Malcolm Casselle: WAX President and Coworkers Make Trading Virtual Goods Easier

Malcolm Casselle is the present WAX, or the Worldwide Asset eXchange, president and also the CIO of OPSkins. OPSkins is the top forum for purchasing and marketing goods from internet video games. Before joining the WAX company, Malcolm was the president and CTO for another business called New Ventures at tronc, Inc. where he inspected quickly growing areas that balanced out various media sources. Malcolm didn’t just work for New Ventures before WAX, though, he also worked as the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media at SeaChange Int’l. Here, Malcolm received his business Timeline Labs where he was the CEO. At Timeline Labs, Malcolm’s goal was to find, market, and weigh exciting elements for public indication. To add to all that, Malcolm has been the head of many various beginnings in the media world.

Malcolm has also been an investor, investing in popular businesses like Facebook, Zynga, and cash reserves in large inputs and blockchain uprights. Malcolm is a very well-rounded business man. His previous job titles and business activities before WAX create a long, impressive list, which probably mostly stems from his degrees in computer science from both MIT and Stanford University.

OPSkins, the business which Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of, is, in addition to its leadership in internet video game items, also the top bitcoin seller in the world. Even though OPSkins is in the lead of the internet gaming buying and selling business, it does have its disadvantages in its mechanical capacity, making that area of OPSkins the place for its future growth. Because of that, at the beginning of 2018, OPSkins started up a fresh blockchain stage for internet media goods commerce named, what Malcom is now the president of, WAX. The WAX business is a P2P forum for the dealings of media goods on a bedrock of blockchain and distributed brilliant agreements to give marketers the ability to easily and conveniently exchange media goods with each other. With this wonderful, inventive idea of the OPSkins leaders, two huge issues with media goods, which are dissolution and blackmail, have been eradicated in a easy, effective manner with a blockchain-empowered gadget that enables all of its customers to immediately be able to buy and sell media goods, not even ever having to turn off their game. Thanks to Malcolm Casselle and his brilliant coworkers, buying and selling virtual goods on the internet has never been easier.

U.S Money Reserve Wins Big Again

With over four hundred thousand customers and ten years of doing business, U.S. Money Reserve has proven its here to stay and well liked by customers from all over the world. This company has instilled confidence in their customers. They are the largest distributor in the country that issues out U.S. government coins. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Customer service is a priority to this company. Their gold coins are like none other.

Many of their customers have been able to expand their portfolios of income and better themselves in life due to buying these coins. Investors from all over visit their Austin, Texas location in need of purchasing precious metals that can add to their assets. Connect with US Reserve on LinkedIn

The U.S. Money Reserve’s respected reputation and likability amongst customers has not gone unnoticed. The AdSphere Awards is an award ceremony that puts the spotlight on advertisers who run ads on network cable television.

The ceremony awards the companies involved in the direct response TV sector. This sector is a surprisingly three hundred and fifty billion dollar industry. The ceremony is presented by DRMetrix, which is a top research company that analyzes the direct response television market.

U.S. Reserve does not take this award lightly. Being a winner for the second year in a row is very important to them. The company’s chief executive officer notes that the company has a huge motivation to keep creating efforts that drive interest and awareness of what U.S. Money Reserve creates for customers.

The executives of the company notes that winning the AdSphere Award proves how hard their marketing, production and media staff work to create engaging and informative content for cable networks.

Winning an AdSphere Award is no easy task. The award company views and gathers information on over hundred different national television networks. Over seven thousand brands are featured during advertisements on these networks. Read more:  U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards and US Money Reserve | Facebook

It is the job of the AdSphere Award committee to select the advertisers that meet the utmost qualifications. There are twenty main categories and one hundred and forty five smaller sub categories the committee narrows down nominees into.

Short form products, brand/direct, lead generation and infomercials are the categories winners are selected for. Around seventy nominees were honored during the ceremony.

Jose Auriemo Neto leads JHSF to develop large luxury residential projects

Jose Auriemo Neto is one of the biggest names in real estate development throughout the country of Brazil. As head of one of the largest development firms in the country, JHSF Participacoes, Jose Auriemo Neto has been responsible for the creation of some of the most important projects in that country’s recent history. Having now been at the helm of the company that his father founded for nearly 20 years, Auriemo Neto is proving that he is fully capable of leading the company into a bright future.

