Felipe Montoro Jens Finance Expert

A well-known name in the Brazilian finance industry is Felipe Montoro Jens. His official title is an infrastructure project expert and consultant all over Brazil. He is also known for helping the Brazilian government make business deals with the private sector.

Throughout his long career, Felipe Montoro Jens has been able to increase his knowledge by working with many different professionals and companies. He has become a well-known and trusted figure in infrastructure. He is on the board of several companies as well as doing intensive consulting. Presently he is working at EnergiparCaptacao S.A. as Chief Executive. He shares his financial knowledge with many different individuals and corporations.

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Felipe Montoro Jens is involved with and working intensively on a project known as Public Private Partnership or PPP. This project deals with public lightning in Brazil. He has also taken up a project that deals with municipal housing and is overlooking the construction of 14,000 residential units in Sao Paulo. He is constantly looking for solutions for large corporations that deal with various problems and is also helping state governments to maximize their profits by reduction of waste in facilities.

Companies have seen great growth through the expert management skills of Felipe Montoro Jens. He has put to use his many years of experience in international business. On infrastructure projects he has always managed to come up cost-effective solutions and corporations have come to realize they can depend on him. He has also worked in Portugal and has been successful in making use of his various skills to raise needed capital in the European and Asian markets. His knowledge also extends to the oil, mining, and energy markets in developing parts of Latin America and Africa. Over and over again Felipe Montoro Jens has proven that he is truly an expert at finances.

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