Get Quality Therapy with Talkspace

Most people prefer their personal information and their problems to be confidential. They also want to have it confined within the secret of their homes. This is what Talkspace therapy is all about.

Talkspace therapy offers services online, which are confidential and a client can get the therapy at the comfort of their homes. Those who opt for Talkspace therapy have an advantage of accessing it wherever they want and are taken through the treatment by qualified and licensed therapists.

Talkspace therapy created an online platform, which alleviated physical or faces to face contact with the clients. The clients need an internet connection to get in touch a therapist to video chat with. As a result, clients open up and speak about their problems without fear of how the therapists will think about them or without being intimidated.

The primary aim of Talkspace therapy is to help people to cope with mental issues that disturb them. Besides, it ensures people lead a healthy and happy life as much as possible.

Many people have chosen Talkspace therapy because of its affordable services. People are able to access it readily and without any worries of where they are. The sessions are also convenient because therapists and clients can talk over the phone.

Talkspace therapy is not only confined to a specific group of people. It is an all-around kind of therapy that offers its services to all genders, occupations and age.

One of the notable persons helped Talkspace therapy Michael Phelps, is an athlete. Though Michael was a world renown swimmer, he had issues with depression, which he kept it to himself. After some time, Michael made up his mind to look for help and opted for Talkspace therapy.

Talkspace was his freedom to mental healing. To show his gratitude, Michael chose to partner with Talkspace so that he could reach out to people who feared to accept their condition and seek help. He encourages people to speak out their problems and to look for qualified therapists.

He encourages them to look for help at Talkspace as their therapists have specialized in many different areas ranging from anxiety specialists, relationship specialists among others.

Upwork Issues IPO With the Help From Investors

Many companies that are looking to go public will need to find ways to raise capital. The most common goal for companies looking to raise capital is to issue stock on the public exchanges which includes an initial public offering. In the technology sector, there are many investors who are eager to provide funds for these innovative companies. One of the companies that has recently issued an IPO is Upwork. The technology company has recently gotten capital from investors to become visible on the major stock exchanges. By issuing this IPO, Upwork is now in great position to get more investors to help build the company.

The origins of Upwork date back to the 2000’s. At the beginning of the 2000’s decade, a couple of freelance work sites known as Elance and oDesk were offering freelancers with projects to inquire about. Therefore these were the two top sites for finding freelance work. After a number of years, the two companies believed that merging would help them reach their goals. As a result, the company called Upwork was formed in 2014. Since then, Upwork has emerged as one of the leading freelance work sites in the world. Over the last four years, Upwork has seen steady increases in its revenues which has encouraged investors to provide capital. Within the next few years, Upwork will likely become a very profitable technology company.

Upwork provides a website that companies and freelancers can use in order to get involved in certain projects. Freelancers in a variety of fields are able to find work projects that they can do for financial compensation. There are a number of fields that freelancers can seek work in such as customer services, writing, editing and web design and development. The freelance workers are able to interact with companies and get assignments no matter where they are in the world. For companies that are in need of completing short term projects, they can choose from a variety of freelancers to get a particular project done. Upwork has gotten a lot of praise due to its timely payments, selection of projects and freelance professionals and also its efficient website that is easy to use and navigate.

End Citizens United Shifts Focus To 2018 Midterm Elections

The 2018 Midterm Elections that will be taking place in November are going to serve as a legitimate litmus test for the state of the United States of America. The 2016 election of Donald Trump ended up splitting the country into two. With that being said, there is one group working to mend the middle by bringing people together around their right to vote: End Citizens United. End Citizens United is a grassroots committee that is focused on fighting for campaign finance reform at the highest levels of the United States government. In order to accomplish this task, ECU is backing politicians who agree to make campaign finance reform a core aspect of their platform. What’s more, ECU is demanding that their endorsed politicians refuse all corporate donations. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

End Citizens United works in a grassroots capacity in order to connect politicians with the voters that they need in order to get enthusiasm on their side. ECU is nominally a bipartisan political action committee but over their years of work not a single Republican politician has agreed to fight for campaign finance reform in order to expunge dark money from the political world. In fact, ECU has gone on to make a list that they call the ‘Big Money 20’ which is comprised of politicians in favor of dark money who have seats that are susceptible to being taken this coming November. Tiffany Muller, leader of End Citizens United, points to members of the Big Money 20 list as pure icons of what is wrong in Washington D.C. Among the various members of the list are Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen Dean Heller (R-NV), and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).

