Krishen Iyer: Communication is Key

Krishen Iyer, the founder of Managed Benefits Services formerly known as “Quick Link Marketing, is an insurance and consulting business which aids insurance industries such as health and dental in whereby Krishen Iyer and his company concentrate on generating leads for them. Krishen Iyer is one of the most respected professionals in his industry for the amount of detail that he places on making sure that his clients obtain the best possible information.


Most college students tend to wait till graduating to find a job, this, however, was not in Iyer’s playbook, Iyer would open his first insurance company “IHS Insurance” in 2002. Two years later Krishen Iyer would graduate from the Universit of San Diego with a bachelors in public administration. Iyer not entirely fulfilled with his career would go on to found Name My Premium, another incredibly successful insurance company that would make the Inc 5000 list the same year it opened.


How does Krishen Iyer consistently create successful companies? “Be as productive as possible,” says Iyer during a sit-down interview. Iyer’s accomplishes this goal by making sure that he is part of the technical development of his client’s work, knowing specifically what a client wants removes much of the guesswork and time-wasting meetings. Therefore it is no surprise that one of Krishen’s keys to success in obtaining the skill of communication, know this one skill and you’re set. He further credits great ideas as not coming from one person, but a combination of the viewpoints shared by everyone.


Krishen shares with us one of his secrets, and that is to create a company based on lead generation. It has never been easier due to technical innovation to make a connection with people all over the world, you are no longer confined to your city or state like before and whoever can recognize that is sure to succeed in this type of industry.

Jeremy Goldstein: Talking about Employee Benefits Again

It’s important to Jeremy Goldstein that every major corporation talks with their accountant before eliminating stock options as an employee benefit. Too many companies are getting rid of stock options because they don’t think they’re worth the trouble anymore. At one point, stock options were the only employee benefit offered.

Now, as more and more companies do away with stock options, they’re looking for other compensation methods. They’re looking for something that has no risks and all benefits. The problem with that is that no compensation method is perfect, which is why it’s so important that every corporation talks with their accountant before making any real decisions.

The main problem companies and their employees have with stock options is the risk of losing everything in the blink of an eye. It’s true; stock options are the riskiest form of compensation, but they also come with the most advantages.

Aside from the financial advantages of being in the stock market, stock options offer employees a direct line of sight of their value. Unlike other methods that don’t offer a form of equivalency, stock options show employees where they match up to the rest of their coworkers equally.

Equality is a big subject these days, as is hard-working employees not getting what they deserve. Stock options are based on the company’s success, meaning employees can see their work growing the company’s stock value. The more successful the company is, the more their stocks will be worth.

That makes employees work harder to ensure the company’s success. It’s a lot better than just paying employees more money to come to work and do just enough. They may come to work and try more to attract new customers and keep current customers happy. That’s an advantage other compensations methods can’t offer.

The man behind the stock options movement is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at his own firm which specializes in executive compensation, corporate governance, transformative corporate events, and specific situations. Jeremy Goldstein learned many of his tricks working as a partner at a similar law firm earlier in his career.

Now, Jeremy Goldstein spends all his time talking with clients about employee benefits. His clients trust his opinion more than their accountants’. Learn more:

Leonardo Dicaprio Partners Up with Livio Bisterzo

     There are times when a celebrity will believe in a product enough to make an endorsement or to become involved in a brand in some way. That has happened with Leonardo Dicaprio, and it has led him to partner up with Livio Bisterzo. Dicaprio has chosen to invest in a chickpea product that is new and different. He has put his money behind a brand that is putting out a unique product and something that is fitting with modern times. Dicaprio has chosen to be a part of something that is unusual for him to join with, and people are noticing the brand because of his decision to join up with it.

Livio Bisterzo is someone who lives in Los Angelos. He is an Italian individual who has a passion for business work. He moved to the United Kingdom when he was just eighteen, and he gained an education there. This man is someone who has a rich business portfolio. The things that he has done in his lifetime are big, and they should be noticed. He understands what it takes to pull a brand together, and he knows how to make a brand succeed. He is someone who has used the education that he has received, as well as his natural talent, to help him become great.