One of the first things that Auriemo Neto did upon taking over the leadership of the firm was to develop the sprawling Parque Cidade Jardim development. At the time, the entire nearly 100-acre property upon which the Parque Cidade Jardim development currently sits was nothing more than a vast slum. The area was so rancid that no other real estate developer in the city of Sao Paulo wanted to touch it. They all believed that it was no longer able to be used for anything productive.

But Auriemo Neto saw the potential. The property was located directly adjacent to one of the most heavily trafficked highways in the country. On top of that, it was located just a few miles from the center of downtown Sao Paulo. This made it an ideal location for any company that would be able to clean up the site and transform it into something that the area’s rich and powerful would genuinely desire.

And this is exactly what Auriemo Neto set out to do. Throughout 2004, he was able to begin cleaning up the site, slowly bulldozing over all of the festering filth and creating the foundation that would see the rise of nine condominium towers and four office towers. In addition to the office and residential floor space, Parque Cidade Jardim also has a 180-store megamall that features Luis Vuitton, Reebok Academy and a Cinemark mega-theater. All told, the project has been so successful that it completely sold out prior to the completion of the final units. Today, it stands as a testament to the vision and skill of Auriemo Neto.


Sussex Healthcare Celebrates Its Silver Anniversary

In April of this year, Sussex Healthcare (SHC) reached its silver anniversary. The award-winning SHC is a group of twenty adult care facilities. In general, the residents in these group homes are elderly, but the homes are also open to younger adults with physical, intellectual, and neurologic disabilities. The Sussex staff is specially trained in caring for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina co-chair the Sussex Healthcare board of directors. Mr. Boghani provides the managerial skills that he developed over decades of being a successful hotelier. Dr. Sachedinal provides the medical knowledge having trained and practiced as an oral surgeon.

The care facility that marked the beginning of SCH opened in 1985. The official founding of Sussex Healthcare would come eight years later. Twenty-five years ago SHC was built on the philosophy that the social and emotional needs of the disabled are just as important as their medical needs. To ensure that its staff is trained to provide the best care possible Sussex maintains its own training facility. Since its establishment, SHC’s has expanded its list of services.

Specialist Adult Care

  • Specialist Adult Care for older adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Respite and Short Break Care

  • Respite and Short Break Care benefits at home care givers by providing them with time to themselves.

Palliative Care

  • Palliative Care also known as end-of-life care to make the final days of the terminally ill as comfortable as possible.

Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) Care

  • Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) Care is offered at specialized SHC facilities in conjunciton with The Children’s Trust Profound Education Team.

Sussex Healthcare’s commitment to quality care has earned it the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care Award. This honor recognizes quality end of life care.

In addition to reaching a milestone anniversary this year Sussex Healthcare hired Amanda Morgan-Taylor to serve as CEO. Mrs. Taylor specializes in guiding healthcare companies through periods of transisition. Starting out as a service manager Mrs. Taylor would learn the skills that would qualify her to hold positions as a development director and later a managing director.

JHSF Under The Leadership Of Jose Neto

Every business can help one acquire a fortune. There is a list of businesses that are known for being superior in the entrepreneurship world. Among them is the real estate business. It, however, requires one to put in some effort and be patient. Learning from the pioneers of the field is paramount as well to know the dos and don’ts of the venture.

Despite Brazil having more than 200 Million occupants, real estate is something that remained unexplored for a very long time. JHSF has helped in building the real estate business in Brazil. They understand the needs and preferences of their clients because they have been in the field for more than two decades which has enabled them to experience all the changes that happen in the market.

JHSF was a creation of two brothers who had an aim of being the most prominent real estate firm in the state. Well, they are living this dream now because the firm is responsible for the building of many enterprises in the state, they have built classy restaurants, hotels, and airports.

The success of the company can be attributed to the input of Jose Neto. He joined the firm at the age of 27 and came with ideas that changed the face of the organization. For example, he helped the company acquire the rights to develop shopping malls and led JHSF to build the first mall in Brazil.

Jose Neto has expanded the firm, and it is now developing property globally. The clients are confident that they will continue receiving quality services with Jose Neto as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Final Verdict

Every dream is valid. Accomplishing even the wildest dreams is possible. Among some factors that you need to consider is the expert leadership of firm. Be careful about who you give the front seat of the company as it determines the outcome.

