Dick Devos and His Philanthropic Philosophy

Dick DeVos philanthropic philosophy is perfectly in line with his business philosophy. He is, as you might put it, a whole person. Everything in his life, whether it be in the business arena or in his charitable endeavors is about choice. Freedom of action plays a huge role in both the philosophy of Amway and in his political life. Merit plays a large role as well.

Amway is not a traditional company. It is a company that requires alot of self-motivation and self-direction. School choice is a philosophy that is much in the same vein. Amway is not the most traditional way to make a living and the DeVoses do not expect you to necessarily trust in the public educational system to properly educate your children.Private schools have a much better track record of educating students, generally speaking, than public schools do. Small businesses, once successful, generally generate infinitely more profit and satisfaction for the owner than any other form of employment. The voucher system Dick DeVos put together makes alot of sense. Why should you pay tax money to send your children to a public school that has a resounding track record of failure? Competition brings out the best in the school system in much the same way the market can bring out the best in an individual. Everything in Dick DeVos‘ philanthropic philosophy, from merit-based admissions to (ultimately) merit-based schools, bring out the best in humanity through competition.

Dick DeVos’ family also puts their money where their mouths are.  They espouse, write about, and practice christian values. Safe Haven ministries is a recipient of their charity that protects women and children. The Gerald R. Ford foundation, in promoting community values, works to create strong communities where societal trust and pride of place actually exist.

While Dicks’ father was the president of Amway, he also believed his son should earn his place and Devos has turned Amway into an international superstar. He has rapidly expanded the company and it thrives under his leadership. Everything about the man, and his philosophy, is earned. He also, obviously believes in humanity, and believes that if given the option, human beings generally make the right choice in regard to education and business.

How To Keep Up With Fashion

Fashion is mostly about renovating. New trends keep evolving, and sometimes, many people are left wondering whether they will be able to keep with the latest trend and appropriately. If you love fashion, it you will not want to be spotted wearing old clothes from the 90s. If you are among these group of people, you need to have some tips to help you choose the best clothes that will be in style all the time. Here are some of them.

Read, watch, familiarize.
Knowledge is power. It is very important to have the knowledge about the latest and trending outfits in the fashion industry. This way, you will be able to identify the best when you spot them. Looking at the shopping malls for clothes helps a lot, but you will get better and reliable information by reading fashion magazines, watching television and visiting blogs. You can also try visiting fashion shows and even galleries that show the latest fashion the industry has to offer.

Go by the “Mix and match” rule of thumb
Many fashionistas like being creative and not fashion slaves. If there is a trending great designer top that has just come in fashion, get it and try to match it with your simple pair of jeans. The accessories you wear should also highlight your getup. It is also important to ensure that you are not overdressed or underdress. It is also very crucial to ensure that you dress your age too.

Get clothing that has gone out of style. Never throw them away.
Have you ever heard the phrase that says that style evolves? Some of the clothes that were in fashion a long time ago are now trending. Sometimes, you might decide to clear your closet and create room for new clothes; however, it is important to ensure that you keep some for the future.

Get inspiration from the pros.
Certain individuals are very good at what they do. You can identify them by how they carry themselves with sophistication and glamor. It is important to be unique when dressing, but these people can help you a lot to get knowledge about fashion. Check out what celebrities and models are wearing, and identify what will look good in you. You should also ensure that the clothes you wear should make you feel confident enough. Get more fashion information here.

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