WebMD Fighting Cancer Ignorance with CTCA

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is widely known for its work with cancer patients for decades now. They are at the forefront of any new research that aids cancer victims, and this organization is one of the first to try new therapies if they are deemed safe by multiple trials. This healthcare group is also devoted to educating the public at large about new cancer findings that may help more people beat this awful disease affecting so many worldwide. In this vein, CTCA has teamed with WebMD online to further their educational format. WebMD has long been a trusted site where many go to find accurate and up-to-date healthcare information and strategies.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the leading experts on all things cancer related. Their compassionate care is well known by their grateful patients from all over. This organization has long ago began using holistic approaches to their treatments long before others began to see the wisdom of such treatment. Cancer affects so much more than just the outward signs and horrific symptoms. When alternative therapies are combined with established medical treatments, CTCA have found that their patients heal faster and often enter into remission in a faster fashion. With the help of education from WebMD, Cancer Treatment Centers of America hopes that more individuals will learn about the often silent small symptoms that should be checked out by a medical doctor. Also, this organization has long been a promoter of preventative medicine and testing. Now this type of preventative healthcare is becoming more prevalent, and the cancer specialists around the world are seeing positive effects especially with earlier findings of cancer diseases. Education on cancer is believed to be a major force in bringing down the higher mortality rates that many cancers formerly had recently.

A Brief Rundown Of Eric Lefkossky, His Life, And Accomplishments

It’s not necessary to research cancer fatality rates to see just how deadly the disease is. Although cancer can affect, quite literally, any part of the human body, physicians haven’t figured out an effective cure for any manifestation of the deadly disease.

Today, we receive vaccinations to prevent and medications to treat ailments like pneumonia, the flu, infections of the stomach and colon, diphtheria, and polio, among many others. It’s hard to believe, but the aforementioned list of illnesses were some of the deadliest diseases of their time, just one hundred years ago. Heart disease still makes up a large proportion of deaths in today’s world, although cancer has taken over as the second deadliest disease in our modern society.

A study of nearly 750,000 people diagnosed with cancer found that 25% and 11% of older – those over 65 years of age – and younger people, respectively, had cancer in the past. Depending on what particular cancers they had, recurrence rate was between 35% and 5%.

Fortunately for society at large, companies like Tempus have begun facilitating the effective treatment of cancer. Tempus, co-founded by Mr. Eric Lufkofsky, an entrepreneurial pioneer in creating a digital library of information related directly to factors we know cause cancer, including facilitating the finding of links between cancer and currently unknown variables.

Eric Lefkofsky cares about caring for cancer patients and their families more than anything, even though Tempus is a leader in the business side of setting a sturdy backdrop for helping physicians treat cancer more effectively than ever before.

As time passes, during which Mr. Eric Lefkfosky will continually put more work into Tempus, helping build  company to epic proportions. However, because Eric has been so successful in his business endeavors throughout his lifetime, the only thing – the one and only thing, without a second thought – that Mr. Eric Lefkofsky is concerned about is helping disadvantaged persons get over their cancer and rebounding back to their normal lives. One day, Eric Lefkofsky hopes to become a pioneer in helping doctors find such links between various factors and cancer, something that’s realistically possible, as the library he has contributed towards at Tempus is a first of its kind, especially for the scale it’s being expanded at.

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Making the World a Better Place: Eric Lefkofsky

A recent article was published about the new partnership of the company Tempus and the University of Chicago Medicine. This partnership is designed to work together to create a treatment for cancer that is individualized for each patient, and eventually to hopefully find a cure. Tempus uses new technologies, including machine learning and molecular sequencing to figure out which treatments will work best with each individual patient’s genetic makeup. These new technologies could be a huge gamechanger in the both the medical field, with doctors and patients better able to fight cancer, but also in the “cancer business.” Current cancer treatment is extremely expensive, and only a handful of companies rule the market. However, this new and very disruptive form of technology could turn the entire industry on its head. Eric Lefkofsky, founder of Tempus, is the master of disruptive technologies.

Eric Lefkofsky has devoted his life to creating companies focused on technology and getting it to consumers. He is the co-founder of several different technology manufacturing, logistics, investment, and research companies, and he has devoted his life to the theoretical and practical application of these technologies. Lefkofsky is also a professor of applied technology and disruptive business modeling at the University of Chicago, and has had jobs at both DePaul University and Northwestern University as well.

When he is not creating new tech, Eric Lefkofsky is helping his wife run the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This private, charitable foundation focuses on helping organizations that have an impact on their communities around the Chicago are. To date, the Foundation has helped over 50 organizations with new projects and initiatives. Lefkofsky is also on the Board of Trustees for many different organizations, including the Children’s Hospital of Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago. Through his work with new technology and his philanthropic tendencies, Eric Lefkofsky is truly trying to make the world a better place.

Oncotarget: Making The World Healthier, A Journal At A Time

Oncotarget is a medical journal covering various areas of research such as biology and medicine. The journal’s publications are peer-reviewed and are open to the public. Impact Journals is the publisher of Oncotarget. It was started in 2010. The editors of the Oncotarget are Andrei Gurkov and Michael Blagosklonny. Both of them work at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York. The editorial board includes someNobel Prize winners and Lasker Award winners.

The home page of its site contains news about the journal and a bio of the journal. The bio explains the types of fields that the journal publishes including immunology, endocrinology, neuropathology, cardiology, and gerotarget. Oncotarget’s mission is to make research widely and readily available. It also allows the sharing of scientific discoveries. The journal is published on a weekly basis to ensure that there is no backlog of the investigation papers. Oncotarget facilitates the collaboration of scientists from different fields and brings forth novel ways of solving problems.

There are links to other pages of the site including the archives, search page, authors’ page, publication ethics, and the contact information page. A visitor on the site can see the previous issues through the archives page, see all the authors affiliated with Oncotarget, and search for papers that they might be interested in finding. The homepage also shows the current issue of the journal that is out at that time. The archives are accessed by visiting the Archives link on the homepage.

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There are different ways to reach the Oncotarget team through the various social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. They also have an active presence on YouTube where they release videos. Oncotarget has an Impact Factor of 5.008 for 2015/16. It has had an average of 5.415 over the past five years.

Oncotarget journal has published some breakthrough papers including the study that found out that E-cigarettes can cause damage to the gum tissue. The study showed that e-cigarettes cause an increase in oxidative stress and cytokine release along with DNA damage. Flavored e-cigarettes increase the damage, and these processes cause gum tissue damage. There was a recent paper that found out that MET amplification could act as a therapeutic for gastric cancer. The study shows that prior screening with a PCR assay reduced the sample of people who would require FISH analysis for MET amplification.

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