Omar Boraie Focuses on the Middle Class

Omar Boraie is the man who gave me confidence that not everybody in the 1% are evil dirtbags. He has single-handedly turned the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey around and helped it become the flourishing city that it is today.

Sam Boraie achieved this mainly through his real estate company Boraie Development. He used his real estate company to hatch a four-part plan that would make New Brunswick great.

The first step of his amazing plan was to build community between families. Omar Boraie approached outreaches, churches, and nonprofits in an attempt to get them on board to help families. These various organizations each held events that were meant to build community between the families. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The second step of his amazing plan was to secure the job market. This had to be done in a twofold stroke. Firstly, he had a get current jobs to stay. While there were many things he did that made this happen, the main one was getting Johnson & Johnson to stay in New Brunswick. Once they agreed to stay, it was easy to get the other businesses the fall in line. Secondly, he had to bring new jobs the area. He built commercial real estate and factories and sold them to other businesses for margin profit. This allowed upstart companies to come to New Brunswick.

The third step of his amazing plan was to build a coalition of prominent and powerful people who helped New Brunswick be on their main agenda. This coalition was made up of the city Mayor, members of the City Council, the President of Rutgers, and various editors of various newspapers. They began to make their visions work in harmony to help New Brunswick thrive. Check out State Theatre New Jersey for more.

The fourth step of his amazing plan was to bring back a strong middle-class. He thought it would be wise to combine this with the first step of his plan which was to focus on young professionals. He knew that young professionals were having a hard time renting and leasing buildings. On top of that, they had an even more difficult time finding buildings that made them look prestigious. Omar had the idea that he would build real estate that the upper class would like but sell it for a price that the middle-class upstart professional could easily afford. This made the prices in New Brunswick competitive and brought the middle class in droves.




Benefiting from Rocketship Education

Most parents want to know that their child is getting the best quality education that they could possibly receive. There are so many parents who simply do not know where to send their children to school, since many public school systems simply do not cater to most children. If you would like a better option without spending a small fortune to send your child to a private school, you are going to want to send them to a charter school system. One of the most well-known charter school systems in the country is Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education has been around for over 10 years and is one of the leaders when it comes to getting better quality schooling for your kids.

Rocketship Education is found mostly in low-income and impoverished areas. Despite the fact that they offer their schooling for a totally free amount, you will find that they give a private school education to your children without the high cost that is involved. A lot of low-income families simply do not have the money to send their kids to a private school, but it is nice to know that your children are also getting a better education because of the time that you put into this. To learn more information about Rocketship Education and what they are able to do for your kids, be sure to visit their website and see exactly what they have available for everything that you need to get done.

Being able to get the most out of your child’s education is something that is going to set them for the rest of their life. When your child gets a better education, this allows them to get into a better quality school as well as feel good about their own educational needs. You can contact Rocketship Education for more information about the different types of programs that they have made available to the public. Along with providing a variety of facilities locally, you can also make use of their homeschooling choices that you can bring into the comfort of your own home so that your child can be educated without leaving the house.

Roberto Santiago’s Family Oriented Mall

Joao Pessoa has been swarmed with tourist since 1989. In 1989 one of the most popular and profitable malls in Joao Pessoa was opened after being developed for two years. Roberto Santiago began developing the land for the mall in 1987. He wanted to make sure the mall had a good foundation and architecture. He didn’t want to produce a mall that was mediocre he wanted the mall to exceed and excel far above the expectations of the people in the Joao Pessoa community.

In 1989 the Manaira Shopping Mall was opened. The mall is owned by Roberto Santiago, a successful businessman. He grew up in Joao Pessoa and received his education from the local schools and universities. He received a degree in business from the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. He has put his degree in business to great use. He has started many companies and has a considerable amount of success with the companies that he has begun.

His first job was at Café Santa Rosa after he graduated. He then decided to start his own business. He launched a successful cartonnage company that afforded him the opportunity to buy land for his mall. The cartonnage company provided the local businesses with excellent quality packaging. The company had so much success that Santiago began offering other products to meet the needs of his customers. His goal was to supply all of their needs instead of them having a lot of different vendors.

He bought the land for the mall in 1987 and 1989 he launched the mall. The Manaira Shopping Mall has had much success because he built the mall for the people. The mall was created for the people, but it features a lot of things that he enjoys doing in his spare time. The mall can be thought to be a physical representation of him.

