attitude and self-drive in order to make it. A positive mindset plays a significant role in an individual’s Market America Unfranchise business. Jim Winkler, the V.P of Sales for Market America talked about the power of having the right attitude when relating your message. He is a proponent of having the right attitude. Without the two values, an individual’s plan may come out the wrong way. It is, therefore, essential to examine the business traits and establish if you’re using them rightfully.

For a start, ensure you keep up with Market America events, features, and news. The BBB is one of the reliable sources where information about Market America Unfranchise can be found. According to Winkler, the mark that separates success and failure is defined by what people do. Success is achieved through work. Working harder is accomplished by having the right attitude. As a result, it is the base value of every successful business.

Success is achieved through hard work. There are skills to be learned along the way. Attitude can be natured through recordings available from Market America. Additionally, there is a wealth of information that you can collect from the Market America events held at different locations. Surrounding yourself with positive minded people will motivate you and consequently build your focus. It is also in the Market America events where you will find mentors and people willing to guide you through your business.

Winkler adds that the most critical thing is to adopt the Market America Unfranchise as a business opportunity with a possibility of growing to become a million dollar business. Put a lot of effort and positive attitude towards it. As a result, you will register tremendous growth. Taking it as a hobby will cost you money. With the right approach, you can achieve just about anything.

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Jim Larkin’s Role in Ireland Labor Activism

Born in 21st January 1876, England, James Larkin grew up to become a trade union activist in Ireland who could not be easily forgotten. Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union was molded to perfection thanks to his leadership.

The establishment went on to become the largest trade union in Ireland. ITGWU was active until the time Ireland split into two in 1914. Larkin then headed to the USA and was deported after a short while there.

Due to his family background he was unable to finish his studies. He went to work to help his family get an extra income for support. He became a foreman at construction sites in Liverpool docks.

When he was working, he wanted employees to be treated with dignity that they deserve because they are assets in whichever company they work for. Moreover, they had rights too because they are human like their bosses. Unfair treatment of personnel made him furious and in 1905, he teamed up with the National Union of Dock Laborers and kicked off his career as a trade unionist. Learn more about James Larkin: http://www.rte.ie/centuryireland/index.php/articles/jim-larkin-released-from-prison and http://spartacus-educational.com/IRElarkin.htm

In 1907, he was in Dublin and founded the ITGWU, a union that aimed at uniting the Irish workers for them to look for better bargaining agreements with employers and also securing a good working environment.

James Larkin formed Irish Labor Party that planned the 1913 Dublin Lockout strike that lasted for almost a year before being settled. Better terms were realized for workers who got fair treatment in their working environments.

The First World War, WW1 was at the time that he was a trade union leader. He was opposed to the war coming to Dublin and distracting work. There were protests in Dublin resisting WW1; he went to America to lobby against the British influence in the war.

James Larkin was later held for what was termed as communism and criminal anarchy but was pardoned after spending three years of his sentence.

He was deported back to Ireland and he helped in instituting the Worker’s Union of Ireland in 1924. He is remembered as the pioneer of trade unions in the world and many countries in the world have embraced the effectiveness of the unions in fighting for workers’ rights.

The Life of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is an American –based entrepreneur and the current Chief Executive officer of TDL Global Ventures. Additionally, he also works at Legendary Investment. At Legendary Investment, Todd Lubar serves as their Senior Vice President. He has an overwhelming experience of more than 2 decades in the field of real estate solutions. His main aim is to help many people become homeowners. For many years, Todd Lubar has been recognized by Patch.com in the best 25 mortgage developers in the United States of America. Apart from real estate, Todd Lubar has worked at other different industries. Some of the industries include mortgage banking, construction, and entertainment industry. Todd Lubar is dedicated in assisting many people in the community to achieve their goals. Therefore, he uses his adverse skills and experience to help other individuals rise to the top.

Recently, Todd Lubar was interviewed by Medium. At the interview he said that he was influenced to start TDL Global Ventures because he wanted to aid other people fulfil their goals. He said that he realized that many people could not success in life because they lacked funds, therefore, he started a plant to provide clients with what they required. He also said that his worst occupation was when he was employed to work at a grocery store when he was still in high school. At the Grocery store, he worked for about one year. Todd Lubar believes in creating a form of trust to his clients and employees. He says that regardless of some failures, this strategy has helped his business expand because his clients and employees believe in each other and share thoughts that have assisted the company in growing. He recommends people to read a book written by David J. Schwartz known as “The Magic of Thinking Big”. He says that the book has tips and guidelines that can enable a person grow personally in terms of thinking and also help the person grow his or her business.

