How to Save Your Digital Reputation

On October 18, 2016 Alexander Nguyen (Patch Staff) wrote an article reporting a new California Company, Status Labs, would open an office in Culver City by the end of October 2016. Status Labs is a company which specializes in reputation management.


It is well known that a reputation often means the difference between being a success or a failure. Status Labs is a company which uses a number of procedures to assist companies and individuals in maintaining, or restoring, their digital reputations.


Status Labs uses techniques designed to create an image that will achieve a higher rating on the Google Search results or with the social media. This may include such things as press releases, showcasing the best of a product or person, media hits in the news and so forth. There is no charge for an initial consultation.


Their Business Development Director is Spencer Blye, who is well known in the Digital Reputation Management field. His vast experience in digital strategy is well known and he previously worked with companies such as Verizon, Sonos and Unilever.


Darius Fisher is owner and co-founder of Status Labs and is considered its Digital Crisis Expert. He has firms in Sao Paulo, New York and Austin. This company works with athletes, politicians, CEOs, public figures and Fortune 500 brands, with over 1,500 clients in 35 countries.


Status Labs specializes in providing an opportunity for clients to negate things, such as bad press or attacks, that have ruined their reputations. Graduating from Vanderbilt University, Mr. Fisher has developed a company which provides an outstanding and needed service in many areas.


Services offered by Status Labs include:


  • Digital Financial Communications


  • Public Relations Strategy


  • Online Reputation Management


  • Digital Crisis Response


  • Social Media Marketing


  • Search Engine Optimization


Mr. Fisher has used his vast experience to develop an expert team as well as an experienced Advisory Board. Each member of the firm is devoted to customer satisfaction and providing the best service possible to restore their client’s reputation.