The team at ECU is focused on overturning the 2010 Supreme Court decision surrounding Citizens United, a prominent Republican propaganda group that is responsible for opening up legislation in order to allow politics to be flooded with dark money. End Citizens United needs the support of progressive politicians and their voters in order to ever achieve their goal and the 2018 Midterm Elections will serve to prove whether that becomes possible or not.

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What Does Waiakea Water Have to Offer?

Water is not only good for curing a thirsty child or adult, but it is also life to a person who is desperate to be hydrated. Unlike a soda or tea, water is really what the body needs since it helps to give the body exactly the liquid that it needs. This is one of the primary reasons why people all over the U.S. and abroad are cleaning the shelves of bottled water whenever the occasion presents itself.

Now that you know the importance of bottled water, you can decide which type of bottled water that you enjoy best. While there are many different brands of bottled water on the shelves, they are not all the same. Specifically, when you are referring to brands like the Hawaiian Volcanic Water, Waiakea Water PH and the associated volcanic water benefits that people can take advantage of. Waiakea Water has a wide range of benefits to the body that everyone should be aware of today. Here are just a few that you can document in your notes as you make your choice to add this type of water to your kitchen pantry.

Comes Out of a Volcano

DIssimilar from other brands that make up this 100 billion dollar industry, Waiakea Water is more than what you want and need. According to information posted on various online sites like, some brands of water is no more than tap water that has been filtered and placed in a bottle. On the other hand, the water that comes from the Waiakea brand, there is much more to their unique lifestyle brand. Filtered by the heat from the volcano in Hawaii, this water is known for being a healthy fresh clean alternative for those who want the best. Yes, Waiakea Water is said to stand out from among the top brands in the industry and has a way to incorporate the Islands feel when your purchases are made.

Superior Packaging

Another reason that this brand stands out above the rest is that the bottles used in its packaging are environmentally friendly. Therefore, it will not add to the millions of bottles that are currently floating in seas all over the world. Instead, these bottles have a lifespan that has been reduced by as much as 98%.

The Madison Street Capital Reputation For Excellence

The Madison Street Capital reputation for excellence has been a longstanding part of the financial industry. People come to this company every day for valuation services, and they use those reports to make investments in companies more their own businesses, or to sell shares. Madison Street has long been a titan in the financial industry because they have created the best valuation plan for customers along with helping close their deals.


  1. How Does Madison Street Capital Research Businesses?


Madison Street Capital researches businesses using methods that anyone else would use. They look into the overall value of the company given the things the company owns. They account for all property, projects, and people. The full report for the company explains how the company should be valued for sale, or the valuation report can explain how much a share should cost.


  1. How Are Valuation Reports Updated?


The valuation reports for the company are updated any time the client wants extra information on the company. The Madison Street team could do a full set of research, and they will rewrite the report for each client. Someone who is trying to get new information might share anything they have learned with the Madison Street team, and that information could be included in the report.


  1. Who Needs A Report?


Any business could purchase a report from Madison Street Capital, and they might want to use the report to approach the other company about investment. The reports that are used by the company could include a total value for each division of the company. Madison Street can suggest how much a share would cost, and they could help close the deal when needed.


  1. Closing Deals


Madison Street Capital brings people into their office for every document signing, and they will help their clients sign documents that help exchange money, shares, or ownership. The Madison Street team will bring in a lawyer to help close the deal, and they will create a contract that makes the most sense to each person in the deal.


  1. Conclusion


There are many companies that must turn to Madison Street Capital when they need help with their valuation. They could have their own company valued, or they could have another company valued if they plan to invest. Madison Street does most of the work, and they guide their clients to a sale or deal that benefits everyone.


