Becoming a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard

May people now have the opportunity to make money without stepping off their homes. Writing, translating and test scoring are just some of the work that one can be done from home. Not many people know that they can sell wines from home and make a substantial amount of money. Traveling Vineyard was created in 2001 has made this possible. Thousands of people have had the opportunity to work from home as wine guides. To become a home based wine guide, one only needs to attend the plenty of training offered by the company until such a time that the guide feels sufficiently equipped to stand on their own. The company wants the wine guides always to remember that they are not alone in their work.

Statistics have it that the average American resident drinks about 2.9 gallons of wine each year. The rate is expected to continue rising, considering that the Americans appreciate their wine. With this statistics, it becomes apparent that once you become a wine guide, the possibilities of getting customers are high. The other thing that makes Traveling Vineyard suitable to work with is the fact that there is no maximum or minimum quotas. Therefore, one can work as much or as little as they please.

To become a wine guide, one only needs to buy a Traveling Vineyard Success kit which is made up of bottles of wines enough for the first two events, tasting glasses and a personal estate website that specially created for you and is free for the first three months. One receives a commission on each bottle that he/she sells. If you refer a person and they end up becoming wine guides, you earn reference bonuses. By purchasing your wine as an individual, one gets a 20 percent off the wine. Source of Traveling Vineyard’s Social Media: click here.

Traveling Vineyard is located in Massachusetts. It does not set a preference on the ideal time to do your business. It is the wine guide who chooses their most preferred time to carry out their activities. It is important to ensure that you are easy to reach by those who want to purchase wines. Wine tasting provides the opportunity for you to make new friends.