Investing in Gold Helps Protect Assets from Inflationary Trends

In times of economic uncertainty, protecting your investment portfolio is critically important. Investing in gold coins or gold bullion has long been one of the best ways to protect assets during times of instability and uncertainty. Paper currencies are highly volatile and can be effected by sudden events like war, terrorism and economic fluctuations. Governments can affect the value of their currencies instantly. Gold however, is not at the mercy of political of government influence.


Gold is not available in endless supplies either. It is a limited resource that has been getting harder to find in the last several years. With the increase in recent years in the number of paper dollars and other currencies entering the global economy, currencies have lost value. It takes more of them purchase goods and services, leading to inflation in prices. Due to this factor and others many experts believe gold will make new highs in the near future.


Governments are stock piling gold and other precious metals in an attempt to safeguard themselves financially. Individuals should take the same approach, by moving a portion of their assets into gold, as a hedge against inflation, and as a means of giving their assets more stability. From 2005 to 2013, demand for physical gold increased by 70 percent. Current events like the war with ISIS, unrest in the Middle East, tensions between the U.S. and Russia and China, could send prices of gold a lot higher, as investors look for safe havens.


When looking to buy gold, U.S. Money Reserve is a place you can have confidence in. They are the largest distributors of U.S. government -issued gold coins. Their goal is to provide the highest level of customer service, and the highest quality of gold coins and bullion in the world.


U.S. Money Reserve has helped over 300,000 investors diversify their portfolios with gold, silver and platinum to date. Their team of experienced account executives can help you decide what is right for your investment portfolio. The company is led by Philip Diehl, who was the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint. His vast knowledge and experience in the field of precious metals, is not being offered to individuals for their personal portfolios. U.S. Money Reserve is the only company in the world led by a former U.S. Mint Director, giving investors a major advantage.

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Capital Group Continues Its Position In the World Of Investing

The Capital Group is a privately held financial services company. It was started in Los Angeles in 1931 by its founder Jonathan Bell Lovelace. Lovelace was a proponent of Fundamental Analysis and was a “Bear” shortly before the Crash of 1929. Lovelace was able to be solvent at a time when bullish firms and investors lost everything. Lovelace was in charge of Capital until his son, Jonathan Bell Lovelace, Jr., assumed control. His son became the head of operations and began a policy of collegiate counseling for the betterment of both investors and the future success of the company.

This single idea vaulted the company into the position it now holds as a respected, conservative, and profitable investment firm. This collegiate idea removed the burden of responsibility from the hands of one individual and put investing decisions and even the future of the company on the conference table of a committee composed of Capital employees. This system has worked very successfully for Capital and its customers and in the lexicon of investing bears the company name.

Timothy D. Armour replaced James Rothenberg shortly after Rothenberg’s untimely death at the age of 69. Armour had more than his 33 years of experience working for Capital, as he sat on the management committee for the firm. Armour’s role today has expanded to CEO and Chairman of Capital Group. He remains involved in the investing field as an equity portfolio manager, a position he has held for decades. Armour earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College. He conducts business for clients and runs the company from the Los Angeles location where it was originally founded.

Capital Group is one of the world’s oldest and largest investment companies. It holds $1.39 Trillion in assets. Capital Group has offices in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Australia.

The idea of collegiate management for individual investors referred to as the Capital System, is an idea that any investor can appreciate. Two or more heads are better than one. Whenever handing over funds to any firm, the investor expects a knowledgeable agent and a capable firm to successfully handle his or her investment portfolio. But in the past three decades, a large amount of criticism has been aimed at many agents and some investing firms. But the Capital system offers a much better and safer system. The longevity of the firm and its assets under management are compelling reasons to invest with this able-bodied behemoth of investing.

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A Change to Move Forward

For almost a century, the lip balm industry was dominated largely by one company. Chapstick was the leader and that is what everyone went for. There wasn’t a lot of selection with the products and people didn’t really give it a lot of thought. The shape was a familiar cylinder tube and there were very few flavors.

In recent years, a new company came onto the scene. They brought with them a new lip balm product that is changing the entire industry. EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, has had their products on store shelves for about seven years. While the company is enjoying much success currently, the process to get there was said by Fast Company to be a slow and thought out one.