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The Terpins Legacy of Racers: A Rodrigo Terpins Spotlight

Rally Racing has been a sport for a while now, but it has only gained and been shone on by the spotlight about 15 years ago. And rightfully so, the adrenaline and excitement brought on by the skids on the track, the dust and gravel that flies around in the arena and the loud banging exhaust pipes screaming for everyone’s attention. Oh but of course, the main stars are the talented racers and the flashy, manly and slick race cars and their apparatus.



The Terpins family is no stranger to the sports and they are a staple name in the Brazilian Rally Race scene. Rodrigo is a shining star on his own, bred in a family of sports enthusiasts – he has quickly developed a strong sense of laser focus competitive attitude and has willfully applied this into rally racing. Along with his brother who is of the same high-caliber and top-notch level skill of rally racing – they have created one of the most elite teams in rally racing – Bull Sertoes. With their skills in check, they have competed in one of the most complex, most difficult and most gut retching tracks in the world – the Sertoes Rally. This race is composed of a two-man team that races to a variety of tracks and they compete for the fastest time, of course. Check out




You would expect no less from Rodrigo Terpins and his brother, both equally talented racers, and they won 8th place and 3rd in the T1 Prototype classes in the most prestigious Sertoes Rally. Adding this achievements in their long list of accomplishments also to be added to the history of sports that the Terpins family excels in.



The Terpins brothers, being compassionate people of the world who serves for the people, go beyond racing with their initiative called Floresvale, a cause that focuses on fighting against deforestation – because in Brazil, cutting and the balding of forests is not a new concept and so the Terpins are committed into not letting it happen more so that it is now.



The Terpins: elite athletes, breeder of champions, and environmental warriors.


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Neurocore: Improving access to care with Novel Therapy

Neurocore is an innovative solution to treating anxiety, depression as well as ADHD. Neurocore builds on a strong foundation of improving health as well as overall well being. Advances in neurofeedback, as well as cognitive treatment, has enabled Neurocore to provide some of the most effective outcomes in the field.

EEG technology has made a big impact on the improvements seen in neurofeedback. Electrodes are easily used to measure brain activity in a passive way. The natural impulses that take place in one’s brain can be analyzed with the technology. Not only is this helpful when diagnosing epilepsy or other conditions, but it also makes innovation possible in treating chronic diseases. Mental conditions, tension, as well as ongoing cognitive conditions, are implicit for many patients. EEG technology makes it easier for patients suffering from a vast array of diseases to get effective treatment.

Neurocore has continually used brain mapping technology and similar concepts to create positive experiences for patients. The procedures are customized according to the unique needs of each patient. By normalizing brain activity it is possible for patients with hyperactivity or DHD to improve their quality of life. Similarly, other conditions can be alleviated through natural and non-prescription therapies. Some of the systems that are in place include repetition, reinforcement and pattern changes. These techniques are combined by Neurocore to customize the patient’s treatment cycle.

The important changes that many need are easily available with Neurocore. They help create a healthy atmosphere for change and propagate some of the most unique techniques in mental treatment. Depression is one of the most traumatic conditions that patients may experience. It can completely transform the way that a person interacts, their daily functions, as well as the ability to cope with stress, are common. Because of the profound effect that depression has on a person, it is important for people with depression to seek out adequate treatment immediately. Depression has successfully been treated for more than a decade using neurotherapy and feedback processes. Since so many patients have benefitted from this revolutionary strategy, Neurocore has grown and adapted to offer the best paradigms of care to patients.

Achievements of Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is a billionaire who is based in the United States. Many know him as the influential figure that played a key role in the founding of a large organization in the United States, known as Fortress Investment Group. Apart from being among the founding members of the global firm, this executive was appointed to serve in the role of company CEO in the year 2013. When he was offered the position, the lawyer felt that it was going to be a tough time, but he has been managing so well. The businessman has taken the company to its current glory, and he has ensured that investors are happy with the profits they are earning at the end of the day. As one of the principals who have been helping the company to stand on its feet, the businessman has acquired so much knowledge about the market. This means that he is always able to make an informed decision when there is a crisis. Because his position influences the performance of the company at the end of the day, Randal Nardone has been keen on all his activities.

