Trabuco – History Of The Ancient War Machine

Before there was any gun of any kind, when it came to using a weapon with having the most impact on the enemy, you have to mention the invention of the Trabuco. Around 400 BC, in the times of war there was no reloading of gunpowder or missile launchers. This powerful war machine made it easy for soldiers to gain access to their enemies territory by tearing down entire walls that stood between them being a tool for mass destruction. First experienced in China, the Trabuco later transitioned to Europe, Germany, Italy and England to be used in several wars to have the upper-hand on whomever they were fighting against.


The main reason the Trabuco was so deadly in war as a siege weapon, is that this war machine could throw over 300 pounds and over 2,500 feet. The Trabuco started out first as a traction but improved to a balanced weapon, making striking the enemy much more accurate and became one of the most feared weapons firing projectiles terrifying the opponent in battle for over 700 years. At first, it took over 250 people to operate this war machine manually until the Arabs updated the design to become balanced and capable now to throw even more than a ton by the 13th century according to

The Trabuco experienced many changes over the course of its existence, going from the inspirations of a sling, a hand-held catapult, to a terrifying balanced war machine. It was an Arab merchant who came to the conclusion that adding more weight to the lever of the Trabuco would extend the distance of travel to its destination. According to, the historic weapon is mostly known for the use of propelling stones at the enemy, but actually this war machine became so popular, it was one of the first weapons used for chemical warfare. During the Middle Ages, the Trabuco was loaded with diseased animals and dead humans thrown at the enemy while under siege, which in-turn spread diseases to ultimately win the war. There is no doubt the Trabuco is going to be at the top of the list in history when it comes to the most deadly war machines of all time.

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