From the very beginning, EOS lip balm wanted to have a product that stood out. They wanted something new but something that would not fade out quickly. They began by doing extensive research. Their findings showed that lip balm is mainly used by women. Research showed that all lip balms were basically the same with very little variety.

One complaint women had about their current lip balm was that it was easily lost in their bags and purses. EOS recognized a need for a new shape and brought in a clay artist. The artist presented different options for ideas and shapes. This was how the orb shape was born.

EOS has not been in the lip balm industry for long but they have definitely made their mark. In less than a decade, they went from nothing to being the number two company behind Burt’s Bees. The once leader, Chapstick, has fallen and EOS is doing what they can to take advantage of that and keep moving forward. EOS lip balms products can be purchased online via or at


Fabletics Crushes Amazon

Fabletics is a leisurewear clothing line that has only been around 3 years. However, mega sales have pushed the company started by Kate Hudson to the forefront of e-commerce. Fabletics is a major player in the new Active-wear movement that is sweeping across the country. Basically, the company is a subscription clothing service. Kate Hudson started the company to address the need for clothing that was comfortable, stylish, and easily fit the modern woman’s active lifestyle. Ordering through the subscription service online was also a way to attract women looking for a more convenient way to purchase high quality casual clothing.


Fabletics Strategy Works

Surprisingly, the Fabletics marketing strategy is working. They are pulling in millions of dollars based on the reverse showroom technique. Here is the deal. Most shoppers go online and browse around for an attractive outfit that is affordable. Then they go to the local store and purchase a similar outfit at a lower price. Fabletics strategy is to keep the browsing pubic on their site to let them get to know the brand a little better. Now, they are building stores across the country to attract more interest. The first customers to the stores are already members of Fabletics online and are more apt to purchase clothing in the store. Fabletics goes by the philosophy that purchasing online or in the retail store is a plus for Fabletics.



Fabletics is an online subscription retail store that offers a high quality line of clothing to their subscription members at a very affordable price. Customers state that their clothing is exceptional and rivals clothing that is priced much higher. Members are given the opportunity to purchase their very own trendy outfit once a month with their VIP membership. Members save up to 50 percent on the clothing purchased each month.


Fabletics is able to offer high quality clothing at an affordable price because they have less overhead than local retail shops. This allows them to offer the clothing to customers at a discounted price. However, the quality of the fashions they offer is still quite high. Simply take a short quiz to help them determine your style. Next, sign up with Fabletics and create your own personal account. Those that become a VIP member are offered special perks. For example, Fabletics offers the new customer a complete Fabletics outfit at a discounted rate. Get started today, enjoying the trendiest clothes around.

Livio Bisterzo Makes a Great Sneak with Hippeas

Livio Bisterzo is someone that a lot of people will soon get to know because he has some amazing snacks. The Hippeas organic chickpea snacks are becoming quite popular on the west coast, and Livio Bisterzo is getting his product into a plethora of different markets. Livio has proven that he has the ability to create delectable products that are also healthy. The organic products are on the rise and many people are learning about this healthy gluten-free snack.

The Hippeas are getting a lot of buzz because this is a snack that has no trans-fat and no artificial perspectives. That may be the thing that has made people gravitate towards these types of snacks. There is also a lot of variety that has been provided by Livio Bisterzo. He has gone further than just making this a generic product. Bisterzo has spiced things up by making flavors like white vegan cheddar, maple haze, pepper power and far out fajita.

This is why Hippeas has become one of the most successful health food brands on the market. The whole organic craze has become something that people are starting to look forward to. The chickpea plant even provides nitrogen back into the earth as it grows. This is what makes it a very interesting plant for a snack food. Livio Bisterzo has given people the chance to order these chickpea puffs online. This has made it easy for people to access these products even if they are not sold everywhere.

The lightweight snacks that are products by Livio Bisterzo has made people appreciate what Hippeas offers. This is a lightweight snack that has become much more common for people that are trying to get their hands on organic snacks that are different from what they can find in stores.

Livio is an Italian entrepreneur that has managed to create business opportunities for himself since 2003. He has started different businesses, but the Hippeas product link of chickpea puffs may be the most profitable of all the ventures that Bisterzo has had. He has proven that he has the ability to market snacks on a global basis with the distribution in the United States and the United Kingdom. In the making of this product Livio has partnered with Farm Africa in order to give back for farmers in eastern Africa. This has made Livio Bisterzo a successful entrepreneur.

