Bernardo Chua was Doing Well at Gano Excel International, But the Epitome of His Career is Definitely at Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua was born and raised in the Philippines. He worked in his home country for a few years before relocating to the U.S. Bernardo is the current CEO of Organo Gold, a well-known network marketing company. Previously, he served under different positions in Gano Excel International.

Gano Excel International

Bernardo Chua’s career kicked off in 1999 when he joined hands with Leow Soon Seng to establish Gano Excel Philippines, a branch of Gano Excel International.

Before then, Leow had accumulated a lot of experience working with Gano Excel Malaysia and, therefore, Chua was lucky to have a mentor for a partner.

Chua spent four years at Gano Excel Malaysia, serving as the general manager for the entire period. Within the first three years in office, he had succeeded in helping the firm to expand to Hong Kong, the United States, and Canada. His efforts did not go unnoticed. In 2003, he was appointed to be the president of Gano Excel USA, a post he held till 2008.

Organo Gold

Chua founded Organo Gold immediately after leaving Gano Excel International. Organo Gold produces health and wellness products by blending beverages and lingzhi, an Asian mushroom that contains Ganoderma Lucidum that is believed to have valuable medicinal components.

After product production, the firm goes ahead to use its multi-level marketing network to market and even distribute these products. The company was initially selling within Vancouver, British Columbia but nine years down the line, its products are consumed in more than 35 countries around the world. Organo Gold is more famous in Asia and has six offices across the continent.


In January 2015, PR Newswire reported that Chua and two of his staff members had won Dangal ng Bayan Awards in a ceremony that was held in Hemady Square, Manila, Philippines.

His company, on the other hand, carried home the Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee and the Number One Global Network Marketing Company awards. These two awards fell under People’s Choice category.

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua Organo Gold was named by Direct Selling News Top 100 as the 55th biggest network marketing company globally in 2013.

Social Media

Bernardo Chua is found on Twitter under the Twitter handle @OGBernie. He uses this account to discuss his company.

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Arthur Becker is the managing director of Madison Partners which is an investment company that majors in real estates and Bio Technology ventures in their early stages. Becker has headed quite a number of companies like Zinio Company; which is the world’s largest digital newsstand, and Navisite Company; that provides internet technology services in the United States and United Kingdom from the year 2002 to 2010. Moreover he worked at Vera Wang Fashion Company for 7 years as a senior advisor. Together with the employees their goal is to make sure they meet the clients demand.

In his view, the idea coming up with the Madison Company was drawn from the fact that he has a massive experience in technology and real estates. He also has a passion to venture in the business of bio technology. Currently he is working on a number of town houses on Sullivan New York City. He also intends to build small luxury residential homes. Most of his time is spent in the construction sites and this makes him more flexible. The most important thing that has made him grow over the years is that he identified his talent and worked with visualized personnel to see him through in the business world. For anyone to succeed in any business Arthur’s advice is that they should listen to the people they work with and understand the market trends. One should also set goals and focus on achieving them. Investment requires patience and a skillful analytical mind.

Arthur is the owner of three adjacent town houses on the Sullivan street in Soho which he exchanged for his stake in the nearby developer. The town houses though not complete will be through within 90 days, he will live in one of them and the remaining two will be sold or leased out. Apart from this, he has invested in New York real estate through his Atlantic investors where he has invested around $500 million. Similarly, he has invested with JDS Development group, Property markets group and Ambase Corporation at 111 west 57th Street. Arthur sees great potential in the American real estate industry. He is willing to keep investing in it and hopes that other investors will do so.

A Chair of Honor in Rutgers University is Established for Omar Boraie

Omar Boraie is the 76-year-old patriarch of the Boraie Real estate Company. He was born in Egypt where he was a chemistry major until he and the family migrated to the United States in 1972. He noticed that living in Brunswick New Jersey was awful. It was dangerous to walk the streets after dark. Boraie then decided something needed to be done and so, he developed his real estate company to revitalize the area. There were 21 vacated and dilapidated buildings in the area that needed to be torn down to make room for new and better buildings. He bought all those buildings. Boraie’s company constructed Albany Street Plaza Tower One.

In 2015, Rutger’s University established the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science ( that’s the highest standard of excellence in the medical college. The new position was established in honor of all the things Boraie has done for New Brunswick, New Jersey in over 40 yeras. Mr. Boraie promised to contribute $1.5 million to establish the Boraie Chair. It became part of the 18 chair campaign to get other people to donate up to $3 million a chair.

