Dr. Saad Saad: Vaccines Are Necessary For Humanity

Most parents want to ensure that their children get the best medical treatment possible and will seek the guidance of doctors with a track record for providing great care for children.

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon who has saved the lives of thousands of children during his years in the medical profession. Although he is now retired, he still spends much of his time giving advice to concerned parents regarding a broad range of health topics. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html

One controversial topic that he has given his opinion on is whether a child should be vaccinated. There are many misconceptions regarding vaccinations. Dr. Saad Saad advises parents to always get their child vaccinated. He says vaccinations are perfectly safe and are necessary in order to eliminate some of the most dangerous diseases.

After a child has symptoms and goes to their doctor for a checkup, one of the first questions a parent will be asked is whether their child has had all of their necessary vaccinations. If a child has not received all their vaccinations, this could cause many potential problems. First, a child could get a dangerous disease that could have been prevented with a simple vaccine. Another issue is that the child may have already spread the disease to other children. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

In some circumstances, it is possible that the children may get sick enough to need emergency medical treatment. A child may not be allowed to attend their daycare or return to school until they have completely recovered and get the approval of a doctor. This could also mean a parent may be forced to miss work. Missing work and mounting medical costs can hurt individuals financially. Getting vaccinations can not only save lives but may also save a lot of money in the long-run as well.

Dr. Saad Saad explains to parents that vaccines have been used for over a hundred years and have helped to eradicate some of the worst diseases known to man. One of his prime examples is the deadly smallpox disease. This disease was common throughout human history. It is estimated that smallpox alone has killed over hundreds of millions of people.

A vaccine was developed in the 19th century for smallpox, and by the 1980s, there were no more reported instances of smallpox. Other diseases, such as polio and mumps, were extremely common in the past, but due to vaccines, they have almost been completely killed off.

Dr. Saad Saad stresses to parents to ignore some of the misconceptions about vaccines. He assures parents that there is no evidence that they cause autism. Also, vaccines do not contain dangerous substances that are harmful to children. Dr. Saad Saad says the only individuals who should not get vaccines are infants younger than two months old and people with bad reactions to vaccines.

Vijay Eswaran: Finding Your Purpose in The Entrepreneurial World

At some point in life, everyone develops the fear of the unknown. Since nobody is immune to the unpredictability of the future, many succumb to the fear thereby living stressful lives coupled with the need to be guided and consumed by anxiety. Others choose to pursue their dream careers and evolve with time. Comparing the two groups of people, the main difference is the choice to live at the moment and embrace positivity in order to acquire dreams. Vijay Eswaran joins the group of positive thinkers. He is a skilled business professional, a successful entrepreneur, an author, as well as a life coach.

Vijay Eswaran was born in a humble family background in 1960. He was raised by hardworking parents who held important positions in the society. His father was the founder of the Hindu Youth Organization. At a tender age, his family moved to different regions of Malaysia. Vijay Eswaran financed his education by serving as a cab driver in the United Kingdom. He majored in economics. After graduating, Eswaran traveled to Europe where a few companies employed him before he delved into business. When he started his entrepreneurial journey, Eswaran encountered challenges.

In his book, Sphere of Silence, Eswaran disintegrates his fears as an emerging entrepreneur. He reiterates that he didn’t have connections or funding to propel his success. But, he dared to try. He was lucky to network with like-minded individuals who aspired to start their business. Vijay Eswaran ventured into direct selling business. The industry faces tremendous challenges. Regardless, Eswaran established QI Group of Companies, an e-commerce based conglomerate with affiliates including telecommunications, corporate investments, and luxury products among others. The firm has regional offices Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, as well as Singapore. The company has regional presence in more than ten countries. Eswaran has since been using his success story to encourage young entrepreneurs.

Steve Richie: Optimistic Despite 3rd Quarter Numbers

The November 7th edition of Louisville Business First features an interview with Papa John’s CEO, Steve Richie. The interview, by Bridgett Weaver, gives Richie’s perspective on the future of Papa John’s. The article also highlights some of the challenges that Papa John’s is facing and rumors about an acquisition. In the interview Steve Richie acknowledges the company has challenges but focuses on the success of his reforms.

