Roberto Santiago – Owner of one of the Biggest Malls

The Manaira Shopping Centre is an example of a dream comes true for its founder Mr. Roberto Santiago. He started up the project of the Manaira Shopping center when he was in his 60s after decades of pursuing a business career and the resources to set the huge project into motion.


Called after its area, The Manaira Shopping Center was built in the neighborhood Manaira which is located in the city of Joao Pessoa in Brazil. This shopping center is the largest one in the country and among the vastest ones in the world. There are many sides of The Manaira Shopping Centre that make it so attractive for the locals as well as for the tourists. Some tourists visit the city especially to spend a day or two at The Manaira Shopping Centre. Although it is a mall, The Manaira Shopping Centre has a focus predominantly on entertainment. That involved movie theaters, performances, eating places, game stations, gyms, pools, and indoor parks and sitting areas as well.


The Manaira Shopping Centre took three years to build. It had to be enlarged on more than a handful of occasions because of the immense popularity that it gained. At first, The Manaira Shopping Centre started out with about 94 stores but over the years the amount skyrocketed. The number of the stores more than tripled, and up to date, there are 260 stores in total. That is a testimonial to the streamlined development of the establishment. All in all, The Manaira Shopping Centre had to undergo an expansion every three or four years.


There are many aspects of The Manaira Shopping Centre that make the mall unique and contribute to its success today. The Manaira Shopping Centre is known for its movie theaters which there are eleven of and some are specifically made for 3D viewing. The VIP zones are frequently reserved. There are also bars for cocktails at the cinemas and gourmet popcorn selection. Next, the Game Station also deserves to be mentioned. With its 1 800 square meters, the Game Station of The Manaira Shopping Centre has a lot to offer. From old games to new releases, the Game Station is always full, and the selection is often updated.


If you would like to sit down and relax and have a meal, the Food Court is a good place to stop by. It is rather vast, and it was enlarged some years ago due to the growing demand. It serves cuisines from all over the globe. For a premium stake, the Gourmet Place is even better. It offers an elegant dining area with a menu that includes steaks and fine wine and champagne. The area is often the home to a birthday celebration.


  1. Roberto Santiago had put his life into completing the project of The Manaira Shopping Centre. The goal he had in mind was to create a place for families and friends to visit and have fun. He wanted the place to focus on entertainment rather than shopping although there are over a hundred retail stores.