Jacob Gottlieb Is Putting His Focus On Altium

Jacob Gottlieb is well known for his work as an investor and for being the CEO of Visium Asset Management. Due to some unfortunate circumstances at his former company, he was forced to shut it down, which took a period of two years after all legal matters were settled. Jacob announced he would be taking some time off, but instead, he had already started setting his sights on a new venture, Altium, which will be similar to his old company. This new hedge fund will be focused on the healthcare industry and Jacob is currently looking for investors who want to become involved with his current business strategy.

Altium Capital is a small venture at the moment and it still hasn’t even truly started. As it stands, there are only a handful of employees working for Altium Capital, most of which are just managing assets. Jacob was not able to gain any compensation during the closure of his previous company, despite the fact that he was not involved with any of the harmful actions of the management team. This is why Jacob wants to keep on going in the investment industry, but he is taking it slow to make sure all his bases are covered.

With all of the companies coming into play in the healthcare industry, Jacob Gottlieb thinks it is a perfect time to be involved as there is a lot of capital going in and out of the market. As an experienced doctor, Jacob has a personal interest in the industry as it was a former career choice of his and he has first-hand knowledge of what to look for in the industry. While it is not known to many, While Jacob’s former fund is still being liquidated, he will be deciding on went to make Altium public.

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