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Peter Briger is the Credit Head and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group which is a renowned investment management company that was founded in 1998 as a private equity firm. He enrolled in Princeton University where he pursued his undergraduate. He is attributed for the recent growth of Fortress as he had 15 years of experience from Goldman Sach before joining it. Also, he brought much insight from the Asian financial industry dynamics and its leadership strategies.

Fortress operates in the edge of its market judging by how the public has acquired its shares and much more how its financial statements speak volume of it. When it unrolled its Initial Public Offer (IPO) the company became the first private equity firm to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. At that moment, Peter Briger became a billionaire as his shares of 66 million were estimated to be more than $2 billion, and that is how he earned himself a prominent title in the world of asset investment and management.

As Fortress was objected to diversify much from its critical private equity enterprise, Peter Briger ensured that real estate and other businesses progressed well as per the objectives set. Peter Briger is commended for the impressive performance of barely first quarter of this year that is well illuminated by the $4.7 billion fund raised up by his group. Interestingly, the amount only represents 87% of the overall funds collected by Fortress in the quarter year. By having private equity and liquid markets division, the organization has an advantage over its rivals.

Peter Briger spots opportunities in the face of financial crisis and capitalizes on them. He is among the top 400 global business professional, which earns him much reputation. Additionally, Briger is esteemed to be a member of the board of Princeton University Investment Company and Calibre Schools which is known to be a chain of charter schools.

Peter is, therefore, an inspirational figure in the world of investment and management and his efforts are much applauded in the spirit of grooming more of his sort from our coming generation. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

Ara Chackerian, Co-Founder of TMS Health Solution Provider

Ara Chackerian is an angel investor, an entrepreneur, as well as a philanthropist. He supports the developing health care facilities that are ready to reinvent the system of health care in the United States by investing in them. He is a graduate of Florida, State University, where he specialized in marketing. Presently, Ara is the acting Managing Director of ASC. Ara Chackerian has taken part in the development of some health care firms such as BMC Diagnostic, which is known for providing great diagnostic imaging services to clients, TMS, which is a behavioral health service provider based in California, together with PipelineRx which offers telepharmacy services. Ara has much experience in the development of health care firms.

Chackerian has managed to serve as the Executive Vice President of PSS/World Medical, which distributes its medical products globally. He has also been the Executive Chairperson at PipelineRx together with TMS Health Solutions and the Chief Executive officer at BMC Diagnostics.

The Chackerian group has been supporting as well as creating more non-profits, which look forward to ensuring youth development and their education. Their exceptional efforts are evident in Nicaragua, Armenia and the United States. The TMS Health Solutions provides service to those with treatment-resistant depression through transcranial magnetic stimulation. For more details visit LinkedIn.

TMS is a device that is diagnostically used in measuring the connectivity of the central nervous system with the skeletal muscle. This way doctors can evaluate the amount of damage when people suffer from a number of conditions, such as stroke, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, those with movement disorders, and also the motor neuron disorders. You can visit for more.


Ara together with his business partner had the vision to build diagnostic radiology facilities for outpatients. They started out by creating a network of new health facilities in Northern California. Their partners suggested the use of the transcranial magnetic stimulation. A device built using great technology to treat patients suffering from depression. The device would be used alongside the use of talk therapy and drugs. The outcome recorded after the device was used on those having major depressive disorder was appealing and promising.


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Mathematician Genius, Michael Lacey Aims for the Sky

Michael Lacey is a brilliant and talented mathematician. He has had the opportunity to work in various universities including; University of North Carolina, Indiana University, and Louisiana State University.

He worked with Walter Phillip and together they came up with a theorem of central limit while studying in UNC. He was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship in National Science Foundation while at the Indiana University.

He also started studying the Hilbert transform bilinear which coincided with the theme of conjecture which was being handled by Alberto Calderón. Michael Lacey together with Christoph Thiele got a Salem Prize for their contribution in helped to solve the challenging issue.

Michael Lacey joined the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1996 and has been working as the Mathematics Professor. He partnered with Xiaochun Li in 2004 in solving a mathematics issue and got recognized with a fellowship from Guggenheim.

