Understanding Contactless Payment by PSI-Pay

PSI-Pay is a firm that provides a contactless payment system that includes the use of debt, credit and the smartcards in the payment of payments under 20$. The NFC-near field communication technology used ensures that all the payments made are secure. Also, the transactions that are made using the technology are limited for the sake of protecting the clients against unauthorised payments. The contactless technology does not need a PIN or any signature from the customer. Some companies have started using the contactless payment but PSI-Pay is the market leader. The firm is among the Fintech companies that are regulated Financial Conduct Authority of Britain. The company lately united with Kerv to offer better services to customers.


PSI-Pay has professional staffs that have a lot of experience in alternative banking and have been offering their services since the year 2007 to the local and global businesses. The bases of this company’s operation are its clarity, transparency and efficiency poly that has dramatically influenced its success. After the company was licensed in 2011 by FCA, it is now able to provide to the whole European Union with electronic money. The firm also gives prepaid accounts that are viable in more than 170 countries.


The firm has been a principal member of MasterCard since 2009, and this enables it to offer the contactless PayPass programs, prepaid cards and virtual cards to both individuals and organisations all around the world. PSI-Pay has made payments in the retail setting much more comfortable with the contactless payment system as customers no longer need to do credit card checking, and count of cash. According to Kev founder Phil Campbell, the PSI-PAY-Kerv product is uniquely efficient in payment and sharing of data. There is a lot of hope in the contactless payment, and PSI-pay believes that it is the future when it comes to payment options.