Vijay Eswaran: Finding Your Purpose in The Entrepreneurial World

At some point in life, everyone develops the fear of the unknown. Since nobody is immune to the unpredictability of the future, many succumb to the fear thereby living stressful lives coupled with the need to be guided and consumed by anxiety. Others choose to pursue their dream careers and evolve with time. Comparing the two groups of people, the main difference is the choice to live at the moment and embrace positivity in order to acquire dreams. Vijay Eswaran joins the group of positive thinkers. He is a skilled business professional, a successful entrepreneur, an author, as well as a life coach.

Vijay Eswaran was born in a humble family background in 1960. He was raised by hardworking parents who held important positions in the society. His father was the founder of the Hindu Youth Organization. At a tender age, his family moved to different regions of Malaysia. Vijay Eswaran financed his education by serving as a cab driver in the United Kingdom. He majored in economics. After graduating, Eswaran traveled to Europe where a few companies employed him before he delved into business. When he started his entrepreneurial journey, Eswaran encountered challenges.

In his book, Sphere of Silence, Eswaran disintegrates his fears as an emerging entrepreneur. He reiterates that he didn’t have connections or funding to propel his success. But, he dared to try. He was lucky to network with like-minded individuals who aspired to start their business. Vijay Eswaran ventured into direct selling business. The industry faces tremendous challenges. Regardless, Eswaran established QI Group of Companies, an e-commerce based conglomerate with affiliates including telecommunications, corporate investments, and luxury products among others. The firm has regional offices Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, as well as Singapore. The company has regional presence in more than ten countries. Eswaran has since been using his success story to encourage young entrepreneurs.

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