Kim Dao: Universal Studios in Japan

In a video posted in December of 2016 Kim Dao takes a trip to Universal Studios in Japan. This video specifically covers her trip to the Harry Potter section of the park. The video begins with clips of Kim Dao exploring different parts of the Harry Potter section and even picking out a wand. Then, she introduces the company that made her trip possible, Odigo Travel,its new website. From there, viewers get to see Kim Dao on her search for her very own wand. Kim and her friend Sunnydahye go on to explore the park testing out all the magic tricks Kim’s wand can do.


When Kim Dao comes to the part of the park in which she can do the “Metelojinx” spell, she gets frustrated at her several failed attempts to execute it. After successfully executing one more spell, Kim Dao then heads into a candy store. The store stocks many of the goods featured in the Harry Potter films. After a successful trip to the candy store, Kim and her friend then move on to purchasing some “butterbeer” to drink. When their thirst is quenched, the two ladies move on to satisfying their hunger in one of the park’s restaurants. To conclude their day in the park, the ladies move on to the “castle walk” in which they get to explore the park’s castle. Kim Dao then once again thanks her sponsors at Odigo Travel and asks her viewers to check out all of her social media accounts.

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