He was also recognized by Simons Foundation for his research work. He is a fellow of the society of American Mathematical.

He has worked with training grants such as; VIGRE and MCTP awards as the director. The grants have been instrumental in supporting graduate students, undergraduates, and postdocs. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Michael Lacey has been instrumental in advising his Ph.D. students on the leading graduate programs to pursue, which has helped them to land prominent professions. In addition, Michael Lacey has used his expertise in pure mathematics to mentor over 10 postdocs.

Michael Lacey attended university in Urbana –Champaign in the Illinois area. He acquired a Ph.D. He wrote a thesis Banach spaces probability and helped to solve the iterated logarithm law for practical attributes purposes. His main concentration has been on harmonic analysis, probability, and ergodic theory.

Michael has dedicated himself to researching, testing and writing mathematics concepts that have earned him a reputation as an acclaimed mathematician. He continues to provide his contribution on a number of math issues and transform the lives of his students.

He has been handling mathematics for over 40 years which has helped to hone his experience on the subject that is tough for most people. He remains a mathematician genius whose contribution to mathematics cannot go unnoticed.

Sightsavers Initiates Diversity in the CRPD

Diversity in Disability Rights was recently achieved with the election of six women with disabilities within the UN’s CRPD. There was only one woman representing the voice of disabled women prior. Thanks to Sightsavers’ initial campaign of #EqualUN history has been made.


By utilizing social media to get the word out, people became aware that the representation of women, in many different aspects of decision making roles in the UN, was unbalanced. The cry was heard, and the UN voted on June 12, 2018, to increase the number of disabled women at the helm. These women now make up a third of the members.


The six members are Gertrude Oforiwa Fefoame of Ghana, Rosemary Kayess of Australia, Miyoon Kim of the Republic of Korea, Risnawati Utami of Indonesia, Mara Gabrilli of Brazil, Amalia Gamio of Mexico. These six women will embody the premise of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


Officially adopted in December 2006, the CRPD continued the work of the UN, to ensure that all persons with disabilities enjoyed the full rights and fundamental freedoms as anyone else. The convention is in place to clarify their rights, according to law, and identify areas that require reasonable adaptations. A person with disabilities must not have their rights violated and their rights must be protected.


Unfortunately, many persons with disabilities live in conflict. They are denied education, healthcare, and other necessities. Many are subjected to violence or are locked into institutions away from society. Thanks to Sightsavers sounding the call to action for every voice to be represented at the UN level, less tragic stories are on the horizon.


A more diverse voice, that represents the populations under the governance of nations that may not hear them, is not only imperative, it’s right. How we treat the most vulnerable defines a nation. Not just in the current sense, but for generations to come.

Class Dojo Creates Cultures of Positivity in Schools.

Class Dojo is a platform released in 2011 as a way for non English speaking parents to keep up regular contact with their children’s teachers. Class Dojo wants to help build a bridge between teachers and parents that do not speak English. This tool helps support, develop and connect students with their skills, their teachers, and their parents.

This sharing platform allows parents to have access to their children’s reports, and also allows teachers to monitor student behavior. Teachers can upload photos and videos for parents to view as well.

Class Dojo claims to build a community and culture of positivity in classrooms and schools, while also building connections between teachers, school leaders, students, and families. It is currently in use in 90% of American school districts. Not only does it help build that connection though, it also a way for teachers to interact with their students with ease. Once a class is built, students can see their individual progress in the class, and teachers are able to reward their students in real time for tasks they perform.

The creators of Class Dojo had one thing on the back of their mind when they created this app. The fact that these relationships between teachers, students, and parents require trust. With that in mind Class Dojo has made their privacy policies very easy to find and read. They are as transparent as they can be with their users. Class Dojo promises to never sell or rent any user’s information, and they will not use the information for advertisement or marketing. All unnecessary information is deleted after 12 months, included student feedback points.

Class Dojo specifically makes sure to mention that they are in line with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act and the Family Education Rights and Privacy act. The app is also TRUSTe certified and has been granted the iKeepSafe COPPA Safe Harbor seal. They also do not collect sensitive information about students like addresses and gender.

Clearly Class Dojo is doing everything they can to keep their users safe and empower them to build communities of trust and positivity.