Brian Torchin Excels in Medical Recruiting Business

Brian Torchin’s career has entailed staffing and managing medical offices. He has worked in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida. This experience led him to found HCRC Staffing firm. This firm works in recruiting and seeing that medical clients are well handled and treated.

They work full-time to offer consultations and staffing services in the health care industry. They market employment opportunities in the healthcare and firms partnering in the healthcare industry.

Torchin has played a significant role in Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. He has been praised for his ability to offer solutions to his clients and giving the best job candidates to the requesting organizations. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

HRC Staffing has over 200 clients in U.S, Canada, Asia, Europe and Australia. In these regions, Brian and his firm collaborate with private practices, hospitals, and urgent healthcare centers.

Brian tries to be knowledgeable on the compensation trends in the healthcare system so that he knows what attracts clients in the sector and what compensations are offered. HRC’s Staffing database has physicians who work tireless day and night, and over the weekends to communicate with clients and physicians.

The physicians at HRC Staffing work to find quailed candidates for the new client openings. Clients are given the right job search criteria. They assess the market demand, schedule interviews, reference and negotiate contracts on behalf of their clients.

Brian Torchin and his firm started staffing with doctors of Chiropractic, physicians, physician assistants, and therapists. In addition, the firm covers dentist opportunities, podiatrist opportunities, and nurse practitioners.

HRC Staffing can modify healthcare solutions to meet specific needs. They provide individualized career consultation. The firm is known to respect and trust their clients and give them the best.

Offering efficient and fast solutions and being there for his clients has always been Brian’s goal. He is a team player who has excelled due to his expertise in consultation in the healthcare sector. Brian is a blogger who publishes articles for HRC Staffing Blog. He writes in areas such as online marketing, hiring medical staff, interview questions to expect, and tips to hiring the best candidate.