NewsWatch TV Draws Praise From Avanca

NewsWatch TV has been at the heart of a host of TV ads for different firms. It has successfully produced tremendous results that have enabled them to maintain close ties with numerous organizations. They recently partnered with Avanca to run one of their crowdfunding campaigns. NewsWatch TV used their online channels and television shows to broadcast the promotional segment they had created.

Avanca was glad that they chose NewsWatch as they raised far much more than what they had hoped to get. The ad was able to get to close to 100 million families hence the tremendous success. Speaking on this partnership, Nathalie van Wijkvliet the firm’s MD insisted that working with NewsWatch TV was always a pleasure. She said that they received adequate support from the great team at the broadcaster.

The interviewers were spot on with their questions making the ad captivating and worthwhile. The media of NewsWatch was highly influential in the success of the crowdfunding project for their Windows 10 pocket PC. She also stated that they were looking forward to working with the television show as they made plans to launch the Ockel series 8 devices. The device which has the benefits of a mobile device is a complete desktop Windows 10 PC.

NewsWatch TV is hosted by both the ION and AMC networks. It runs for half an hour and is broadcast on a weekly basis. It has been up and running for close to three decades as its first show was aired back in 1989. Public awareness campaigns, product releases, travel & tourism as well as medical breakthroughs are all aired in the show that is not restricted to a few fields.

Diane Lane, Carrie Underwood, Julian Moore and Carl Lewis, the Olympian, are some of the notable celebrities that have graced the show. Apart from Avanca, they have run ads for numerous other market leaders. Toyota, LG, Discovery Channel as well as the American Health Association have partnered with them time and again.