Achievements of Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is a billionaire who is based in the United States. Many know him as the influential figure that played a key role in the founding of a large organization in the United States, known as Fortress Investment Group. Apart from being among the founding members of the global firm, this executive was appointed to serve in the role of company CEO in the year 2013. When he was offered the position, the lawyer felt that it was going to be a tough time, but he has been managing so well. The businessman has taken the company to its current glory, and he has ensured that investors are happy with the profits they are earning at the end of the day. As one of the principals who have been helping the company to stand on its feet, the businessman has acquired so much knowledge about the market. This means that he is always able to make an informed decision when there is a crisis. Because his position influences the performance of the company at the end of the day, Randal Nardone has been keen on all his activities.

CEO positions are mandatory for the success of modern organizations. Randal Nardone is a brilliant and experienced professional who has been able to work in asset management for a long time in the past. The skills from his previous positions have been a key feature in ensuring that he is doing well in the complicated market. With the great powers he has as the company chief executive officer, the finance executive has managed the company resources well, and this is why the company is always featuring among the most successful in the market.

When Forbes released its list of billionaires in the entire world, people were not shocked when they recognized that Randal Nardone was among the top wealthy professionals in the international community. Randal has wealth invested in many industries, and this is the reason he has earned so much wealth over the years. His position in the international company means that he gets a good remuneration at the end of the day.

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Wes Edens of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is the Chief Investment Officer and even a co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group. Besides, Wes Edens is an investor in numerous industries including the real estate, financial services, media, infrastructure, healthcare, and transportation.

Moreover, Wes holds several other positions in the firm. These include serving as the principal and even Chief Investment Officer of the private equity and head of private equity. Also, he is also the co-Chief Executive Officer, president of private equity, and as a co-chairman.

Earlier on, Wes Edens was a member of the BlackRock Financial Management. He also served as the managing director in the firm. Additionally, Eden also held the position of managing director at Lehman Brothers Organization.

Wes Edens is the owner of a sports team called league of legends. Edens and his partner acquired the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014. The purchase cost them $550 million. Mr. Wes promised Herb Kohl, the former possessor of Milwaukee that would construct a new arena for Milwaukee. He also pledged to ensure that the team does not change its location. He said he is resolved to allow Milwaukee to remain in Wisconsin. Wes joined his partner in buying this precious asset to quench his thirst for sports. He wanted to put a hand in developing and supporting sports.

Wes Edens studied business administration and finance at Oregon State University. He gained financial and administrative skills from his education. Wes graduated from the university in 1984 and went to practice his career. Since then, Wes has gone through a series of transformations that have put him in the position he is today.

The Fortress Investment Company is a private equity firm that was launched in the year 1998. Since then the company has been a trendsetter. It has made significant achievements while helping many clients to attain their business goals. Fortress Investment Group has remained focused on its mission while ensuring that its vision is not blurred thanks to its innovative, dedicated and hardworking team of management. It also utilizes its resources in the best way possible while eyeing excellent outcomes. Today, Fortress Investment Group is a company to watch regarding growth and service delivery.

Gareth Henry the self proclaimed Math Geek

Gareth Henry also known as Gareth J Henry studied at University of Edinburgh, Scotland with a bachelors of Actuarial Mathematics. He also has a Dual Honors in the same course from Heriot-Watt University . In addition he is an Alumni of the Institute of Actuaries, UK, and Society of Actuaries, USA.

After graduating he joined Schroders, a global investment company based in UK, working at multi assets faction as its product manager. He had worked also at Watson Wyatt in research management. He later joined Fortress Investment Group, a leading alternative investment manager in 2007 to assist in its marketing cause.

About Fortress Fortress Investment Group LLC was founded on 1998 by the likes of Wes Edens and Peter Briger. It has over $40 billion assets under its management with the credit team having over $13 billion. Fortress Credit Corporation alone has more than 300 professionals working in it.

Institutional Investor at is magazines yearly awards named Fortress Investment Group as the Years Credit-Focused Hedge Fund Firm in 2010. Gareth Henry had been able to raise capital and create connections in Europe, Africa, and other places; this had made him be recognized as an institutional investor and rising star in the same event.