The mall features stunning attractions that are just as enjoyable and beautiful as the scenery around the mall. The mall is located near a beach, so the people are able to shop and get a good view of the beautiful beach.

The city of Joao Pessoa has benefited a lot from the malls Roberto Santiago has built in the city. The local people are able to visit and use the concert hall within the mall for their special events. They are also able to go to the mall and get everything that they need rather than traveling all over town to find the things that they need.

Children, as well as adults, can find something to do in the Manaira Mall. The mall has activities that are fit for the entire family. Santiago continues to make the mall even better.


The Frontier Of A New Era

The Fine Line Within The Frame Of Justice

Justice and the law can be complicated issues. It’s not enough to want liberty, freedom and an open forum to speak within. These are attributes to American life that must be fought for.

The fight begins with a message and then getting that message out to the people. This is the process that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had to undergo.

The two writers were held illegally by Arizonian police and then granted their freedom with a large financial compensation in the process. Their story reflects the dangers and challenges of due process and how change can leverage your own power as a citizen of the United States.

The change these journalists brought about will alter American society forever.

The Drawn-Out Process Of Liberty

Liberty is not always an overnight process. The legal process takes into account both sides to any story and how events have unfolded. It’s not enough to simply accuse one side of breaking the law.

Proof and evidence must be found and established. The saving grace that Jim and Mike were able to leverage was the illegal process undertaken by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Though this man’s action were found in the wrong, the process took roughly five years to unfold. The final verdict became a large compensation giving to both Mike and Jim. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

This compensation covered the time wasted, the emotional damage endured and the clear illegality of what Joe Arpaio achieved in the dead of night with guns and badges.

The Foundation That Was Started

The compensation giving to these journalists is what started the Frontera Fund. The Frontera Fund is a non-profit organization that leverages roughly $3 million giving to the writers and to cover for total damages. The work of these professionals remains in journalism and in writing stories that Americans use to better their understanding of the world around them.

The role of the Frontera Fund is to support the emerging needs of a migrant and immigrant community as they deal with the hardships employed by police officials in the American state of Arizona.

The process is drawn-out but shows to be worth it in the end. There’s now an advocate against police brutality and the level of politics that law enforcement can work at.

The work is intricate and is being led by some of America’s greatest professionals.

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WebMD Fighting Cancer Ignorance with CTCA

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is widely known for its work with cancer patients for decades now. They are at the forefront of any new research that aids cancer victims, and this organization is one of the first to try new therapies if they are deemed safe by multiple trials. This healthcare group is also devoted to educating the public at large about new cancer findings that may help more people beat this awful disease affecting so many worldwide. In this vein, CTCA has teamed with WebMD online to further their educational format. WebMD has long been a trusted site where many go to find accurate and up-to-date healthcare information and strategies.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the leading experts on all things cancer related. Their compassionate care is well known by their grateful patients from all over. This organization has long ago began using holistic approaches to their treatments long before others began to see the wisdom of such treatment. Cancer affects so much more than just the outward signs and horrific symptoms. When alternative therapies are combined with established medical treatments, CTCA have found that their patients heal faster and often enter into remission in a faster fashion. With the help of education from WebMD, Cancer Treatment Centers of America hopes that more individuals will learn about the often silent small symptoms that should be checked out by a medical doctor. Also, this organization has long been a promoter of preventative medicine and testing. Now this type of preventative healthcare is becoming more prevalent, and the cancer specialists around the world are seeing positive effects especially with earlier findings of cancer diseases. Education on cancer is believed to be a major force in bringing down the higher mortality rates that many cancers formerly had recently.

When 16 Countries Are In The Hands Of Sheldon Lavin

Meat Processed For More Than 16 Countries

Dominating the American market, no matter what industry you’re in, is an outstanding feat. The work and legacy required to establish a true industrial brand with the United States often begins with a founding date at or before the 1900s. This era brought great innovation to the American society.

Today, there are nations looking at the growth and industrial magnitude of the world’s leading countries and are seeking to enter their level of productivity. All of it’s possible as agencies like the OSI Group offer world-class, industrial operations abroad. The outstanding market within the States is where OSI began.