The field of genomic science is a relatively new form of developing new and effective cancer treatments that are genetically based. This cancer treatment is for patients who are no longer responding to the medicines they are presently getting. The new treatments should help different types of cancers, especially, those patients with very poor diagnoses and the rarer forms of the disease. Omar Boraie is instrumental in helping to turn New Brunswick, New Jersey into Health Care City.

Shridar Ganesan, MD, Ph.D. who joined Rutgers in 2005 was given the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science because of his work in the field of cancer treatment. He was a member of the staff at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School and considered one the top leaders in the field. According to Dr. Ganesan, cancer isn’t that simple a disease. It’s a collection of diseases that each have their own unique features.

Rutgers genomic science cancer study had attracted the attention of former President Obama who announced in 2015 during his Presidential address that there was going to be a national Precision Medicine Initiative focused on finding a cure for cancer and other diseases. Rutgers is only one of the medical colleges, and the first, that’s working on genomic science cancer study.


Brian Bonar – Taking Trucept To New Heights Of Success

Brian Bonar is a leader and a businessman in the field of financial services, whose proficiency and expertise is well-known in the financial sector. As a CEO and Chairman of Trucept Inc, he has shown some exemplary logical reasoning, problem-solving and business development skills that helped the company rise and grow to become one of the familiar names in the financial services sector in a very short period. He also serves as the CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Group.

At both of the above-metioned companies, his expertise has helped the firms establish long-term business relationship with clients, provide innovative and profitable financial services and solutions to customers, and devise highly profitable financial tools and products that aim at ensuring higher ROI for the clients.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar is a highly educated individual and has done Mechanical Engineering from James Watt Technical College. After completing his engineering from James Watt, he joined the Stafford University in 1973 to complete his Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

Before starting with Trucept Inc, he has served as the Founder at American Management Services, LLC and as CEO and Chairman at Warning Management Services, Inc. Brian has served as Chairman and CEO of Solvis Group, Inc in the past.

Adding to his academic qualifications, apart from completing his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Mechanical Engineering, he has done Masters in Business Administration from the Staffordshire University as well.

Brian did his doctorate from the Staffordshire University. Due to his professional excellence and stream of achievements, Brian Bonar was given the “Who’s Who In America” in the year 2000.

It is one of the most esteemed awards given in the country to people who has made exemplary contributions and achieved great heights of success in their respective fields. Brian Bonar is also the member of Lions Club and Escondido Children’s Museum and Boys and Girls Club.

During the beginning of his career, Brian worked with IBM for close to 16 years. Here is where he received extensive practical experience in the field of engineering. He was primarily responsible for motherboard outsourcing needed for IBM PC’s during his tenure at IBM.

After leaving IBM in March 1985, he joined QMS as the Director of Engineering, where Brian managed a team of 100 engineers under him developing various software and hardware for company’s product line. He worked with QMS for over four years before joining as Vice President Sales and Marketing at Rastek Corporation.

His business skills further amplified during his tenure at Adaptec, where he served as Sales Manager. At Adaptec, he managed an extensive list of clientele, which primarily included large-scale Korean and Japanese printer manufacturers.

Brian Bonar as a CEO of Trucept today is focused on providing growth innovative financial and insurance products and services.

U.S. Money Reserve Encourages Visitors To Explore Its New Website And E-Commerce Coin Catalogue

The United States Money Reserve Company is the most prominent issuers of state-issued platinum metals and gold. For more than one decade of professional experience, the United States Money Reserve Company has worked to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients. For this reason, they have also endeavored to become part of the solution to their issues. The company has also issued the development of their new e-commerce website that has an online catalog of the issued products and services. They have developed the website to allow you to purchase your favorite product from the safest online portal. For this reason, the e-commerce website and online catalog were designed to deliver the ultimate experience using the detailed product information and intuitive functionality.


The United States Money Reserve Company is also announcing the launch of the e-commerce website that allows the users to access an online catalog of the gold and platinum products available for sale in the company. This is an announcement that allows them to tell the people of the improved capability in their website. For the sake of the new look, it is a clear reflection of their market leadership I a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For the new features added to the new website, it reflects their trust and commitment to developing one of the most superior customer experiences in the industry. For this reason, they will work to meet their high-end needs in the platform using their unparalleled service in the financial world.