Steve Richie became CEO of Papa John’s in January. In the interview, Richie emphasizes that his focus on employees has improved customer sentiment. He believes his “Voices” campaign has shifted public opinion of Papa John’s from negative to at least neutral. Richie also points to his restructuring of his executive suite will generate positive results in the future. The restructuring involves focusing more on customer experience, menu strategy, and innovation and branding. Steve Richie optimistic moving into the 4th quarter pointing to strong North American sentiment and strong cash flows as evidence.

The article’s author counters Richie’s optimism with third-quarter earning reports which paint a different picture. The earnings report show declining same-store sales and earnings per share. She also mentions that Papa John’s has missed analysts’ expectations with shares being diluted. The author also points to plummeting share prices which happened in the late summer which only rebounded amid rumors of a possible acquisition. She points to a September Reuters article which backs up the rumor.

The article disputes Steve Richie’s optimism with hard third-quarter numbers. However, the author does not emphasize the short period of time Richie has been CEO. In the spirit of fairness Richie’s reforms cannot be judged by the results of one quarter. After all the man has been CEO for less than a year. The reforms Steve Richie discusses in the article will take at least a year to have an impact on the hard numbers. It is impossible to determine whether those reforms will be positive or negative at this time. You can read about Ritchie’s apology letter on Facebook.

Contact: Papa John’s|Twitter

Extra source: https://insiderlouisville.com/tag/steve-ritchie/

Guilherme Paulus: How To Seize Opportunities Amidst Challenges

In 2017, Guilherme Paulus won the Entrepreneur of The Year Award which was a befitting recognition of his input in the tour industry. The recognition also reflected his bold character in developing a corporate image for business.

Beginning as a computer specialist at IBM, Guilherme Paulus took a step towards starting a tour company named CVC. The firm was financed Vicente Cerchiari who worked with Guilherme Paulus for a significant amount of time. It identified a special market niche initially poorly served by the tours and travel companies. Propelled by its success, Paulus who is the CEO of CVC introduced various activities to supply the demand. One such activity was cruising.

Leading CVC Brasil towards Global Expansion And Strategic Planning

In his tenure, Paulus has ensured that CVC has developed into an industry leader thereby expanding it globally. The firm has grown its financial scope as well as the operational market by gaining a strong financial standing and opening new outlets in some of Brazil’s leading markets. Paulus has also led CVC’s partnerships with various companies including GJP Resorts, a series of hotel networks with more than 15 restaurants. The idea of founding these hotels was triggered by the growing client base of CVC Brasil. Paulus seized the opportunity by referring his clients to GJP Hotels and Resorts. He has also operated a series of hotels including Linx and Wish. In his tenure, the brands were voted the best in the industry.

Guilherme’s Awards and Recognitions

Besides winning Entrepreneur of the Year, Paulus has been recognized by many organizations for his exceptional entrepreneurial abilities. He received Personality of the Year award that was conferred by the government given his leadership exploits. In an interview with IdeaMensch, Guilherme Paulus implores emerging entrepreneurs to seek advice from established business professionals. He adds that it’s easy when you’re new in the business but, you must be confident in asking questions when you encounter challenges in the business. Gratitude is another lesson Paulus subscribes too. He believes that good attitude towards life’s challenges will counter the low moments.

Find more about Guilherme Paulus: http://www.abramark.com.br/web-portfolio/guilherme-paulus/

Shervin Pishevar Tweetstorm Pay Have Been Prophetic

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin recently experienced a dramatic fall in value. This also contributed to a precipitous stock market plunge for a day. This would be in line with prediction made by super angel investor Shervin Pishevar in a recent Tweetstorm.

Mr. Pishevar got a lot of people talking and a lot of heads scratching when he suddenly and uncharacteristically unleashed a 21-hour social media rant that rolled out in the form of dozens of Tweets.

The topics were many. Shervin Pishevar did not hold back. He offered opinions on everything from the near-future fate of the U.S. economy to the current state of Silicon Valley. Not only was Bitcoin on his mind, but Shervin Pishevar doled out views on everything from inflation to what he calls the “overuse of bond issues” on behalf of the central banks.

Shervin pishevar said that he believes Bitcoin is wildly overvalued and is overdue for a crash. Even so, he is not 100% pessimistic about the most recognized cryptocurrency. He think this “stateless” financial instrument will stabilize, albeit at much more modest value of perhaps $2000 to $5000. As of the writing of this article, Bitcoin was sitting at $4,400.

