Anil Chaturvedi Is A Banking Veteran Who’s Expertise Is Sought After Industry Wide

Anil Chaturvedi is an industry veteran that is well-known all over the world today for his contributions to various banking corporations. With more than forty years of experience in the banking industry, Anil has seen and pretty much done it all. His expertise in investment banking, private banking, and commercial banking is unrivaled. Anil acquired his economics degree back in the early 70’s from Meerut University, quickly landing banking positions right out of college.

Since Anil first entered the banking industry in the 70’s, he has found positions at some of the biggest banking corporations in the world today, including the State Bank of India, Merrill Lynch, and Grindlays, which are only a few of the many that he has worked with or advised over the course of his career. Banking is an extremely important industry for the economics around the world, passing around huge amounts of money around the world economy. Most people don’t really understand how banking truly works or how it affects society, though Anil has always been one to explain and inform others of the banking industries inner workings.

According to Anil, there are several different kinds of banking out there, though the public just recognizes most banks to be the same thing. These different sectors of banking including private banking, investment banking, corporate banking, and retail banking. This different sectors of banking play different roles and serve different functions across the globe to help the various clients and their different needs. While some people often think it might be safer to keep money in their own hands, when dealing with truly high amounts of money, there are many services and opportunities that are available from using a trusted and reputable bank.

Today, Anil Chaturvedi is working for the Switzerland Hinduja Bank as a managing director, offering his expertise to customers and the company to help it expand over the next few years. Anil himself primarily enjoys working in private and investment banking, which usually deals with large sums of money and major corporations or wealthy individuals.