No Lather, No Problem When Washing With Famous WEN By Chaz

Does your hair shine enough?

Many of us would say, not really, but we still don’t know how to get glossy strands. Famous L.A. stylist Chaz Dean has a theory, and it has to do with your current shampoo routine. He claims that most shampoos and conditioners are secretly packed with harsh chemicals, and these ingredients not only weaken the hair but rob strands of their natural oils.

That is why the hair guru developed his iconic Wen Hair no lather shampoo system. These safe and calming formulas are derived from herbal and other plant-based extracts that bring nourishment, moisture and shine back to hair of any type and texture. WEN’s cleansing conditioners not only smell fabulous in Lavender, Sweet Almond Mint, Fig and others but also fortify the hair and give it new vitality.

Bustle writer Emily McClure was intrigued by WEN because her own locks are limp, fine and not as shiny as she would like. So she sampled the QVC advertised brand’s no lather shampoo for one week and recorded her results.

Emily began washing with WEN daily in the morning and liking the volume it seemed to bring to her fine hair. She blew it dry and used her favorite heated styling tools and was able to shape a gorgeous hair style each time. Even her close girlfriends immediately noticed Emily’s shiny soft tresses, and her hair selfies showed the results. See,

The only problem Emily noticed was during her WEN routine. If she skipped a wash or tried to use WEN at night before bedtime, she saw hair that couldn’t hold a style for long. When she returned to the daily morning WEN wash, the problem was solved.

If Emily could get out of bed on time, she would reach for WEN By Chaz again.

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