The outstanding services of Dr. Imran Haque

Imran Haque refers to a medical doctor working in the United States’ North Carolina. He is prominent for his specialization in internal medicine. Worth acknowledgment is the fact that he is very caring and this has made him gained a lot of respect in the field as a medical practitioner.

He has substantial experience over a duration exceeding fifteen years. At the moment, Imran attends to patients with various illnesses that need his expertise. The experience he has is what has made a lot of North Carolina residents to seek his medical assistance. Due to his devoted service and experience, he started his office of internal medicine as a way of ensuring that patients find it easy to reach him. The doctor’s office in North Carolina is in Asheboro or Ramseur. Dr. Imran Haque treats illnesses and the complications alongside internal medicine at Horizon Internal Medicine. The facility is also situated in North Carolina’s Asheboro.

Dr. Haque’s medical career started upon his attainment of his Universidad Iberoamericana’s (UNIBE) medical degree. Remarkably he was able to emerge with honors. Dr. Imran Haque progressed to Roanoke-Salem Program of Internal Medicine at the University of Virginia. At this course of the stay, he focused on internal medicine. It is upon his successful completion of training that he acquired a license that permitted his medical practice in North Carolina. Additionally, Dr. Imran Haque is currently enrolled alongside the Maintenance of the Certification Program.

Being an expert in internal medicine, Dr. Imran Haque is an exclusively trained alongside the diagnosis and prescription of treatment related to illnesses such as Pneumonia, Epilepsy, Diabetes, and Glaucoma. A variety of services touching on the internal medicine together with cosmetic treatment and wellness are on offer at the Horizon Internal Medicine.

Other services that Dr. Imran Haque offers include 360 Resurfacing, weight management, physical examinations, Laser Hair Removal and is a Diabetes specialist. The doctor is a professional in connection to these and is trusted in their understanding.

Looking for his expertise in medical caring, it is evident in all the patients that he never runs out of positive stories. He understands the significance of human interactions and owns a professional relation to each client.

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A Brief Rundown Of Eric Lefkossky, His Life, And Accomplishments

It’s not necessary to research cancer fatality rates to see just how deadly the disease is. Although cancer can affect, quite literally, any part of the human body, physicians haven’t figured out an effective cure for any manifestation of the deadly disease.

Today, we receive vaccinations to prevent and medications to treat ailments like pneumonia, the flu, infections of the stomach and colon, diphtheria, and polio, among many others. It’s hard to believe, but the aforementioned list of illnesses were some of the deadliest diseases of their time, just one hundred years ago. Heart disease still makes up a large proportion of deaths in today’s world, although cancer has taken over as the second deadliest disease in our modern society.

A study of nearly 750,000 people diagnosed with cancer found that 25% and 11% of older – those over 65 years of age – and younger people, respectively, had cancer in the past. Depending on what particular cancers they had, recurrence rate was between 35% and 5%.

Fortunately for society at large, companies like Tempus have begun facilitating the effective treatment of cancer. Tempus, co-founded by Mr. Eric Lufkofsky, an entrepreneurial pioneer in creating a digital library of information related directly to factors we know cause cancer, including facilitating the finding of links between cancer and currently unknown variables.

Eric Lefkofsky cares about caring for cancer patients and their families more than anything, even though Tempus is a leader in the business side of setting a sturdy backdrop for helping physicians treat cancer more effectively than ever before.

As time passes, during which Mr. Eric Lefkfosky will continually put more work into Tempus, helping buildĀ  company to epic proportions. However, because Eric has been so successful in his business endeavors throughout his lifetime, the only thing – the one and only thing, without a second thought – that Mr. Eric Lefkofsky is concerned about is helping disadvantaged persons get over their cancer and rebounding back to their normal lives. One day, Eric Lefkofsky hopes to become a pioneer in helping doctors find such links between various factors and cancer, something that’s realistically possible, as the library he has contributed towards at Tempus is a first of its kind, especially for the scale it’s being expanded at.

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