The Business Career Of One Very Successful Russian Entrepreneur

From Government Doctor To Businessman

Alexei Beltyukov has an interesting background. You would never have guessed that this medical student and later internal medicine government doctor would end up being a highly successful and influential business leader in Russia. Yet, this is exactly the story of Mr. Beltyukov.

As you may have guessed, doctor’s on the government’s payroll are not paid very well in Russia or in the former USSR. Beltyukov had a family to provide for and he wanted more and better for himself. While working as a doctor, Mr. Beltyukov stumbled upon an advertisement for a business program that was accepting new students. It was an overseas college. The flyer said scholarships would be offered to those who demonstrated need, talent and drive.

Alexei Beltyukov took a chance and applied to INSEAD college, which is a French college located just outside of Paris. He impressed the admissions staff so much, and they were so humbled by his character that they gave him a full scholarship. Alexei went on to study business administration. He received a bachelor’s and later a master in business administration from INSEAD College of France.

Alexei described what he learned about business, economics, finance, trade and commerce as being life changing. He had never been exposed to such things in Russia. Beltyukov admits that he was starting from zero when it came to business.

Taking the business knowledge from INSEAD back to Russia, Alexei launched a series of businesses. They included companies like A-Ventures Ltd., a company that took poorly run businesses that were struggling to make a profit and turned them around. A-Ventures Ltd, managed to greatly increase the profitability and cut down on the waste of many companies. This venture was later sold by Alexei, who later decided to focus on becoming an angel investor.

According to, Right now Alexei Beltyukov’s primary focus is on Endemic Capital. This is an investment company that focuses on pumping money into and getting a return from Russian startups. It may seem like a stretch, but Russia has great entrepreneurial potential that can be tapped into says Alexei.