US Money Reserve Finds More Ways To Market Gold And Silver Bullion

There are always highs and lows in an economy and recessions come and go. But on occasion a recession can become so extreme that hyperinflation or deflation could hit the markets, and when that happens having gold in your possession is usually the best solution. That’s what US Money Reserve is about; selling gold and silver bullion for such times as those.

US Money Reserve is one of the largest private sellers of gold and silver based in Austin, TX and is in the business of providing useful information to new investors. US Money Reserve also redid their website recently to provide even more information for new customers and increase live chat availability for them.

US Money Reserve has an extensive collection of gold, silver and even platinum coins to choose from in their catalog. They also have a photo gallery of about 19 different coins and bullion editions. You can search their catalog quite easily and take a look at exclusive offers and products ranging from the upper to the lower prices.

Included in US Money Reserve’s exclusive series is the Reagan Legacy Signature bullion, a numismatic that commemorates the former president’s 1985 event. The US Money Reserve also has a deep knowledge center for those who want to understand more about the basics of buying gold and diversifying their portfolio. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve: and

One reason buying gold with US Money Reserve is a great decision is because they are the only private precious metals company that has a former US Mint Director leading them. Philip N. Diehl was US Mint Director for 8 years and is known for the “50 States Quarters” in 1999.

Diehl has taken much of his experience in running a savvy business at the Mint to US Money Reserve, including running an interactive sales website where users had a wide variety of coins to purchase. But Diehl is also passionate about making sure everyone understands the opportunities afforded by owning precious metals.

US Money Reserve has free information that’s available upon signup, and their customer service team makes sure you are guided to the right place.

Buying gold and other precious metals has its risks depending on which products you want, but with the right plan for storage and keeping it for the long-term, you can be prepared for an economic storm.

According to Crunchbase, Client-Connect Advantage is US Money Reserve’s resource for ongoing support, and you can speak to a representative there immediately by going to