Apart from working at TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar has also served at Legacy Financial Group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In 1995, Todd Lubar attended and studied at the Syracuse University where he earned a Bachelor of Art’s degree in speech communication. Follow Todd on Twitter.





A Brief Rundown Of Eric Lefkossky, His Life, And Accomplishments

It’s not necessary to research cancer fatality rates to see just how deadly the disease is. Although cancer can affect, quite literally, any part of the human body, physicians haven’t figured out an effective cure for any manifestation of the deadly disease.

Today, we receive vaccinations to prevent and medications to treat ailments like pneumonia, the flu, infections of the stomach and colon, diphtheria, and polio, among many others. It’s hard to believe, but the aforementioned list of illnesses were some of the deadliest diseases of their time, just one hundred years ago. Heart disease still makes up a large proportion of deaths in today’s world, although cancer has taken over as the second deadliest disease in our modern society.

A study of nearly 750,000 people diagnosed with cancer found that 25% and 11% of older – those over 65 years of age – and younger people, respectively, had cancer in the past. Depending on what particular cancers they had, recurrence rate was between 35% and 5%.

Fortunately for society at large, companies like Tempus have begun facilitating the effective treatment of cancer. Tempus, co-founded by Mr. Eric Lufkofsky, an entrepreneurial pioneer in creating a digital library of information related directly to factors we know cause cancer, including facilitating the finding of links between cancer and currently unknown variables.

Eric Lefkofsky cares about caring for cancer patients and their families more than anything, even though Tempus is a leader in the business side of setting a sturdy backdrop for helping physicians treat cancer more effectively than ever before.

As time passes, during which Mr. Eric Lefkfosky will continually put more work into Tempus, helping build  company to epic proportions. However, because Eric has been so successful in his business endeavors throughout his lifetime, the only thing – the one and only thing, without a second thought – that Mr. Eric Lefkofsky is concerned about is helping disadvantaged persons get over their cancer and rebounding back to their normal lives. One day, Eric Lefkofsky hopes to become a pioneer in helping doctors find such links between various factors and cancer, something that’s realistically possible, as the library he has contributed towards at Tempus is a first of its kind, especially for the scale it’s being expanded at.

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Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping is the Centre of Entertainment in Paraiba, Brazil

Roberto Santiago, 58, is a successful sportsman, trader, and businessman in Brazil. He’s a man of many facets. Santiago is the founder of Manaira Shopping, the most significant shopping mall in the capital of Paraiba, Brazil. He founded Manaira Shopping in November 1989, creating a diversion and offering services that serve the region best. Manaira Shopping mall is the center of leisure and fun. The mall ensures families have maximum satisfaction while carrying out their leisure activities.

Manaira Shopping is situated in the capital of Paraiba and provides the city with leisure, entertainment, and fun activities. The mall is constructed in Joao Pessoa in between the capital center and the north coast beaches. Manaira Shopping has over 300 stores, 11 movie theatres all fitted with modern technology projection, VIP rooms, 3D rooms and Stadium System. Manaira has everything that you can think of. From food courts, restaurants, hamburgers, electronic game machines, and ballrooms. In Manaira Shopping, everything is under one roof. Every family member is guaranteed of any entertainment or leisure activity of their choice.

Manaira Shopping also has the most significant concert halls in Brazil; Domus Hall. The room which is located on the rooftop is fitted with modern structures and has ample space that accommodates up to 4,000 people seated and 10,000 people standing. The hall also has private and public cabins, dressing rooms, and lounge space. The ground floor holds mega-shows such as presentations, graduations, weddings and other celebrations.

Santiago ensures that apart from providing entertainment, he also embraces the Brazilian culture.

In Paraiba, Santiago’s Manaira Shopping is the talk of the town. The building serves as one of the major references when it comes to massive investments in current technology trends in the entertainment industry. Santiago contributes to culture enhancement by organizing exhibitions and concerts that foster knowledge and embrace the Brazilian culture. School going kids from various sections are brought to the mall to know the shows, have fun and get to understand their culture better.

