Class Dojo Creates Cultures of Positivity in Schools.

Class Dojo is a platform released in 2011 as a way for non English speaking parents to keep up regular contact with their children’s teachers. Class Dojo wants to help build a bridge between teachers and parents that do not speak English. This tool helps support, develop and connect students with their skills, their teachers, and their parents.

This sharing platform allows parents to have access to their children’s reports, and also allows teachers to monitor student behavior. Teachers can upload photos and videos for parents to view as well.

Class Dojo claims to build a community and culture of positivity in classrooms and schools, while also building connections between teachers, school leaders, students, and families. It is currently in use in 90% of American school districts. Not only does it help build that connection though, it also a way for teachers to interact with their students with ease. Once a class is built, students can see their individual progress in the class, and teachers are able to reward their students in real time for tasks they perform.

The creators of Class Dojo had one thing on the back of their mind when they created this app. The fact that these relationships between teachers, students, and parents require trust. With that in mind Class Dojo has made their privacy policies very easy to find and read. They are as transparent as they can be with their users. Class Dojo promises to never sell or rent any user’s information, and they will not use the information for advertisement or marketing. All unnecessary information is deleted after 12 months, included student feedback points.

Class Dojo specifically makes sure to mention that they are in line with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act and the Family Education Rights and Privacy act. The app is also TRUSTe certified and has been granted the iKeepSafe COPPA Safe Harbor seal. They also do not collect sensitive information about students like addresses and gender.

Clearly Class Dojo is doing everything they can to keep their users safe and empower them to build communities of trust and positivity.