Dr. David Samadi Analyzes Mitt Romney’s Condition

Right now the national political situation is volatile, with many political veterans leaving office rather than face challenges in the upcoming mid-term elections. This is part of the reason why the Utah republican senate seat is now open, with Senator Orrin Hatch having announced that he will not be running for re-election in the Fall. Mitt Romney, the former presidential candidate and former governor of Utah, has announced that he will run to fill the open seat, but the situation has been complicated by Romney’s recent cancer surgery.

An Expert Appraisal

Dr. David Samudi holds the positions of the Chair of Urology and the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. He gave his appraisal of Mitt Romney’s health situation following the surgery for prostate cancer, in a recent story in The Huffington Post. According to Dr. Samudi’s analysis, Romney’s prognosis is good after what looks to be a successful surgical procedure to remove a tumor on the prostate gland. The cancer looks to have been localized in the area of the gland and had not spread to other areas. This situation made surgery the best and safest option. In Samadi’s expert opinion, surgery is always the best choice if the cancer has not spread to other organs. Samadi said that patients who opt for radiation as the first course of treatment do not do as well if the cancer returns later and spreads to other organs. These patients have a much lower survival rate than patients who opt for surgery initially.

Dr. Samudi also noted that any patient who is considering surgery for prostate cancer should talk with their urologist about the possible impact on urinary and sexual function following the procedure. Patients should also carefully study the history of any surgeon they are considering for a possible procedure for cancer. Dr. Samudi did note that many men are able to recover fully from prostate cancer surgery and resume active lives. He noted that Colin Powell and John Kerry are two political leaders who successfully recovered from prostate surgery in recent years, and who are still active in public life.

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