Shervin Pishevar also Tweeted warnings about the stock market. It too, he said, is in for a significant correction in 2018. He said volatility produced by uncertainty in bond values — and the propensity of central banks to overuse them as a stabilizing force — does not bode will for continued stock market growth.

Shervin Pishevar also suggested that the days of Silicon Valley as the world’s dominant tech corridor may also be over. He sees no reason why any other area in the world cannot compete with what happens in Silicon Valley which is, after all, just an “idea” rather than an actual entity, he said.

Mr. Pishevar Tweeted some curious thoughts in inflation — or the lack of it in the U.S. economy in recent years. He said U.S. trade policy has effectively “exported” inflation to other nations. Does that mean Americans should never worry about inflation again? Certainly, this remains an unknown.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: Medical Professional of Compassionate Character

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a medical profession whose 11-20 years of practice as a board-certified plastic surgeon have enabled him to obtain affiliations with some of the most prestigious medical organizations and leading medical facilities in the Dallas, Texas region. Today, he is currently an active member of the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the American Medial Association. He is also one of the elite group members of plastic surgery specialists at the Dallas Medical Center and the Pine Creek Medical Center. Moreover, in addition to his professional associations, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar also has the added distinction of having received several awards for his both his skill mastery and likeability by patients. For his traits of compassion and sincerity, Dr. Jejurikar received the Compassionate Doctor Certification in 2012 and was added to The Registry of Business Excellence.

Within the execution of his medical practice of enhancing the face and body, Dr. Jejurikar is well-known for paying attention to fine details and incorporating minimally invasive techniques to allow patients to have the fastest recovery time as possible. Nonetheless, to further assist patients with their cosmetic needs, Dr. Jejurikar released a line of premium skin-care products that aid in protecting the skin against the formation of fine lines, dark circles, and wrinkles. Yet, in addition to managing his medical practice, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar still finds the time to give back to others by helping less fortunate children. As a member of the Smile Bangladesh organization, he has proactively served within several medical mission trips to the country. For his outstanding services, Dr. Jejurikar has too been included within several major publications including the Journal of Surgical Research, the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery publication, and the Microsurgery publication.

Krishen Iyer: Communication is Key

Krishen Iyer, the founder of Managed Benefits Services formerly known as “Quick Link Marketing, is an insurance and consulting business which aids insurance industries such as health and dental in whereby Krishen Iyer and his company concentrate on generating leads for them. Krishen Iyer is one of the most respected professionals in his industry for the amount of detail that he places on making sure that his clients obtain the best possible information.


Most college students tend to wait till graduating to find a job, this, however, was not in Iyer’s playbook, Iyer would open his first insurance company “IHS Insurance” in 2002. Two years later Krishen Iyer would graduate from the Universit of San Diego with a bachelors in public administration. Iyer not entirely fulfilled with his career would go on to found Name My Premium, another incredibly successful insurance company that would make the Inc 5000 list the same year it opened.


How does Krishen Iyer consistently create successful companies? “Be as productive as possible,” says Iyer during a sit-down interview. Iyer’s accomplishes this goal by making sure that he is part of the technical development of his client’s work, knowing specifically what a client wants removes much of the guesswork and time-wasting meetings. Therefore it is no surprise that one of Krishen’s keys to success in obtaining the skill of communication, know this one skill and you’re set. He further credits great ideas as not coming from one person, but a combination of the viewpoints shared by everyone.


Krishen shares with us one of his secrets, and that is to create a company based on lead generation. It has never been easier due to technical innovation to make a connection with people all over the world, you are no longer confined to your city or state like before and whoever can recognize that is sure to succeed in this type of industry.

Get Quality Therapy with Talkspace

Most people prefer their personal information and their problems to be confidential. They also want to have it confined within the secret of their homes. This is what Talkspace therapy is all about.

Talkspace therapy offers services online, which are confidential and a client can get the therapy at the comfort of their homes. Those who opt for Talkspace therapy have an advantage of accessing it wherever they want and are taken through the treatment by qualified and licensed therapists.

Talkspace therapy created an online platform, which alleviated physical or faces to face contact with the clients. The clients need an internet connection to get in touch a therapist to video chat with. As a result, clients open up and speak about their problems without fear of how the therapists will think about them or without being intimidated.