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Oncotarget: Making The World Healthier, A Journal At A Time

Oncotarget is a medical journal covering various areas of research such as biology and medicine. The journal’s publications are peer-reviewed and are open to the public. Impact Journals is the publisher of Oncotarget. It was started in 2010. The editors of the Oncotarget are Andrei Gurkov and Michael Blagosklonny. Both of them work at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York. The editorial board includes someNobel Prize winners and Lasker Award winners.

The home page of its site contains news about the journal and a bio of the journal. The bio explains the types of fields that the journal publishes including immunology, endocrinology, neuropathology, cardiology, and gerotarget. Oncotarget’s mission is to make research widely and readily available. It also allows the sharing of scientific discoveries. The journal is published on a weekly basis to ensure that there is no backlog of the investigation papers. Oncotarget facilitates the collaboration of scientists from different fields and brings forth novel ways of solving problems.

There are links to other pages of the site including the archives, search page, authors’ page, publication ethics, and the contact information page. A visitor on the site can see the previous issues through the archives page, see all the authors affiliated with Oncotarget, and search for papers that they might be interested in finding. The homepage also shows the current issue of the journal that is out at that time. The archives are accessed by visiting the Archives link on the homepage.

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There are different ways to reach the Oncotarget team through the various social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. They also have an active presence on YouTube where they release videos. Oncotarget has an Impact Factor of 5.008 for 2015/16. It has had an average of 5.415 over the past five years.

Oncotarget journal has published some breakthrough papers including the study that found out that E-cigarettes can cause damage to the gum tissue. The study showed that e-cigarettes cause an increase in oxidative stress and cytokine release along with DNA damage. Flavored e-cigarettes increase the damage, and these processes cause gum tissue damage. There was a recent paper that found out that MET amplification could act as a therapeutic for gastric cancer. The study shows that prior screening with a PCR assay reduced the sample of people who would require FISH analysis for MET amplification.

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Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Takes Insurance Company to Court over Ferry Settlement

Bruce Levenson may no longer be in control of the team, but his company, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, is headed back to court to hash out what may have been a breach in insurance coverage during the Ferry settlement. See,

Danny Ferry, the team’s former General Manager, parted ways with Levenson’s company, leading to a settlement between the two parties. It took place in June of 2015, cutting Ferry’s six-year contract in half for an undisclosed sum of money. That settlement, the company claims, ought to have been covered by their insurance company, as workplace termination, separation and all related torts were part of their policy. As they did not pay out Ferry’s settlement, Levenson’s company has filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of Fulton County, seeking damages for insurance bad faith and breach of contract.

No word as to the total amount Levenson is seeking, but the lawyers representing them feel their case is pretty solid. Citing a clear breach in policy, Levenson’s representation argues that their insurance provider was liable in the case of Ferry’s separation from the Atlanta Hawks. No word yet as to whether the former General Manager may find himself back in court as this case moves forward.

About Bruce Levenson:

Having started his career in publishing, first as a writer for the Washington Star and later with Oliver Publishing, Bruce Levenson eventually started a career in business. Partnering with Ed Peskowitz, Levenson founded the United Communications Group which he’s led as Partner for over 20 years.

According to, Levenson has continued to keep his ventures diversified, like owning the Atlanta Hawks and rising to the position of Director of Tech Target. Outside of business, Levenson has dedicated a significant portion of his life to work in philanthropy with groups like the I Have a Dream Foundation where he served as President.


Doe Deere – Young, Bright, and Bold

“Makeup for Unicorns,” this is the tag line of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Indeed, the cosmetics are intense and bold, being more focused on creating an image or fantasy than on what looks natural. The CEO and founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, was born in Russia and raised in New York City. She launched Lime Crime in 2008, a company growing out of her love for fashion and a desire to create a unique look. Doe started small and achieved success through her own initiative. She is an avid supporter of fellow women entrepreneurs and gives talks regularly about finding your own voice and following your ambition. She can often be found speaking at events such as PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour.


Doe is excited by the world of e-commerce and believes that there are many advantages to online businesses, such as being able to present an unlimited assortment of products and being able to market them in innovative ways. Thus, Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetic companies to focus heavily on e-commerce. One of the things which has made this a successful format for Lime Crime is the company’s pioneering of the “on-lip” lipstick swatch. This method allows Lime Crime to show the colors, not just as crushed or swiped on paper, but on actual lips. Other makeup companies soon followed, and today it is an industry standard. Doe’s company continues to strive for innovation in e-commerce, with the goal of creating the best interactive shopping experience for customers around the world.


