Lime Crime – Their Newest Makeup Additions Including Unicorn Hair Dye

Lime Crime is a beautiful makeup company created and founded by Doe Deere. They provide stunning colors for every part of makeup that you need, allowing women everywhere to be able to express their emotions through color and shades. Lime Crime is the ultimate makeup company on the market right now, and their new collections and products being released soon are a perfect addition to the current lineup.


Their latest new addition to their lineup is the new metallic shades they are offering their fans and clientele. Women who love their Diamond Crush collection are surely going to love the new addition colors they have. Cleopatra, Acid Fairy, and Black Unicorn are the new shades they are offering, and they are perfect metallic shades that can give that extra push in your makeup. Cleopatra is very “gold-ish” that gives a very genuine look to it. Acid Fairy is the holographic shade with a transparent color. Black Unicorn is the last addition and provides that shimmering shade.


Aside from a new addition to the Diamond Crush collection, they are launching a brand new hair collection, Unicorn Hair Dye. This hair dye is perfect for those times you want to be extra flashy at a party and stand out for the night. The quality in colors they have helps the hair shine through naturally. They have pink, blue, and many other colors available with different shades. Mix and match the colors for the perfect rainbow quality that looks good. Lime Crime is definitely excited to release these new quality items because they are filled with only the best products.


The company grew over the years after Doe crafted their products. They truly come up with unique makeup that has been inspiring women across the world to go beyond their wildest dreams. Makeup provided by Doe Deere is always crazy and colorful. It reaches beyond typical colors, and it’s the best way to enjoy expressing yourself because of the different ways Doe incorporates different aspects of the makeup. Watch out for the newest additions to the makeup and hair dye to look even better and exciting.

Emil McClure’s Experience with WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

Emily McClure is a hair product enthusiast, who loves sharing her experiences with hair care products with her fans or public. Her recent interest in WEN by Chaz hair care products was triggered by its unmatched infomercials featuring beautiful women showing off their appealing hair.
The Wen by Chaz brand boasts of cleansing conditioners, which are characterized by the composition of styling treatment, conditioner as well as shampoo under one bottle. McClure opted to buy on Amazon the Sephora Fig version since it offered the promise of transforming her thin hair by adding shine, bounce and moisture.

During this period, she noticed that unlike other shampoo products, WEN products required a user to apply a higher amount depending on the size of the hair.

Upon concluding her experiment, she cited that the WEN cleansing conditioners are preferable for those individuals who boast of fine hair and shower each morning. Emily intends to use WEN by Chaz products in future because of the bounce and shine she got.

Wen by Chaz

WEN by Chaz is a hair product line [] that is gaining enormous popularity through its infomercials and numerous hair care products to suit the needs of distinct individuals. Driven by the need to create a line of hair care products that does not harm the hair or scalp like regular shampoos, Chaz Dean utilizes natural ingredients such as lavender, pomegranate as well as sweet almond mint. Products from WEN by Chaz do not contain harsh sulfates. Hence, users are left with a moisturized, strong and manageable hair. Potential clients can obtain more information on this hair care line through its social media presence on YouTube,  Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. The article was originally reported on Bustle,


Doe Deere shares her friend’s work

Doe Deere is one of the most influential people in the cosmetics industry. Several years ago, Doe launched Lime Crime with one mission, allow women everywhere to live their lives out loud. Since launching, Lime Crime has released many exciting products. Women throughout the world look forward to the launch of Lime Crime’s next lipstick, blush, and eyeliner. Doe Deere enjoys innovating these products, but she also enjoys supporting local artists. Doe feels that the creative community needs to support each other so that everyone can achieve their dreams.

Recently, Doe had a great opportunity to share the work of another local artist. Joshua David McKenney is a dollmaker in Los Angeles. He is close to Doe, so he decided to create a Doe Deere doll. The doll was a perfect match for Doe Deere.

Doe was extremely excited to receive the doll from her friend Joshua. She put on a matching outfit, and immediately posted a picture to Instagram. Her picture was seen by thousands of Doe’s followers. Doe has a great social media presence, and she loves sharing products and images with her followers.

Richard Prince is a 66-year old artist that works out of the Gagosian Gallery. The artist took a screenshot of Doe’s picture and immediately began altering it. He removed any reference to the creator. After altering the picture, Richard Prince began printing the picture. He printed it on 48 x 65-inch paper and took it to a local art auction. Prince sold the print for $90,000 at Frieze Art Fair. Prince made a huge sum and Joshua did not get any of the profit.

Richard Prince probably thought that he would easily get away with his actions, but the internet never forgets. Doe Deere has an army of Instagram followers and several of them noticed that a print had sold. When people discovered that Joshua had received nothing for the print, and also received no credit, the community was outraged. Joshua has a different reaction to the incident.

Dollmakers have struggled for years to receive recognition, and now millions of people are interested in Josh’s work.

While Doe is frustrated that her friend’s work was stolen, she is glad that the incident had a happy ending.

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Thicken those Thin Strands with Wen

Using new hair products is an adventure. Using new hair care products when you have naturally thin hair can sometimes be a nightmare. Luckily, using WEN hair by Chaz on this hair type is a dream.

One of the annoyances that those of us with thin or fine hair types must struggle with is the tendency for our hair to become weighed down by products. One blogger recently told her story of a six-day trial run with Wen on Bustle. She had chosen the Fig formula from the sephora healthy hair line. This is a thick, rich blend to give hair shine, bouncy locks and plenty of moisture.

Over the following week she discovered a few new things about her hair. The first day she marveled at how much thicker her strands felt in the shower. Her hair was soft and shiny too. She also noticed that there was a lot less hair falling out in the shower. Days two and three she discovered that the rich formula made her hair almost too moisturized. But, if she showered and washed in the mornings, she would reap the benefits of the rich conditioner all day. While her trial run wasn’t long enough to show all the benefits of Wen, she was quite happy with the results.

Wen hair  by Chaz is a groundbreaking new way to care for your hair. Wen is an easy to use sulfate-free replacement for shampoo, conditioner and leave-in products. Instead of a bunch of harsh sulfate bearing products, you just use this one thing.

Wen is amazingly simple to use. Just rinse your hair, pump out enough Wen and rub it into your scalp and strands. Use water to help spread it evenly in the hair. It won’t lather but it will leave your hair at its best. Their products are available on Amazon.

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