Yeonmi Park’s Book Shows Slavery In Asia Very Real

Shivering in the freezing cold, a young teenage girl and her mother had just trekked across a frozen river in the dead of night, crossing a forbidden boundary into China. Yeonmi ParkĀ  said on the Reason TV interview she was grateful to be alive and thankful that the Chinese border guards did not shoot her mother and her on sight, as would have happened had their native North Korean border guards caught them slipping away. She knew beyond doubt that nothing remained for them in her home country. Her father had died in prison, slammed there to work himself to death for daring to sell metal to the Chinese simply in order to get enough food for his small family. The two women had been secretly warned that the brutal regime of the Kim Jong Il government was coming for them next.

When the corrupt Chinese guards sold them into slavery to unscrupulous men who could obtain a wife in no other way, Yeonmi was heartbroken, but the will to survive overcame fear. From her dismal view, at least she and her mother were still alive, albeit slaves. Yeonmi Park and her mother were both abused and raped as they were expected to perform all the daily chores of wives, as well. So begins Yeonmi Park’s new book on Amazon: In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. In the book she gives a detailed account not only her dangerous brainwashed bare survival existence in North Korean society, but also her experience of sex trafficking in China.

While she is still only in her early 20s, Ms. Yeonmi Park still suffers at times in her mind because of the constant unrelenting mind control practiced by the evil North Korean government. Her parents taught her never to speak ill of the Ils, or a small bird might hear her and directly notify the “Great Leader” and they would all be killed! When her mother finally helped them both escape China to the West, Yeonmi was stunned, astonished, and amazed to find all the stories she had been force-fed all her life about the West were complete lies. She has now dedicated her life to activism against government oppression and especially to stop human trafficking in Asia.