Tech Expert William Saito Gives His Outlook On The Future Of Russian Technology

Cybersecurity expert William Saito knew at an early age that he was interested in technology.


Modern technology has created a shift in modern family life. Saito notes that global corporations are targeting the average home. Brands such as Apple, GE, Toshiba, Samsung, and Hitachi are being honored for their technological ingenuity. However, Saito is keeping a close eye on Russia.


Russia is known for Kaspersky, the popular security software brand. After The United States Department of Homeland Security criticized Kaspersky, their sales decreased among American users. However, Saito points out that Russia has often been at the forefront of technological advancements.


Russia helped create science, invent the radio, and complete the periodic table. William Saito notes that he worked with then Russian president Dmitry Medvedev to figure out a way to help other nations catch up to Russia when it comes to technological innovation.


William Saito talks about some of those discussions in his memoir: An Unprogrammed Life; Adventures Of An Incurable Entrepreneur. Saito met with the CEOs of Apple, Twitter, and Google to talk about the future of Russian Technology. Saito says that Russia is aware that most of their economy is dependent on the energy sector. Russia is aware that they need to be more attractive to investors, however, they are unsure of where to install the investments. Saito became an asset to Russia because of his knowledge of global tech innovation. Saito wanted to help Russia understand their importance to the global tech revolution.


Saito discussed some of the key successes of Silicon Valley. Russia wanted to expand its reach and find ways to help startups and contribute to building new architecture. Renovo asked Saito to come to Russia so that the discussions could continue. The dialogue helped create Slovolko.


William Saito says that the future of Russian technology depends on creative thinking. It’s important to identify problems and offer solutions. Goldman Sachs agrees with Saito, as they are confident that Russia will become one of the World’s leaders in technology within the next few years. Goldman Sachs believes that Russia’s technology brands will rise to the level of their American and Asian peers.

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