The Chainsmokers Set New Tone With “Sick Boy”

After a nine-month hiatus New York-based EDM duo the Chainsmokers has released their first single of 2018. The DJ combo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have been enjoying mainstream success since 2015, and although they are still fairly new they have garnered quite a following. Although they could keep pumping out their unique blend of EDM with a dash of Top 40 pop, the duo has opted to take another course. Their new single, “Sick Boy” is the first leg of that journey.

The Chainsmokers have never been your typical EDM group. For one thing since the release of “Closer” Andrew Taggart has been providing lead vocals. This is slightly unheard of in EDM circles as most DJ’s hire actual vocalists to provide vocals. Pall and Taggart also have a hand in writing their music. According to Taggart the group did not want to fall into the remix pit, where every album is an eclectic collection of dance beats. The Chainsmokers wanted to have songs that connected, that told a story over the breadth of a wide body of work. So far their songs have mirrored their generation, focus on topics that everyone within that generation can relate to. “Sick Boy” is glimpse at a society that is not so rose colored. “Sick Boy” delves a little deeper into the darkside.

“Sick Boy” is the first part of a chapter for Pall and Taggart. The song give an unflattering look at social media, and the responsibility it bears for their generation’s loss of identity. It is also a blazing look at the effects of 24-hour fame, as it focuses on the pressure overexposure on a social platform effects a person. According to Pall the song mirrors the current tone of society, and the next few songs will follow suit. The Chainsmokers want to establish themselves as artists, and they know what they want to say. Time will tell if the world around them wants to listen. One this is for sure, their current fan base is already behind them.

Desiree Perez Drive Roc Nation

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