In 2015, Livio Bisterzo created a group. This group is something that backs brands and helps to get new products out to the public. This group is something that focuses on foods that are healthier than most. Green Park Holdings‘ first brand was Hippeas, a brand of chickpea snacks. This is the brand that Leonardo Dicaprio has come behind. This brand is something that is putting out products that are made to be a healthy snack. This is a brand that is trying to put out flavorful products, as well as products that are going to be good for the health conscious.

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The media industry has grown over the last years in Mexico City. The city offers a variety of media outlets ranging from print, radio, television and the internet. There is nowhere you can go in Mexico and lack media access whether it is modern media or traditional media.

The city boasts of several media companies among them Grupo Televisa SAB which is the leading media company in the Hispanic countries and also in Latin America. The company is also among the top 10 companies in Mexico listed as number five. The company provides entertainment programs internationally.

Other media companies headquartered in Mexico include Cinemex, Grupo CIE, Grupo Reforma, MVS Communicaciones and Evoga Entertainment. Televisa Deportes is also a sports media company in Mexico City. The increased political activities in the city have led to the establishment of many media companies each wanting to provide their audience with critical journalism, unlike the older media which was viewed as pro-government.

There are both free to air televisions and also pay television in the City. Azteca TV and Televisa dominate the free to air market while Sky Mexico dominates satellite television. Popular radios include Radio Centro, Radio Formula, and Radio Televisa. Some of the widely read papers are Reforma, El Universal, and Milenio. Some popular magazines are Proceso, Vertigo and Letras Libres.

The media giant Grupo Televisa has Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero as the Chief Financial Officer. It is thus inevitable to talk about media in Mexico and not mention Salvi Rafael as he is a popular figure in the industry. Viadero joined the group in 2002 and has been the company’s financial officer. He has also served in various capacities since then within the company. He once served as the Vice President of Financial Planning in the multimedia company.

Salvi Rafael Folch has a rich background in terms of service and leadership. He has an experience of many years which he acquired before joining Grupo Televisa. Salvi has also served in the banking industry as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Banking Supervision at the National Banking and Securities Commission.

The Romans in Hollywood

What comes to mind when you think of great Hollywood pictures set in ancient Rome? Do you like the modern take on ancient life or would you prefer the grandiose spectacle that the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s put on? Here are a few of our favorite movies that have entertained and enthralled us.
You can’t go wrong with the film Gladiator released in 2000. This Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix picture have everything you could want in a picture. Great action sequences coupled with a good story. This movie has to be near the top of your list when thinking about movies set in Rome.

The ancient war movie Ben-Hur with Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins movie released in 1959 was the quintessential Hollywood blockbuster. You had star power and a riveting storyline. Ben-Hur was ahead of its time in Hollywood insofar as it had the largest budget ($15.175 million) and was filmed on the largest movie set in its time. It took almost a full year to shoot. All of this investment garnered 11 academy awards and was the highest grossing picture for 1959.

When you think of movies set ancient Rome the name Spartacus immediately jumps to mind. This Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier movie released in 1960 is the measuring stick that all other movies set in ancient Rome are stacked up against. The story of a former slave/gladiator that not only frees himself but his fellow slaves is one that is masterfully told in this film. The film garnered four academy awards and lasting fame.

Livio Bisterzo Makes a Great Sneak with Hippeas

Livio Bisterzo is someone that a lot of people will soon get to know because he has some amazing snacks. The Hippeas organic chickpea snacks are becoming quite popular on the west coast, and Livio Bisterzo is getting his product into a plethora of different markets. Livio has proven that he has the ability to create delectable products that are also healthy. The organic products are on the rise and many people are learning about this healthy gluten-free snack.

The Hippeas are getting a lot of buzz because this is a snack that has no trans-fat and no artificial perspectives. That may be the thing that has made people gravitate towards these types of snacks. There is also a lot of variety that has been provided by Livio Bisterzo. He has gone further than just making this a generic product. Bisterzo has spiced things up by making flavors like white vegan cheddar, maple haze, pepper power and far out fajita.