CEO positions are mandatory for the success of modern organizations. Randal Nardone is a brilliant and experienced professional who has been able to work in asset management for a long time in the past. The skills from his previous positions have been a key feature in ensuring that he is doing well in the complicated market. With the great powers he has as the company chief executive officer, the finance executive has managed the company resources well, and this is why the company is always featuring among the most successful in the market.

When Forbes released its list of billionaires in the entire world, people were not shocked when they recognized that Randal Nardone was among the top wealthy professionals in the international community. Randal has wealth invested in many industries, and this is the reason he has earned so much wealth over the years. His position in the international company means that he gets a good remuneration at the end of the day.

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Wes Edens of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is the Chief Investment Officer and even a co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group. Besides, Wes Edens is an investor in numerous industries including the real estate, financial services, media, infrastructure, healthcare, and transportation.

Moreover, Wes holds several other positions in the firm. These include serving as the principal and even Chief Investment Officer of the private equity and head of private equity. Also, he is also the co-Chief Executive Officer, president of private equity, and as a co-chairman.

Earlier on, Wes Edens was a member of the BlackRock Financial Management. He also served as the managing director in the firm. Additionally, Eden also held the position of managing director at Lehman Brothers Organization.

Wes Edens is the owner of a sports team called league of legends. Edens and his partner acquired the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014. The purchase cost them $550 million. Mr. Wes promised Herb Kohl, the former possessor of Milwaukee that would construct a new arena for Milwaukee. He also pledged to ensure that the team does not change its location. He said he is resolved to allow Milwaukee to remain in Wisconsin. Wes joined his partner in buying this precious asset to quench his thirst for sports. He wanted to put a hand in developing and supporting sports.

Wes Edens studied business administration and finance at Oregon State University. He gained financial and administrative skills from his education. Wes graduated from the university in 1984 and went to practice his career. Since then, Wes has gone through a series of transformations that have put him in the position he is today.

The Fortress Investment Company is a private equity firm that was launched in the year 1998. Since then the company has been a trendsetter. It has made significant achievements while helping many clients to attain their business goals. Fortress Investment Group has remained focused on its mission while ensuring that its vision is not blurred thanks to its innovative, dedicated and hardworking team of management. It also utilizes its resources in the best way possible while eyeing excellent outcomes. Today, Fortress Investment Group is a company to watch regarding growth and service delivery.

Gareth Henry the self proclaimed Math Geek

Gareth Henry also known as Gareth J Henry studied at University of Edinburgh, Scotland with a bachelors of Actuarial Mathematics. He also has a Dual Honors in the same course from Heriot-Watt University . In addition he is an Alumni of the Institute of Actuaries, UK, and Society of Actuaries, USA.

After graduating he joined Schroders, a global investment company based in UK, working at multi assets faction as its product manager. He had worked also at Watson Wyatt in research management. He later joined Fortress Investment Group, a leading alternative investment manager in 2007 to assist in its marketing cause.

About Fortress Fortress Investment Group LLC was founded on 1998 by the likes of Wes Edens and Peter Briger. It has over $40 billion assets under its management with the credit team having over $13 billion. Fortress Credit Corporation alone has more than 300 professionals working in it.

Institutional Investor at is magazines yearly awards named Fortress Investment Group as the Years Credit-Focused Hedge Fund Firm in 2010. Gareth Henry had been able to raise capital and create connections in Europe, Africa, and other places; this had made him be recognized as an institutional investor and rising star in the same event.

Opportunities to invest During Brazil’s 2014 presidential elections period the $63 Fortress executive, has said it would offer some of the best trading opportunities. Gareth Henry likened it to Scotland’s failed independence election which had created excellent opportunities. Scotland’s event was marked with major uncertainties while Brazilians bet was simpler because Dilma Rousseff chances were on a downward trend.

Trends that elicit this feelings What excites him the most in alternatives, are changing of direct deals in private equity by last institutional clients, making large clients join in with partners. In addition, the other trend is the happening in block chain and Crypto currencies where a number of alternative professionals are said to join in the venture.

As of January ,2016 to February, 2018, Gareth Henry has been working as the Global Head of Investor Relations at Angelo, Gordon & Company. It is an alternative investment firm based in New York. Mr Schloss had noted that the seasoned manager, with his global relation experience had been an asset to them, continuing to build their relations around the globe.