Neurocore: Improving access to care with Novel Therapy

Neurocore is an innovative solution to treating anxiety, depression as well as ADHD. Neurocore builds on a strong foundation of improving health as well as overall well being. Advances in neurofeedback, as well as cognitive treatment, has enabled Neurocore to provide some of the most effective outcomes in the field.

EEG technology has made a big impact on the improvements seen in neurofeedback. Electrodes are easily used to measure brain activity in a passive way. The natural impulses that take place in one’s brain can be analyzed with the technology. Not only is this helpful when diagnosing epilepsy or other conditions, but it also makes innovation possible in treating chronic diseases. Mental conditions, tension, as well as ongoing cognitive conditions, are implicit for many patients. EEG technology makes it easier for patients suffering from a vast array of diseases to get effective treatment.

Neurocore has continually used brain mapping technology and similar concepts to create positive experiences for patients. The procedures are customized according to the unique needs of each patient. By normalizing brain activity it is possible for patients with hyperactivity or DHD to improve their quality of life. Similarly, other conditions can be alleviated through natural and non-prescription therapies. Some of the systems that are in place include repetition, reinforcement and pattern changes. These techniques are combined by Neurocore to customize the patient’s treatment cycle.

The important changes that many need are easily available with Neurocore. They help create a healthy atmosphere for change and propagate some of the most unique techniques in mental treatment. Depression is one of the most traumatic conditions that patients may experience. It can completely transform the way that a person interacts, their daily functions, as well as the ability to cope with stress, are common. Because of the profound effect that depression has on a person, it is important for people with depression to seek out adequate treatment immediately. Depression has successfully been treated for more than a decade using neurotherapy and feedback processes. Since so many patients have benefitted from this revolutionary strategy, Neurocore has grown and adapted to offer the best paradigms of care to patients.

Sussex Healthcare And Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Sussex Healthcare is an organization which is famous in the industry for healthcare delivery services within the United Kingdom. It is a company that is independently owned and has 20 locations under its care for residents who are in need of long-term care. Sussex Healthcare has specialists on site who offer several services that cater to the specific needs of each person.

Moreover, the organization has custom healthcare plans which add value to its daily life quality for every resident. The company also has support services that are developed to attend to the mental, emotional, and physical needs of each patient. This is a program that meets several needs as well as optimizing the wellness and the health of each client. Many of the homes under the Sussex management have service providers that are on-call 24 hours a day. The service providers have the necessary training to care for the older adults who are in need of specialized services.

Sussex Healthcare just hired Amanda Morgan-Taylor into its management as its chief executive officer. This is a clear indication of how the organization is devoted to improving all its operations. Amanda comes to the company well equipped with experience as well as background knowledge to her new role in the company. Previously, Amanda has been working as a manager of healthcare firms that are undergoing transition periods and those that are in need of specialized knowledge that only an experienced manager has. Amanda began her career in 1984 as a service manager. She then went ahead to expand her knowledge into areas that require the skills of a managing director as well as a developed director.

Sussex Healthcare provides various support services to the disabled as well as the elderly. Many of its clients are not able to stay at their homes and in most cases are in need of specialized support services. The caregivers at the Sussex Healthcare have the required training as well as equipped with current techniques when it comes to caring for the elderly and the disabled’s unique needs. In addition to this, the company offers support services which are necessary for maintaining the mental health of an individual.

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Tech Expert William Saito Gives His Outlook On The Future Of Russian Technology

Cybersecurity expert William Saito knew at an early age that he was interested in technology.


Modern technology has created a shift in modern family life. Saito notes that global corporations are targeting the average home. Brands such as Apple, GE, Toshiba, Samsung, and Hitachi are being honored for their technological ingenuity. However, Saito is keeping a close eye on Russia.


Russia is known for Kaspersky, the popular security software brand. After The United States Department of Homeland Security criticized Kaspersky, their sales decreased among American users. However, Saito points out that Russia has often been at the forefront of technological advancements.


Russia helped create science, invent the radio, and complete the periodic table. William Saito notes that he worked with then Russian president Dmitry Medvedev to figure out a way to help other nations catch up to Russia when it comes to technological innovation.


William Saito talks about some of those discussions in his memoir: An Unprogrammed Life; Adventures Of An Incurable Entrepreneur. Saito met with the CEOs of Apple, Twitter, and Google to talk about the future of Russian Technology. Saito says that Russia is aware that most of their economy is dependent on the energy sector. Russia is aware that they need to be more attractive to investors, however, they are unsure of where to install the investments. Saito became an asset to Russia because of his knowledge of global tech innovation. Saito wanted to help Russia understand their importance to the global tech revolution.


Saito discussed some of the key successes of Silicon Valley. Russia wanted to expand its reach and find ways to help startups and contribute to building new architecture. Renovo asked Saito to come to Russia so that the discussions could continue. The dialogue helped create Slovolko.


William Saito says that the future of Russian technology depends on creative thinking. It’s important to identify problems and offer solutions. Goldman Sachs agrees with Saito, as they are confident that Russia will become one of the World’s leaders in technology within the next few years. Goldman Sachs believes that Russia’s technology brands will rise to the level of their American and Asian peers.

InnovaCare Health’s Success

The birth of InnovaCare Health by its CEO Rick Shinto in 2012 is one such innovation. InnovaCare Health was designed to revolutionize medical care businesses into efficient, population-focused designs that are able to meet the healthcare demands of the industry. It is, therefore, able to contribute to quality health care by providing Medicare advantage plans and physician practice services for all manners of population needs, regardless of their complexity.




The organization also participates in relief programs to better lives of affected people such as in the 2017 Hurricane Maria incident where it helped greatly to reestablish health care services. This was made possible by its Puerto Rican based subsidiary MMM Healthcare, Inc.




Rick Shinto started off at North American Medical Management (NAMM) in 1998 to assist in the improvement of the quality of health care provided by the organization. His time as a practicing physician has helped him identify the need for operational know-how amongst the payers and physician groups. His 2003 partnership with The Straus Group further enabled the expansion of his expertise in Puerto Rico and the United States. It was only after selling select NAMM properties in 2012 that InnovaCare was founded. His efforts have definitely not gone unnoticed after he was recently honored as one of the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare.


InnovaCare Health’s Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides gathered immense administrative knowledge prior to rejoining its leadership once more in June 2015. She has served as vice president of clinical operations and as a chief operating officer of Aveta Inc. She was also an Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer-Centerlight HealthCare, Chief Operating Officer-Touchstone Heath and Corporate Vice President for care and disease management at Americhoice. Her contribution to InnovaCare Health’s success is thereby unmatched given that she is experienced in the development of clinical programs and efficiency improvement of health care provision structures and organizations already in place. Check out


In a bid to revolutionize payment methods, InnovaCare, Inc., partnered with the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) which aimed to reform the payment models in the U.S. from quantity to quality based. The company committed to taking part in the LAN Nationwide Data Collection Effort aiming to transform fifty percent of the U.S. healthcare payments into alternative payment methods by the year 2018. This was in-line with the organization’s primary goal to improve healthcare quality. You can visit their Facebook page.

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