Pop’s Newest Show Shines The Light On Old Soap Favorites

Soft-scripted reality shows have been gracing the public for nearly a decade, with real people living dramatic and over characterized situations this niche has raked in hundreds of thousands of viewers on multiple networks. Last year the POP Network took a stab at this phenomenon by casting six prime time soap opera stars from the past and threw them together with a common goal in mind. Queens of Drama centers around these ladies who have come together to write, cast, and produce a hit soap opera with the end goal of getting the pilot picked up at the end of the first season. While the plot is real and the drama is set off by the choices of these six women they’re still actresses. Each one plays a fictionalized version of themselves to stir the pot and create a dramatic flair, after all the point of their show is to get back in front of the camera.

In the first season the girls are introduced to audience and they begin delving into creating a plot and creating a hit story line. However Crystal Hunt and Lindsay Hartley soon become involved in a catty back-and-forth squabble though the two are former co-stars. Initially Vanessa Marcil declares herself queen of the pack which irritates the other girls, especially when Marcil brings in Donna Mills who then pulls Hunter Tylo in without consulting the rest of the group. In order to take Mills off her throne Hunt calls in an old friend and major name in the industry, Joan Collins.

Hunt is no stranger to playing the ‘catty diva role’, but her most recognized role was playing Lizzie Spaulding in The Guiding Light from 2003-2006. Her Instagram shows Hunt was nominated for Daytime Emmy Award because of her role as Lizzie, the troubled teenager daughter of two main characters in the series. Hunt then went on to play Stacy Morasco, a dramatic and jealous sister of Gigi Morasco in ABC’s hit drama series One Life To Live. The character of Stacy left a lasting impression on the main characters even after her untimely death.

During her break from soap operas Hunt starred in the feature film Sydney White alongside Amanda Bynes and The Derby Stallion. Earlier last year Crystal starred in Magic Mike XXL and then produced her own movie Talbot County.  Be sure to check out YouTube for highlights from Crystal’s acting career.