FastCompany Tracks the Success of the Evolution of Smooth

When a company decides to market a product to a female audience only there is a great amount of risk. This is what the Evolution of Smooth has done. This company has managed to market the EOS Lip Balm to women, but somehow this has worked. This company had a co-founder like Sanjiv Mehra that was sure that he was going to make a product that would stand out. He had worked with beverage companies like PepsiCo before, and he knew that he would have to think about every aspect of how he was marketing this product.

It would start with the flavors, but this would just be a portion of what would attract the female crowd. He would look at the engineering of the containers for the products. He would think about the small things like what the container actually sounded like when it was being opened up. This was an interesting undertaking because he also knew that he needed a different type of container to stand out. See:

The sphere was a something that was unexpected for the lip balm industry in terms of the lip balm containers.  It was the Evolution of Smooth that would stand out as the interesting product that would move units by appealing to people that liked colors. Again, marketing specifically to a female audience meant that some customers would be lost to companies like Chapstick, but this didn’t matter though. The founders of EOS were confident that this was the type of company that would be able to make money in spite excluding half of the population from the marketing campaign.  To learn more, visit the EOS social media pages like Facebook and YouTube.