This is why Hippeas has become one of the most successful health food brands on the market. The whole organic craze has become something that people are starting to look forward to. The chickpea plant even provides nitrogen back into the earth as it grows. This is what makes it a very interesting plant for a snack food. Livio Bisterzo has given people the chance to order these chickpea puffs online. This has made it easy for people to access these products even if they are not sold everywhere.

The lightweight snacks that are products by Livio Bisterzo has made people appreciate what Hippeas offers. This is a lightweight snack that has become much more common for people that are trying to get their hands on organic snacks that are different from what they can find in stores.

Livio is an Italian entrepreneur that has managed to create business opportunities for himself since 2003. He has started different businesses, but the Hippeas product link of chickpea puffs may be the most profitable of all the ventures that Bisterzo has had. He has proven that he has the ability to market snacks on a global basis with the distribution in the United States and the United Kingdom. In the making of this product Livio has partnered with Farm Africa in order to give back for farmers in eastern Africa. This has made Livio Bisterzo a successful entrepreneur.

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Quincy Hotel is working to make its clients smile

Forget the pretentious smiles and attention you have probably received in other hotels, you quickly feel the atmosphere of calm and hospitality upon interacting with the staff at The Quincy. It is a deeply rooted culture exhibited by every member of staff you interact with. They accord you the respect that you deserve and anticipate things you might need even before you ask. They receive guests in a super impressive way and do everything possible to make them feel at home.

You will not be paying for your breakfasts. Add this to the free light bites all day long. Their generosity is unmatched. If you need any clarification, say about the foods, the warm kitchen and wait staff are at your disposal. Besides being resourceful, they are incredibly patient with the guests. Get access to mini-bar, refreshments, sweets and cocktails, as well as dinner.

The rooms are super clean, modern, and the interior décor will make you want to remain there forever. It exudes a real combination of comfort and luxury. The tickets to the attraction sites are always available at discounted prices. Ask for maps and advice from the receptionists. The great location of The Quincy is impressive. It allows individuals to save money, time, as well as the effort needed to shop and access tourist attraction sites.

With all the good things about The Quincy, it has seen its shares of difficulties. The state of its security has been under threat on several occasions, even though the incidents were not fatal. On 12th November 2012, there was insecurity incident at The Quincy, where a pizza delivery man was robbed off all the money he had collected. By 7th May 2013, the police linked the robbery to the 21 years old Parysh Wood.

Then there was a shooting incident on 5th October 2015 at the New Brunswick Apartments. The police responded to the shooting, and one injured person was rushed to the hospital in a private van. In recent years the complex has been a hotspot for crime, and this incident was not any different. The police confirmed that investigations were actively underway and that they had leads. The identities of the victims and the suspects were withheld for obvious reasons.

Healthy, Shiny Hair is Just a Wash Away

Everyone has their own routine when it comes to hair care. Most people use shampoo, conditioner and some sort of styling product. It has become so normal to use a number of different hair products that many people do not even think about it anymore. That is, until Wen Hair by Chaz ( introduced something new. The line of cleansing conditioners offers everything hair needs all in one bottle. Wen by Chaz Dean has made it so everyone can get around the everyday hair care marathon.

Wen hair is looking to bring new innovation to the hair care market. The cleansing conditioner in particular is making it much easier to manage routines that were once incredibly tedious. By putting a number of products into one bottle, the cleansing conditioner saves both time and money.

In a recent article from an author went into detail about her experiences with the cleansing conditioner. Her hair that is normally thin and flat got quite the volume boost after the first wash. She added pictures to go along with her descriptions for a better grasp of her experience. It is definitely easy to see the difference. Though she liked the effect the product gave her, it did not last as long as she had initially hoped. After the seven day trial period she determined that WEN hair was an excellent product to add extra volume and shine, but always make sure to wash everyday to keep strands from getting limp and oily.
Wen by Chaz is an amazing Ebay available product that will give new life to overworked tresses everywhere. The added shine and bounce will make anyone proud to show off their hair. Trying the product first hand is the best way to find out how it works. With all the information available, taking it out for a test run seems to be the way to go with Wen by Chaz.