Whitney Wolfe, Great Entrepeneur!

Whitney Wolfe is a success American entrepreneur. Whitney is the CEO and founder of the social site Bumble. Bumble has over 20 million members on the site. The site is unique because Bumble allows women to take the initiative interacting.

Bumble has been growing significantly since opening. With all the growth that has been taking place; many other entrepreneurs have been trying to purchase Bumble. However, Wolfe takes pride in her business and doesn’t plan on selling it anytime soon. Wolfe even turned down an offer of 450 million for Bumble. She doesn’t want to sell her business because she has put too much time and energy into creating it.

It is important to note that there are two different types of Bumbles. The first type is Bumble BFF. Bumble BFF focuses on friendships between women. Bumble BFF is for women in the world who aren’t looking for a relationship. There aren’t many sites out that are used strictly for friendships. Bumble BFF gives women the change to connect with women who are looking to be social. Bumble BFF has been tried by over 3 million women nationwide.

Bumble Buzz is another form of Bumble. Bumble Buzz is used for business professionals. Bumble Buzz is another form of LinkedIn. Bumble Buzz gives professionals a chance to network with each other for business reasons only.

Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah,. She attend school at Southern Methodist University. She majored in international studies. While in college Wolfe created her own life for tote bags. Her tote line was a huge success. One of the reasons Wolfe’s tote bag line was very popular is because all of the earnings were donated to the areas of those who were affected by the BP oil spill. Many famous celebrities were even photographed while wearing some of Wolfe’s tote bags.

As of today, Wolfe recently got married in Positano, Italy. The wedding was extremely beautiful. The wedding photos were captured by Vogue Magazine. vogue did an amazing job capturing some of the most beautiful photos of Wolfe and her husband. Wolfe is at a peak in her life. Both her career and personal life is going extremely well.

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