Michael Lacey: Math Prodigy

Before Michael Lacey became famous for being a mathematician, he was just a student who liked math and who was able to do very complicated problems. Starting in grade school, Michael Lacey consistently impressed the people who were supposed to be teaching them and he was actually able to teach them some of the things that they would be able to do with math.

He knew a lot about math and it came naturally to him. While teachers helped to encourage him to do different math problems, he knew more than what most of them were able to teach before he was even to the grade levels that they taught.

This was something that made Michael Lacey know that he was good at math and something that set him far apart from the other students who did not know a lot about math. Read more: Mike Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Facebook

This trend continued into high school and even college. Michael Lacey always knew more than his math teachers. They often encouraged him to pursue his passion for math and to take advantage of the fact that things came very easily for him.

He wanted to be able to help people and wanted to make sure that he was going to be able to do different things with the math experience that he had.

Michael Lacey knew a lot about math and continued to help his teachers learn the different math properties that they would be able to take advantage of no matter what they had going on or what they were doing in their own classes.

While Michael Lacey continued to help people and show them that things were going to be different, he realized that his true passion came in teaching. He knew a lot about math and he wanted to be able to help. He combined both of these things by becoming a math professor.

After becoming a fellow of math, he set out to work in a technological institute. He landed the opportunity in Georgia in the late 1990’s and has continued working there and providing students with valuable information about math since that time.

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