In addition to Manaira Shopping, Santiago also owns Mangabeira Shopping which is also a great commercial development center in the southern region of Joao Pessoa.

Santiago has made numerous significant achievements throughout his career. Besides being a successful sportsman and entrepreneur, Santiago made history as the only Brazilian citizen who won the Brazilian kart championship. He also has a record of winning first place trophy in the state championships.

Santiago has been able to achieve success in his businesses by having a clear vision and being attentive when spotting new business opportunities that other business people are not able to identify. Santiago started from a humble background at Café Santa Rosa. Santiago is today one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs across Brazil.


OSI Industries Successfully Bids For Chicago Tyson Plant

OIS Industries Inc. continues to be a highly recognized food processing plant willing to respond to a stabilized food network. Their CEO, David A. McDonald, proudly oversees 24,000+ team members around the world. OSI is proudly based in Zurich, Illinois and only processes their food products by goe strict guidelines of the federal government. McDonald was one of the first to take part in the expansion of OSI Industries Inc. on an international platform. They are currently worth over $34 billion dollars in assets and have many successful projects included in their business portfolio.

Do you ever wonder what’s in your food or where it comes from? OSI proudly listed the origins and content of their food on their website as inclusion on public disclosure. Many restaurants, dell’s, and grocers receive their food directly processed through their network. They have celebrated a 20 year anniversary in China with satisfactory partnerships with the United States and Asia. Established since 1989 OSI is committed to the highest standard of food service. They’re also expanding their business opportunities with new all-natural processed food products. Your family is getting a safe meal will nutritious ingredients used by many food outlets around the world.

In effort to expand within nationwide businesses they were impressed by a bid for a Chicago plant. OSI Industries successfully bid on a Tyson plant scheduled for closure. Their bid allowed hundreds of workers to retain their current position as signature OSI products alongside Tyson food products are expected to be processed from their new plant. McDonald says, partnerships like these help give back to the communities they serve. They will process their hot dogs, frozen poultry, and other products from their Chicago Tyson food plant. Their new plant operations has continued to be a success over the past few years.

OSI has also acquired Flagship Europe and helped them expand their business growth on a partnership that is worth over $7.4 million dollars. They will operate their main facility product line to process condiments, pie fillings, and vegetables. They will also offer their organic vegetables to an India network. Their customers are glad to be fed from an OSI diet. OSI Industries Inc. offers unique job opportunities around the world. You can learn more about their career initiatives from their website. Learn more about their food contents, origins, and expansion efforts today.

OSI Group Info: www.refrigeratedfrozenfood.com/articles/92100-osi-group-acquires-flagship-europe

What did Mcdonald say About Acquisition of Baho Foods?

McDonald’s is the chief operating architect and the president of the OSI group. OSI group was found in 1992 in China and served as a food processing firm since then. Its first successful operation was launched in Beijing and has since seen enormous growth in China.

Mr. McDonalds has a Bachelor of Science in Animal science from the Lowa State University. He has more thirty years of working experience in the industry. His academics had a great impact on his success and appointment as the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. His success is found from the experience he got at various positions and experience in international business.

At OSI industries, he served as a project manager as well as in the North American Meat Institute as a chairperson. He also serves as a director of the board of the OSI international foods limited in Australia. Marfrig Global foods hired him as an independent director. After another company acquired the interests of the OSI group in the Brazil and Europe, McDonald retained his positions.

In the year 2000 when the Beijing Olympics were held, OSU group was tendered to provide over 100 tons of different food products. Among these items included onion, pork, eggs, chicken, and beef. It received tremendous feedback from the Olympic committee for their services. The company received no complaints which were a great landmark in their success. They have since adopted food practices and supplies that improve customer satisfaction. The company has since been entrusted for the supply of animal products by renowned brands such as the Papa John’s, Starbucks, Subway, and McDonald’s.

McDonald appreciated the move by OSI group to acquire the interests of Baho foods. He was categorical that Baho foods were a great compliment to the company portfolio of brands and products. It will broaden the client-serving ability of company. He also said that Baho foods would catalyze their growth strategy as well as improve its customer base.

McDonald leadership has helped OSI groups create meaningful partnerships with suppliers to enhance its food sustainability. The OSI food solutions that he created educate farmers in Europe on ways of reducing footpad lesions in chicken.