It solidified its name as the leading meat processor because of the secure business developed in the USA.

Why The Move Into The Philippines And China

With the help of Sheldon Lavin as the agency’s CEO, the OSI Group is expanding into Asian countries. There’s a tremendous demand for processed meats in China and the Philippines. China’s population continues to grow, it’s legislation regarding food is also improving dramatically.

The combination of factors within economic climate of China is enabling the OSI Group to turn around many common stereotypes. Past business with China often resulted in jobs and economic activity being developed there. Today’s socio-economic climate is much different. The country is now looking to buy products and services from the USA.

Sheldon Lavin Leads With Financial Math And Ambition

There’s more to this international expansion than just the right time and resources. The CEO of the OSI Group is a special force in the business world. He brings together a combination of financial expertise, ambition and roughly 40 years with professional career workmanship.

Sheldon is the visionary of the OSI plans.

The plans being put into play bring the OSI Group out of the U.S. borders and established the brand in an economy that’s being formed. The brilliance of Sheldon in seeing the economic horizon brings more business to the OSI Group and strengthens its platform as a world leader.

The Core Objective Of The OSI Group

The core objective of the OSI Group was to put together its production model and then perfect it. The end result is a system to productivity that can be used in the planetary market as world nations expand. The expansions experienced globally is sharing a large market with the OSI Group.

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Frontera Fund and Lacey and Larkin Help Those Who Have Trouble Helping Themselves

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was established by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. They are the co-founders for the Phoenix New Times as well as to Village Voice Media.

They started the fund when they were falsely arrested and held over after being booked for not adhering to subpoena’s handed down by the grand jury. When the men were ordered to hand over information that would break their first amendment rights.

After their homes were busted into, the pair of men then were transported off to jail and booked. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

After being booked and placed in cells for close to 24 hours, the media got wind of the charges and there was an outpouring amount of support for the two men. The men were later released within 24 hours but not without leaving a nasty impression.

The men then went on to bring a court case against the state for the involuntary holding of the men. The sheriff from the Maricopa County Sheriffs office was the one who instigated the charges against the men.

When the news outlet wrote stories about the man running the sheriff’s department, he went on to try and shut the case down. When all the other news outlets refused to put anything negative in the papers, Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin would run the story. This is what got them in trouble.

From the money that the two men received from the court case, they were able to use the funds to begin helping others who are being taken advantage of by those in authority.

One of the many advocate groups that the men help with is the Arizona Justice Project. This project is aimed at helping those who are unable to help themselves.

When it comes to the people who are indigent, justice is usually lacking in the offering of support for them. The whole mission of the Arizona Justice Project is to help those who proclaim their innocence while being forced to spend time in jail. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Facebook

The project is aimed to help the people who were convicted wrongly as well as those who have been punished excessively. The perfect instance will be those who are charged as young juveniles but are forced to serve a sentence that is too excessive for the crime committed.

Not only do they help those who are in jail wrongly but they also offer assistance the inmates who are not receiving the right level of care for their PTSD or other life altering illness.

The outstanding services of Dr. Imran Haque

Imran Haque refers to a medical doctor working in the United States’ North Carolina. He is prominent for his specialization in internal medicine. Worth acknowledgment is the fact that he is very caring and this has made him gained a lot of respect in the field as a medical practitioner.

He has substantial experience over a duration exceeding fifteen years. At the moment, Imran attends to patients with various illnesses that need his expertise. The experience he has is what has made a lot of North Carolina residents to seek his medical assistance. Due to his devoted service and experience, he started his office of internal medicine as a way of ensuring that patients find it easy to reach him. The doctor’s office in North Carolina is in Asheboro or Ramseur. Dr. Imran Haque treats illnesses and the complications alongside internal medicine at Horizon Internal Medicine. The facility is also situated in North Carolina’s Asheboro.

Dr. Haque’s medical career started upon his attainment of his Universidad Iberoamericana’s (UNIBE) medical degree. Remarkably he was able to emerge with honors. Dr. Imran Haque progressed to Roanoke-Salem Program of Internal Medicine at the University of Virginia. At this course of the stay, he focused on internal medicine. It is upon his successful completion of training that he acquired a license that permitted his medical practice in North Carolina. Additionally, Dr. Imran Haque is currently enrolled alongside the Maintenance of the Certification Program.