The new website has a look at the innovative features that show its capability to become a high-end issuer of platinum products and gold products. For the sake of the new website, it is meant to educate the consumers to make one of the most informed decisions in purchasing the platinum products. They will also have an enhanced experience at the working of the platform for education and business.


According to the company, they are now capable of generating the most competent content in the market using their online tools. For all the products present in the company for sale, they will be displayed on the online portal. For this reason, people will also have access to the capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For those who want better business engagements. They can work to attain better business through access and functionality. The United States Money Reserve Company is a high-end company.


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End Citizens United’s Goal Of Eliminating Dark Money From Politics

Launched in August of 2016, the political action committee, End Citizens United, will focus on campaign finance reform by having the Supreme Court ruling that deregulated political spending, dubbed Citizens United, overturned by a constitutional amendment. Unlike other PACs with the same agenda, End Citizens United will back Democratic candidates in nationwide House and Senate races who speak against undisclosed political spending. While they admit that there are Republicans who claim campaign finance reform is needed, the majority of Republicans in Congress are blocking attempts on at overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

Believing that billionaire campaign donors and special interest groups pouring unlimited amounts of money into influencing elections undermine democracy, End Citizens United wants to fight back using grassroots donors who contribute small amounts of money. So far, according MSNBC, the organization has raised more than $2 million. In addition to financial donations, the organization’s website lists numerous methods for supporting their cause on, including thanking Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her strong voice against the corrupting influence of wealthy donors in politics.

Raising awareness of big money’s role in politics with the public is one of End Citizens United’s goals as well. So far, the organization has gathered 325,000 signatures on their petition to Congress, which asks them to pass a constitutional amendment that voids the Citizens United decision. While campaign finance experts on point out that there has not been a Constitutional amendment passed since 1992, End Citizens United hopes that by making politicians aware of how their constituents feel, they will be encouraged to work toward campaign finance reform. Another of End Citizens United’s goals in to offer information about campaign spending in general, the biggest spending national Super PACs and which outside money organizations target specific states.

Tiffany Muller, End Citizens United’s Executive Director, is quoted on the PAC’s website as saying that she believes that Trump must be held accountable for his promise to fix the role that money plays in politics. Current news on the site lists Trump’s nominations and the amount their donations, or their family’s large contributions, played in his campaign.

If End Citizens United achieves their goal, elections will change once again, for the better this time.

How Fabletics Is Leading The Way In Online Fashion Retail

When Kate Hudson launched her brand Fabletics in 2013, some may have thought of her as just another high-profile celebrity cashing in on a trend for a brief moment. However, the movie star’s brilliant business sense and attraction to risk has led many to believe that being an entrepreneur may in fact be her true calling in life.


The company started out as an athletic apparel brand that sold its products exclusively online. While customers can buy any Fabletics apparel items through the company’s website, they are encouraged to join the VIP membership program which works as a subscription service. For $49.95 a month, customers receive a full workout outfit in the mail on a monthly basis. The company has VIP members fill out a survey that is full of questions about the user’s preferences and tastes and Fabletics picks out the outfit for the customer. This convenient and fun way of shopping has earned the company enormous success.


Hudson, a fitness and wellness enthusiast, decided to stick to an industry that she knows very well. Her Instagram account (which boasts millions of followers) is full of images of her in cute workout gear with captions that contain workout and wellness tips. She launched the company selling items that she would be seen wearing herself like patterned sports bras and high-performance leggings.


The launch of the brand coincided with the “athleisure” trend, a trend that allows women to incorporate workout gear into everyday wear, allowing them to be comfortable yet stylish.


The success of the company has enabled Hudson to open several brick-and-mortar stores across the United States. At first, many thought this was an odd idea as online retail was outselling physical retail tremendously. However, Hudson had a trick up her sleeve, and it’s called the “reverse showroom technique.”


This strategy refers to the use of a physical showroom to bring more business to the online store instead of the other way around. Companies like Apple made it famous. However, Hudson was the first to apply this strategy to fashion retail.


When shoppers try on items in a Fabletics store, these items appear in the shopper’s online shopping cart. Shoppers are also heavily encouraged to sign up to become VIP members upon checkout.


The physical stores also allow customers to look at and try on pieces in person, encouraging customers who were on the fence about signing up to the program to see for themselves that Fabletics pieces live up to the hype. Hudson has so much confidence in the quality of her products that she’s certain that customers will be happy to commit to the monthly subscription fee upon seeing the products up close.


