Upwork Issues IPO With the Help From Investors

Many companies that are looking to go public will need to find ways to raise capital. The most common goal for companies looking to raise capital is to issue stock on the public exchanges which includes an initial public offering. In the technology sector, there are many investors who are eager to provide funds for these innovative companies. One of the companies that has recently issued an IPO is Upwork. The technology company has recently gotten capital from investors to become visible on the major stock exchanges. By issuing this IPO, Upwork is now in great position to get more investors to help build the company.

The origins of Upwork date back to the 2000’s. At the beginning of the 2000’s decade, a couple of freelance work sites known as Elance and oDesk were offering freelancers with projects to inquire about. Therefore these were the two top sites for finding freelance work. After a number of years, the two companies believed that merging would help them reach their goals. As a result, the company called Upwork was formed in 2014. Since then, Upwork has emerged as one of the leading freelance work sites in the world. Over the last four years, Upwork has seen steady increases in its revenues which has encouraged investors to provide capital. Within the next few years, Upwork will likely become a very profitable technology company.

Upwork provides a website that companies and freelancers can use in order to get involved in certain projects. Freelancers in a variety of fields are able to find work projects that they can do for financial compensation. There are a number of fields that freelancers can seek work in such as customer services, writing, editing and web design and development. The freelance workers are able to interact with companies and get assignments no matter where they are in the world. For companies that are in need of completing short term projects, they can choose from a variety of freelancers to get a particular project done. Upwork has gotten a lot of praise due to its timely payments, selection of projects and freelance professionals and also its efficient website that is easy to use and navigate.