The primary aim of Talkspace therapy is to help people to cope with mental issues that disturb them. Besides, it ensures people lead a healthy and happy life as much as possible.

Many people have chosen Talkspace therapy because of its affordable services. People are able to access it readily and without any worries of where they are. The sessions are also convenient because therapists and clients can talk over the phone.

Talkspace therapy is not only confined to a specific group of people. It is an all-around kind of therapy that offers its services to all genders, occupations and age.

One of the notable persons helped Talkspace therapy Michael Phelps, is an athlete. Though Michael was a world renown swimmer, he had issues with depression, which he kept it to himself. After some time, Michael made up his mind to look for help and opted for Talkspace therapy.

Talkspace was his freedom to mental healing. To show his gratitude, Michael chose to partner with Talkspace so that he could reach out to people who feared to accept their condition and seek help. He encourages people to speak out their problems and to look for qualified therapists.

He encourages them to look for help at Talkspace as their therapists have specialized in many different areas ranging from anxiety specialists, relationship specialists among others.

Upwork Issues IPO With the Help From Investors

Many companies that are looking to go public will need to find ways to raise capital. The most common goal for companies looking to raise capital is to issue stock on the public exchanges which includes an initial public offering. In the technology sector, there are many investors who are eager to provide funds for these innovative companies. One of the companies that has recently issued an IPO is Upwork. The technology company has recently gotten capital from investors to become visible on the major stock exchanges. By issuing this IPO, Upwork is now in great position to get more investors to help build the company.

The origins of Upwork date back to the 2000’s. At the beginning of the 2000’s decade, a couple of freelance work sites known as Elance and oDesk were offering freelancers with projects to inquire about. Therefore these were the two top sites for finding freelance work. After a number of years, the two companies believed that merging would help them reach their goals. As a result, the company called Upwork was formed in 2014. Since then, Upwork has emerged as one of the leading freelance work sites in the world. Over the last four years, Upwork has seen steady increases in its revenues which has encouraged investors to provide capital. Within the next few years, Upwork will likely become a very profitable technology company.

Upwork provides a website that companies and freelancers can use in order to get involved in certain projects. Freelancers in a variety of fields are able to find work projects that they can do for financial compensation. There are a number of fields that freelancers can seek work in such as customer services, writing, editing and web design and development. The freelance workers are able to interact with companies and get assignments no matter where they are in the world. For companies that are in need of completing short term projects, they can choose from a variety of freelancers to get a particular project done. Upwork has gotten a lot of praise due to its timely payments, selection of projects and freelance professionals and also its efficient website that is easy to use and navigate.

End Citizens United Shifts Focus To 2018 Midterm Elections

The 2018 Midterm Elections that will be taking place in November are going to serve as a legitimate litmus test for the state of the United States of America. The 2016 election of Donald Trump ended up splitting the country into two. With that being said, there is one group working to mend the middle by bringing people together around their right to vote: End Citizens United. End Citizens United is a grassroots committee that is focused on fighting for campaign finance reform at the highest levels of the United States government. In order to accomplish this task, ECU is backing politicians who agree to make campaign finance reform a core aspect of their platform. What’s more, ECU is demanding that their endorsed politicians refuse all corporate donations. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

End Citizens United works in a grassroots capacity in order to connect politicians with the voters that they need in order to get enthusiasm on their side. ECU is nominally a bipartisan political action committee but over their years of work not a single Republican politician has agreed to fight for campaign finance reform in order to expunge dark money from the political world. In fact, ECU has gone on to make a list that they call the ‘Big Money 20’ which is comprised of politicians in favor of dark money who have seats that are susceptible to being taken this coming November. Tiffany Muller, leader of End Citizens United, points to members of the Big Money 20 list as pure icons of what is wrong in Washington D.C. Among the various members of the list are Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen Dean Heller (R-NV), and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).

The team at ECU is focused on overturning the 2010 Supreme Court decision surrounding Citizens United, a prominent Republican propaganda group that is responsible for opening up legislation in order to allow politics to be flooded with dark money. End Citizens United needs the support of progressive politicians and their voters in order to ever achieve their goal and the 2018 Midterm Elections will serve to prove whether that becomes possible or not.

Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/end-citizens-united