The strategy has paid off as the company reports that 25% of customers who purchase an item in store become VIP members online. Because of the success of this strategy, Hudson plans to launch several stores across the world in the next three to five years. Needless to say, Kate Hudson has asserted herself as a business mogul for a new generation of fashion consumers.

Kim Dao: Universal Studios in Japan

In a video posted in December of 2016 Kim Dao takes a trip to Universal Studios in Japan. This video specifically covers her trip to the Harry Potter section of the park. The video begins with clips of Kim Dao exploring different parts of the Harry Potter section and even picking out a wand. Then, she introduces the company that made her trip possible, Odigo Travel,its new website. From there, viewers get to see Kim Dao on her search for her very own wand. Kim and her friend Sunnydahye go on to explore the park testing out all the magic tricks Kim’s wand can do.


When Kim Dao comes to the part of the park in which she can do the “Metelojinx” spell, she gets frustrated at her several failed attempts to execute it. After successfully executing one more spell, Kim Dao then heads into a candy store. The store stocks many of the goods featured in the Harry Potter films. After a successful trip to the candy store, Kim and her friend then move on to purchasing some “butterbeer” to drink. When their thirst is quenched, the two ladies move on to satisfying their hunger in one of the park’s restaurants. To conclude their day in the park, the ladies move on to the “castle walk” in which they get to explore the park’s castle. Kim Dao then once again thanks her sponsors at Odigo Travel and asks her viewers to check out all of her social media accounts.

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Kim Dao

Kim Dao Is Heading Home!


During this particular video Kim Dao is going home to Australia! She’s headed back for a friends wedding and of course she’s looking forward to seeing her dog and her boyfriend. She will be staying in a capsule hotel in Japan before she catches her flight out.

Throughout some of the video Kim Dao gives a a little tour of the capsule hotel she’ll be staying in for the night. When I say “little” I mean that literally! There’s not much to it. Kim shows us a little shelf that she’s able to use as a closet, and a small bag of things provided to her by the hotel. She then shows us around the tiny capsule she’ll be sleeping in. It’s equipped with an outlet to charge your phone and a dimmer switch for the lights.

The next morning she makes it to the airport, only to find out that she’s a bit early. So she checks her bags, grabs herself a little snack, and goes in search of a Tokyo Banana for her boyfriend. Once she’s on the plane Kim Dao gives us some footage of her plane taking off and landing.

During a layover in Hong Kong Kim stops to grab herself something to eat, settling on a small bowl of soup. She gets back to the gate to catch her flight out just in time.

In the next scene Kim Dao is at the airport in Australia. We get to see her reuniting with her puppy and and heading home.

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Lori Senecal, the Global CEO of CP+ B

The number of women in business over the past has been low compared to men who have dominated in the business field. However, in the recent years, women have significantly involved themselves in business. A good example of such is Lori Senecal. She has a broad experience in the corporate sector.

Lori Senecal hit the headlines of Huffington Post in March 2015 when she was handed the role of Global CEO at Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+ B) which is an advertising agency. This was due to her experience and understanding of the business sector. Before her nomination to CP+ B, she has held significant roles in different companies. She started her journey in February 2003 where she was the co-founder of TAG Ideation up to July 2007. In February 2006, she was handed the Global Chief Innovation Officer post in McCann Worldgroup where she worked until July 2007. In September 2009, she was named the President and CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners where she worked until March 2012. Due to her great vision to the company, she was promoted to the rank of Chairman and CEO from March 2012 and held that post until September 2014. Her reputation was quickly growing, and in September 2014, she was appointed as the President and CEO at MDC Partners. She held that post for only seven months, and on March 2015, she became the Global CEO at CP+ B where she is until today.

As the President and CEO of the MDC Partner Network, her major role was overseeing the smooth running of the company and also working closely with its agencies to ensure growth across the network. In her current position as the Global CEO of CP+ B, she mainly pays attention to the global development of the agency and also managing the nine international offices of the firm. Lori has already achieved a lot since 2015 including the company’s global growth and development. She has also offered collaborations internationally with major markets. Her talent and passion in the field have been of great help. She is also a mentor to many women who aspire to be like her worldwide.

To learn more about Lori Senecal, visit her fastcompany bio. Also see,