When asked what is a strategy that has helped her grow her business, Doe explains that treating her employees, vendors and partners with love and respect has had the greatest impact. She believes that everyone wants to feel appreciated and that ruling with an iron fist does not inspire respect in a leader. She strives to uplift and guide people to success through positive reinforcement.


Doe is an avid animal rights activist, as a result, all Lime Crime cosmetics are certified vegan and cruelty free by PETA and Leaping Bunny. She also regularly donates to an animal rescue organization known as Bide-A-Wee, a no-kill shelter in New York. In addition, she has three cats, two of which are rescues.


Doe has a passion about her business that is refreshing, new and bold. It is best summed up by her in her mission statement. “Always rebelling, never boring, Lime Crime’s here to shake things up. If we aren’t obsessed with it, we just won’t make it!”

Reasons Why Investing in Gold is Truly Golden

Reasons why investing in gold is truly golden.


When today’s young investors think about investing, gold is probably the last thing that comes to their minds. They probably see investing in such a commodity as old fashioned or out dated. And surely we’ve all heard of IRA’s, stocks, money market accounts, and structured annuities however, have we considered one of mother nature’s oldest and most valuable resources, gold?


So why invest in gold instead of concentrating more on partially funded employer retirement plans, traditional money market accounts, or stocks? There are many reasons. Gold holds its value more so than stocks and has been considered to be more resilient than other investing options even during periods of economic downturns. Supply and demand is another reason gold is a wise investment choice with more and more consumers seeking gold products the price is naturally driven upward. Gold, therefore, never goes out of style and will always be in demand. Gold can also be used as an additional tool in the smart investor’s toolbox. Investing in gold along with other commodities and products can ensure one’s portfolio is diverse which further guarantees a more secure investment structure. The fact that gold does not expire and can be used for multiple purposes is yet another reason it is a good choice for investors. Gold is also a product which is purchased and utilized world wide. Not only is it used to make jewelry, it is also an important component in some dental fillings, in aerospace technology, and in some computer parts. Its multiple uses almost guarantee its livelihood in the investing markets.


When it comes to investing, sometimes you have to think outside of the box and step outside of your comfort zone in order to realize financial success. With the above mentioned being just a few reasons to pick gold as an investing tool, why not use gold as a traditional yet often forgotten piece of your financial investing pie? Check with your investor today to find out more about this precious resource and what it can do to provide you some financial peace of mind.

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Quincy Hotel is working to make its clients smile

Forget the pretentious smiles and attention you have probably received in other hotels, you quickly feel the atmosphere of calm and hospitality upon interacting with the staff at The Quincy. It is a deeply rooted culture exhibited by every member of staff you interact with. They accord you the respect that you deserve and anticipate things you might need even before you ask. They receive guests in a super impressive way and do everything possible to make them feel at home.

You will not be paying for your breakfasts. Add this to the free light bites all day long. Their generosity is unmatched. If you need any clarification, say about the foods, the warm kitchen and wait staff are at your disposal. Besides being resourceful, they are incredibly patient with the guests. Get access to mini-bar, refreshments, sweets and cocktails, as well as dinner.

The rooms are super clean, modern, and the interior décor will make you want to remain there forever. It exudes a real combination of comfort and luxury. The tickets to the attraction sites are always available at discounted prices. Ask for maps and advice from the receptionists. The great location of The Quincy is impressive. It allows individuals to save money, time, as well as the effort needed to shop and access tourist attraction sites.

With all the good things about The Quincy, it has seen its shares of difficulties. The state of its security has been under threat on several occasions, even though the incidents were not fatal. On 12th November 2012, there was insecurity incident at The Quincy, where a pizza delivery man was robbed off all the money he had collected. By 7th May 2013, the police linked the robbery to the 21 years old Parysh Wood.

Then there was a shooting incident on 5th October 2015 at the New Brunswick Apartments. The police responded to the shooting, and one injured person was rushed to the hospital in a private van. In recent years the complex has been a hotspot for crime, and this incident was not any different. The police confirmed that investigations were actively underway and that they had leads. The identities of the victims and the suspects were withheld for obvious reasons.