Sanjay Shah And The Business Of Autism

Sanjay Shah is a philanthropist that cares about the world he lives in and wants to help others in any way that he can. It is no wonder that he started the charity Autism Rocks to help individuals with the neurological disease get the help they need, and to fund research and educational materials to inform others.

Shah also runs a variety of other companies in the London area which includes Solo Capital. Solo Capital is a full service financial suite that aids consumers with their investment and portfolio needs. They special in the details of mergers and acquisitions, but also aid with investments in professional sports and stocks. Recognized worldwide, they have grown from a local investment firm to worldwide notoriety as excellence in investing.

In a recent interview with PR Newswire, Mr Shah offers some advice for those seeking to open or start their own business. First and foremost he warns that one should never underestimate the amount of money that will be needed. If you think you have enough, make more and then maybe you will have enough.

He also warns that the entrepreneur should never try to do all of the work by themselves. They are so many things that need to be done to open a business, ( there is far too much for one person to handle alone. Having help means covering your bases, not a sign of weakness.

After his son Nikhil was diagnosed with autsim he realized he needed more information to properly deal with the situation and Autism Rocks allows him to continue to generate and gather information.

He hopes that information can be dispersed to end stigmatisms and help those with autism. Sanjay Shah wants to be the answer to the issues. Autism Rocks is just one way that he continues to help others.