Roberto Santiago’s Family Oriented Mall

Joao Pessoa has been swarmed with tourist since 1989. In 1989 one of the most popular and profitable malls in Joao Pessoa was opened after being developed for two years. Roberto Santiago began developing the land for the mall in 1987. He wanted to make sure the mall had a good foundation and architecture. He didn’t want to produce a mall that was mediocre he wanted the mall to exceed and excel far above the expectations of the people in the Joao Pessoa community.

In 1989 the Manaira Shopping Mall was opened. The mall is owned by Roberto Santiago, a successful businessman. He grew up in Joao Pessoa and received his education from the local schools and universities. He received a degree in business from the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. He has put his degree in business to great use. He has started many companies and has a considerable amount of success with the companies that he has begun.

His first job was at Café Santa Rosa after he graduated. He then decided to start his own business. He launched a successful cartonnage company that afforded him the opportunity to buy land for his mall. The cartonnage company provided the local businesses with excellent quality packaging. The company had so much success that Santiago began offering other products to meet the needs of his customers. His goal was to supply all of their needs instead of them having a lot of different vendors.

He bought the land for the mall in 1987 and 1989 he launched the mall. The Manaira Shopping Mall has had much success because he built the mall for the people. The mall was created for the people, but it features a lot of things that he enjoys doing in his spare time. The mall can be thought to be a physical representation of him.

The mall features stunning attractions that are just as enjoyable and beautiful as the scenery around the mall. The mall is located near a beach, so the people are able to shop and get a good view of the beautiful beach.

The city of Joao Pessoa has benefited a lot from the malls Roberto Santiago has built in the city. The local people are able to visit and use the concert hall within the mall for their special events. They are also able to go to the mall and get everything that they need rather than traveling all over town to find the things that they need.

Children, as well as adults, can find something to do in the Manaira Mall. The mall has activities that are fit for the entire family. Santiago continues to make the mall even better.


Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping is the Centre of Entertainment in Paraiba, Brazil

Roberto Santiago, 58, is a successful sportsman, trader, and businessman in Brazil. He’s a man of many facets. Santiago is the founder of Manaira Shopping, the most significant shopping mall in the capital of Paraiba, Brazil. He founded Manaira Shopping in November 1989, creating a diversion and offering services that serve the region best. Manaira Shopping mall is the center of leisure and fun. The mall ensures families have maximum satisfaction while carrying out their leisure activities.

Manaira Shopping is situated in the capital of Paraiba and provides the city with leisure, entertainment, and fun activities. The mall is constructed in Joao Pessoa in between the capital center and the north coast beaches. Manaira Shopping has over 300 stores, 11 movie theatres all fitted with modern technology projection, VIP rooms, 3D rooms and Stadium System. Manaira has everything that you can think of. From food courts, restaurants, hamburgers, electronic game machines, and ballrooms. In Manaira Shopping, everything is under one roof. Every family member is guaranteed of any entertainment or leisure activity of their choice.

Manaira Shopping also has the most significant concert halls in Brazil; Domus Hall. The room which is located on the rooftop is fitted with modern structures and has ample space that accommodates up to 4,000 people seated and 10,000 people standing. The hall also has private and public cabins, dressing rooms, and lounge space. The ground floor holds mega-shows such as presentations, graduations, weddings and other celebrations.

Santiago ensures that apart from providing entertainment, he also embraces the Brazilian culture.

In Paraiba, Santiago’s Manaira Shopping is the talk of the town. The building serves as one of the major references when it comes to massive investments in current technology trends in the entertainment industry. Santiago contributes to culture enhancement by organizing exhibitions and concerts that foster knowledge and embrace the Brazilian culture. School going kids from various sections are brought to the mall to know the shows, have fun and get to understand their culture better.

In addition to Manaira Shopping, Santiago also owns Mangabeira Shopping which is also a great commercial development center in the southern region of Joao Pessoa.

Santiago has made numerous significant achievements throughout his career. Besides being a successful sportsman and entrepreneur, Santiago made history as the only Brazilian citizen who won the Brazilian kart championship. He also has a record of winning first place trophy in the state championships.

Santiago has been able to achieve success in his businesses by having a clear vision and being attentive when spotting new business opportunities that other business people are not able to identify. Santiago started from a humble background at Café Santa Rosa. Santiago is today one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs across Brazil.


Marcio Alaor BMG of the BMG Group

Marcio Alaor BMG holds the executive position in the team of Banco BMG. It is the major sponsor of Brazil’s national football team. The company’ logo is displayed on the football kits of thirty-nine clubs. In the case of some clubs, the brand’s logo appears on the back and chest. It is when Banco BMG is the bigger sponsor. In the case of other clubs where the brand is not the major sponsor, its logo appears on the sleeves of footballers’ shirts. The company also funds three men’s volleyball teams and two women’s volleyball teams for the super league.



BMG uses diversification to keep itself in the business, so it always appears on the football shirts. According to Marcio, the strategy company is using for years is keeping it in the business even today. BMG penetrated into the payroll of the football team which became the foundation for its growth. However, there a few public concerns too. People were not aware of the brand, and they did not know the retirement benefits of the company. After improving things, people are happy. Whenever someone sees the company’s credit card, he says he know BMG.



Recently Marcio Alaor shared his opinion about ten areas that have huge job opportunities especially for the year 2017. It is good news for all workers living in different areas of the country. The recent economic crisis increased the unemployment rate to almost twelve percent according to IBGE research. It is an alarming situation because it shows many Brazilian families are badly affected by this crisis. Marcio Alaor said that despite all that, companies belonging to different sectors are offering employment. The most suitable way to take advantage of these opportunities is by registering at special websites. After completing the registration form, people can check the details of job opportunities especially the location of the job and offered a salary. It will expose the resume of candidates to a large number of employers that might be interested in hiring many people.



During the first ten days of January 2017, employers posted more than twenty-three thousand jobs on those websites. The jobs were not centered on any particular area rather they were spread all across the Brazil. Adzuma website shared its survey details which disclosed these figures. However, there are ten areas which have lots of job opportunities. It is highly advised that people took a good look at the job details especially location and offered a salary. The ten areas with most job opportunities include sales, operational/administrative, information technology, maintenance, health, consumer service, accounting and finance, logistics, hospitality and restaurants, and engineering. Sales were the number one sector with more than six thousand job opportunities and an average salary range of two thousand US dollars.