Planning A Stress-Free Party Like A Pro

Planning a party, whether it’s for a corporate event or an intimate dinner with colleagues, can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re short on time. There’s the guest list to create, the decorations to plan, and the menu to prepare. Camille Styles, a professional party planner, recently shared her tips for how to plan a party like a pro with HGTV.


Firstly, she recommends staying organized by beginning to prepare in advance. This can seem like a stretch if your schedule is already filled to the brim, but Styles suggests beginning to plan things like the date and time, and the budget for the event, at least one month in advance. She suggests maintaining a to-do list as you continue to plan the event, updating it as guests reply with different needs and your ideas for the venue or decorations change.


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Styles also recommends creating a theme for your event, which can help simplify choosing decorations and a menu. She also suggests considering sending out physical invitations to build anticipation for the event and make it more formal and exciting. As for the menu, Styles advises to keep the appetizers simple – or even make a menu out of appetizers – so guests don’t get worried about crumbs or large, ungainly bites of food. She also says to think about offering a self-serve bar to keep the drinks service simple.