Six Things You Never Knew About Rocketship Education

Quality education is vital for a good foundation towards entrepreneurship and employment of the American children. Rocketship Education has stayed true to these goals. The charter school provides a blended-learning approach that amalgams technology with the traditional teaching. The institution has been remarkable in sustaining good scores amongst its students and below are facts you never knew about Rocketship Education.

Rocketship Education is a public charter school founded in 2007 in San Jose California. The tough economic times in the school’s community had cast a dark shadow over the poor families. San Jose needed a long-term solution for its children’ future. Consequently, Rocketship Education was birthed to address the dwindling academic and career opportunities for San Jose children over the years. This non-profit organization aimed at having a resilient public school system that will offer quality and transformational education capable of preparing these children for college.

The institution’s blended-approach gives parents an immense role in vetting who teaches their children. Parental involvement in the decision-making of these schools has been practiced since its inception. Parents contribute in interview processes for prospective teacher where they influence who and who does not get hired. The goal of this framework was to create an ecosystem that easily blends in with these parents and their kids. This cooperation has been innovative in making this chain of chartered schools effective in creating well-performing school foundations that are devoid of teacher-parent conflicts.

This blend transcends to teaching too! Teaching involves the use of displays, gadgets and other computer-based technologies to complement the usual heavily oral teaching. This integrated teaching technique has seen better performances from its pupils. This is complimented by the institution’s core values that aim at imparting good human values to the kids. Thus, Rocketship Education has succeeded in raising kids with the desire to surpass their expectations.

These schools are set in high-poverty areas and strive at shaping the character of these kids. Being able to managing stress and conflict resolution are part of the social learning skills used to character mold kids. This in Rocketship Education will be vital to raising successful students from poor families that will go all the way to college.