OSI Industries: The Power of Family-like Business Culture

OSI Industries is a chain of facilities specializing in the processing of value-added protein foods. The company’s headquarters are based in Aurora, Illinois. The company was first launched in 1909 as a small meat retail shop called Otto & Sons. Over the years, the company has seen tremendous growth to the current OSI Industries. Currently, the company has more than 65 facilities in operation and has expanded into 17 countries. OSI Food Solutions United Kingdom emerged as the winner of the Globe of Honor Award in 2016 that was awarded by the British Safety Council for the ideal management of environmental risks. The company also won the company in 2013 and 2015. The award is presented to organizations proven to demonstrate environmental management. The primary requirements for the winners of the award include achieving a maximum five stars in the British Safety Council’s environmental management audit scheme, and the demonstration of their capabilities to manage the environment throughout their business to an external panel. The award was presented to OSI’s Kelly Grimwood, by the Chief Executive of the British Safety Council Mike Robinson. He disclosed leadership as the chief achieving excellence. According to Robinson, compliance can be demand from the legislature, but people have to be inspired towards excellence.

Today, OSI Industries supply most of the leading foodservice and retail operators with a wide variety of meat products and snacks. The company boasts of supply chain experts who possess a strong culture in the quality, product innovation, services, process innovation, and food safety. The company the ability and resources to source, develop, produce, and distribute food solutions to other customers worldwide, aiding them to create close working relationships. The CEO, Sheldon Lavin, joined the company in 1975. Under his reign, the company has seen the diversification of products such as sauces, vegetables, and baked foods. Sheldon Lavin admits that unlike companies similar in size with OSI Industries which operate from the top, they work like a family. He acknowledged that the culture is very different, and it was created since it was their best way for the company to do business, which so far has been successful. Lavin is ecstatic about innovation, which his responsibilities at OSI Industries have helped nurture.

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