The Terpins Legacy of Racers: A Rodrigo Terpins Spotlight

Rally Racing has been a sport for a while now, but it has only gained and been shone on by the spotlight about 15 years ago. And rightfully so, the adrenaline and excitement brought on by the skids on the track, the dust and gravel that flies around in the arena and the loud banging exhaust pipes screaming for everyone’s attention. Oh but of course, the main stars are the talented racers and the flashy, manly and slick race cars and their apparatus.



The Terpins family is no stranger to the sports and they are a staple name in the Brazilian Rally Race scene. Rodrigo is a shining star on his own, bred in a family of sports enthusiasts – he has quickly developed a strong sense of laser focus competitive attitude and has willfully applied this into rally racing. Along with his brother who is of the same high-caliber and top-notch level skill of rally racing – they have created one of the most elite teams in rally racing – Bull Sertoes. With their skills in check, they have competed in one of the most complex, most difficult and most gut retching tracks in the world – the Sertoes Rally. This race is composed of a two-man team that races to a variety of tracks and they compete for the fastest time, of course. Check out




You would expect no less from Rodrigo Terpins and his brother, both equally talented racers, and they won 8th place and 3rd in the T1 Prototype classes in the most prestigious Sertoes Rally. Adding this achievements in their long list of accomplishments also to be added to the history of sports that the Terpins family excels in.



The Terpins brothers, being compassionate people of the world who serves for the people, go beyond racing with their initiative called Floresvale, a cause that focuses on fighting against deforestation – because in Brazil, cutting and the balding of forests is not a new concept and so the Terpins are committed into not letting it happen more so that it is now.



The Terpins: elite athletes, breeder of champions, and environmental warriors.


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