He also oversaw the development of the wastewater reuse project that was set in Taiwan. This project helps to purify water and reuse it for non-food activities. This has greatly improved the sustainability, efficiency, and innovation in the supply of food.

Learn More: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

Meet Dick DeVos-The Entrepreneur

Dick DeVos is an American businessman based in Michigan. He is the oldest son of Richard De Vos the co-founder of Amway Corporation. This is a network sales company whose primary role is to produce and distribute health, house and personal care products. Dick has spent a better part of his career in lots of executive positions at his father’s firm.

Dick DeVos journey to success began by broadening his knowledge at Northwood University. He graduated with bachelor degree in business administration. Later on, he attended Harvard business school but did not graduate. He has won some honorary doctorates from Northwood University, Grove City College, and Central Michigan University.

Dick became the president of Amway from 1993 up to 2002. His primary role was to oversee all aspects of the company’s operations in more than 50 countries across the globe. In 2002 before he left Amway, the company reported a substantial sale increase of approximately $ 4.5 billion. Before becoming the president, he held positions in different sectors such as manufacturing, marketing, sales, and finance.

In 1944 he was promoted to the vice president position of Amway International. His primary role was to oversee company’s operation in about 18 countries based outside North America. While in this post, the company was able to open new markets as well as triple the international sales. This was the first time in the company’s history that global sales exceeded domestic sales.

Besides being an entrepreneur, Dick De Vos has been a forefront leader in community initiatives as well as charity events. For instance, he is the founder of Education freedom Fund. The group awarded over 4,000 scholarships to all underprivileged children in Michigan. He has also taken the role as a chair in different regional health care improvement. The most remarkable ones include$ 90 million medical schools, $212 million convention center and a $130M heart hospital. He is the author of New York best-selling book named Rediscovering American Values. It was published in 1997 in seven diverse languages.

Currently, Dick De Vos is the president of Wind quest Group. This is an investment management group that is a privately owned. He is married to Betsy Prince, the former chairperson of Michigan republic party. They have seven children and six grandchildren. De Vos is a certified jet aircraft and helicopter pilot. Also, he has won the National Champion Sailor two times.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/ to learn more.

Traveling Vineyard Offers Stay-at-home Moms a Fulfilling Career as Wine Consultants

Traveling Vineyard is cementing its role as the preferred business companion for stay-at-home moms seeking to earn a living while having full control of their schedules. These moms are still able to enjoy time with their families even as they make some money. For those who love wine and hosting parties, becoming a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide gives you access to other connoisseurs in the field while giving you flexibility and total control of your working hours. Being a wine guide with the company is also convenient because it provides you with a sommology kit to get you started on the basics of wine. Traveling Vineyard, therefore, equips wine guides with the ability to host friendly, memorable, and fun events while earning a living.

Business Model

The company’s business model is straightforward. Using $189, you can set up and start hosting wine tasting events. The $189 gets you a kit with two wine tasting sets with five bottles of wine each. The kit also comes with a wine carrier, training materials and a batch of order forms that your event attendees can use to order wine bottles from you. With this initial investment, you also get your own website (free for the first three months). The website is charged at $15.95 monthly after that. There are no hidden charges, and you do not incur the cost of buying wine bottles for sale. Once you have an order, you send it to the company which handles inventory and shipping. However, some of the costs you may have to incur after setting up include restocking of tasting sets and order forms. To further take care of your needs, Traveling Vineyard gives you a 20% discount on all the wines you purchase for your own consumption.

About Traveling Vineyard

Started in 2001, Traveling Vineyard is a subsidiary of Geerlings & Wade, a popular wine cataloger. It is a direct sales company dealing in wine distribution. The company successfully combines direct selling with wine tasting parties. It has a wide selection of wines from countries such as the USA, Spain, Australia, France, and Italy, to suit different tastes and preferences. Some of the wines on selection are Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Orvieto, Sauvignon Blanc, Inzolia, Pinot Blanc, among many others.

For those interested in becoming wine consultants (experienced or not) Traveling Vineyard offers a fulfilling business and career path. After investing the initial amount needed, you can improve your earnings further through the Monthly Wine Club and by building a team of wine guides introduced to the business by you for additional profits.

Traveling Vineyard info: www.directsalesaid.com/companies/traveling-vineyard