Being an expert in internal medicine, Dr. Imran Haque is an exclusively trained alongside the diagnosis and prescription of treatment related to illnesses such as Pneumonia, Epilepsy, Diabetes, and Glaucoma. A variety of services touching on the internal medicine together with cosmetic treatment and wellness are on offer at the Horizon Internal Medicine.

Other services that Dr. Imran Haque offers include 360 Resurfacing, weight management, physical examinations, Laser Hair Removal and is a Diabetes specialist. The doctor is a professional in connection to these and is trusted in their understanding.

Looking for his expertise in medical caring, it is evident in all the patients that he never runs out of positive stories. He understands the significance of human interactions and owns a professional relation to each client.

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The American Institute Of Architects Promotes Health By Design

A 1976 graduate of Tulane University where he earned a degree in architecture Robert Ivy is the current CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) a professional organization with 90,000 plus members. One of the AIA’s missions is to cultivate a favorable image of the architectural profession through public outreach. Toward that end, the AIA works to influence legislation and governmental regulations that affect architecture. This is done in part with a view towards improving public welfare through building design.

In a 2012 interview on, Robert Ivy explained the role that architecture can play in healthier living. He cited the draining of swamps around Washington DC in the eighteenth century as the first such effort in architectural history. Ivy recommended designing buildings and communities so people will have to walk more. Such designs would give architects and active role in combatting heart disease and diabetes.

As Robert Ivy sees it, that effort begins with encouraging Architects to make “well being” which means concentrating on both physical and mental needs a design priority. This would involve factoring clean water, sunlight, and fresh air into their designs. Ivy also encouraged the use of healthier building materials.

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Ivy announced that his organization would be launching a ten-year initiative to further its goal of using architecture to foster better health, shorten the recovery time after disasters, and promote sustainability.

There was a time when it required neither training nor licensing to call oneself an architect. The mountebanks who exploited this situation fostered a negative image of the architectural profession. In 1857 the American Institute of Architects was founded in New York City to improve the profession’s image and create higher quality architects. Within three years, there were AIA chapters in Washington DC and ten major cities throughout the North East and Mid West.

Today, the American Institute of Architects is based at 1735 New York Avenue, NW in Washington, D.C. and boasts over 300 chapters in the US and has spread beyond American borders to include chapters in Europe and Asia. As part of its advocacy work, the AIA works through government agencies to secure the infrastructure, improve the quality of public areas, and ensure every citizen it the US has access to affordable housing.

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Whitney Wolfe, Great Entrepeneur!

Whitney Wolfe is a success American entrepreneur. Whitney is the CEO and founder of the social site Bumble. Bumble has over 20 million members on the site. The site is unique because Bumble allows women to take the initiative interacting.

Bumble has been growing significantly since opening. With all the growth that has been taking place; many other entrepreneurs have been trying to purchase Bumble. However, Wolfe takes pride in her business and doesn’t plan on selling it anytime soon. Wolfe even turned down an offer of 450 million for Bumble. She doesn’t want to sell her business because she has put too much time and energy into creating it.

It is important to note that there are two different types of Bumbles. The first type is Bumble BFF. Bumble BFF focuses on friendships between women. Bumble BFF is for women in the world who aren’t looking for a relationship. There aren’t many sites out that are used strictly for friendships. Bumble BFF gives women the change to connect with women who are looking to be social. Bumble BFF has been tried by over 3 million women nationwide.

Bumble Buzz is another form of Bumble. Bumble Buzz is used for business professionals. Bumble Buzz is another form of LinkedIn. Bumble Buzz gives professionals a chance to network with each other for business reasons only.

Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah,. She attend school at Southern Methodist University. She majored in international studies. While in college Wolfe created her own life for tote bags. Her tote line was a huge success. One of the reasons Wolfe’s tote bag line was very popular is because all of the earnings were donated to the areas of those who were affected by the BP oil spill. Many famous celebrities were even photographed while wearing some of Wolfe’s tote bags.

As of today, Wolfe recently got married in Positano, Italy. The wedding was extremely beautiful. The wedding photos were captured by Vogue Magazine. vogue did an amazing job capturing some of the most beautiful photos of Wolfe and her husband. Wolfe is at a peak in her life. Both her career and personal life is going extremely well.

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