Opportunities to invest During Brazil’s 2014 presidential elections period the $63 Fortress executive, has said it would offer some of the best trading opportunities. Gareth Henry likened it to Scotland’s failed independence election which had created excellent opportunities. Scotland’s event was marked with major uncertainties while Brazilians bet was simpler because Dilma Rousseff chances were on a downward trend.

Trends that elicit this feelings What excites him the most in alternatives, are changing of direct deals in private equity by last institutional clients, making large clients join in with partners. In addition, the other trend is the happening in block chain and Crypto currencies where a number of alternative professionals are said to join in the venture.

As of January ,2016 to February, 2018, Gareth Henry has been working as the Global Head of Investor Relations at Angelo, Gordon & Company. It is an alternative investment firm based in New York. Mr Schloss had noted that the seasoned manager, with his global relation experience had been an asset to them, continuing to build their relations around the globe.

Sussex Healthcare And Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Sussex Healthcare is an organization which is famous in the industry for healthcare delivery services within the United Kingdom. It is a company that is independently owned and has 20 locations under its care for residents who are in need of long-term care. Sussex Healthcare has specialists on site who offer several services that cater to the specific needs of each person.

Moreover, the organization has custom healthcare plans which add value to its daily life quality for every resident. The company also has support services that are developed to attend to the mental, emotional, and physical needs of each patient. This is a program that meets several needs as well as optimizing the wellness and the health of each client. Many of the homes under the Sussex management have service providers that are on-call 24 hours a day. The service providers have the necessary training to care for the older adults who are in need of specialized services.

Sussex Healthcare just hired Amanda Morgan-Taylor into its management as its chief executive officer. This is a clear indication of how the organization is devoted to improving all its operations. Amanda comes to the company well equipped with experience as well as background knowledge to her new role in the company. Previously, Amanda has been working as a manager of healthcare firms that are undergoing transition periods and those that are in need of specialized knowledge that only an experienced manager has. Amanda began her career in 1984 as a service manager. She then went ahead to expand her knowledge into areas that require the skills of a managing director as well as a developed director.

Sussex Healthcare provides various support services to the disabled as well as the elderly. Many of its clients are not able to stay at their homes and in most cases are in need of specialized support services. The caregivers at the Sussex Healthcare have the required training as well as equipped with current techniques when it comes to caring for the elderly and the disabled’s unique needs. In addition to this, the company offers support services which are necessary for maintaining the mental health of an individual.

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The Story of Michael Terpins the Rally Driver

Michael Terpins was born in Brazil, San Paulo in the year 1979. His love for sports may have been brought about by the participation of his family in sports. His father played basketball in his early years and was the head of the Jewish Sports Department. His brother, Rodrigo Terpins, is also a rally driver. Rodrigo started participating in rallying competitions at the age of 23 years. Since then, he has grown quite famous and is well known for winning almost every race that he partakes.


Rallying Performances


The first time Michael participated in a rallying competition was in 2002, where he drove a motorcycle. In 2004, he joined his brother in car racing, and he has been doing so ever since. Together with his brother, they formed the “Bull Sertoes Rally Team,” which is among the best rallying teams in the country. They also created a competition known as the Sertoes Rally, which was to be hosted by this team. In this competition, qualified drivers would come together and showcase their driving skills. For more details visit



Michael and his brother are also participants in the competition, and during the 22nd edition of this race; they attained position 7 after their car developed some problems due to the rough terrain. At the 24th edition of the race, they emerged number 5 in the whole competition and number one in the second stage. The 25th edition provided them with another chance to show their driving skills, and the power their car had to deal with the terrains. It was the longest of all the races and covered a distance of 3300 kilometres. Michael and his brother attained position four in the overall competition and first position in their category.


Rodrigo Terpins has been driving a T-Rex Prototype car for four seasons now. It is known to be very powerful because it contains a V8 engine, which also makes it easy to handle the rough terrains. Other than the Sertoes rally, he has also participated in other competitions, which have given him the chance to excel, and acquire more fame including the Rally Rota SC 2016, The Brazilian Championship of Cross Country Rally and the Mitsubishi cup.



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Tech Expert William Saito Gives His Outlook On The Future Of Russian Technology

Cybersecurity expert William Saito knew at an early age that he was interested in technology.


Modern technology has created a shift in modern family life. Saito notes that global corporations are targeting the average home. Brands such as Apple, GE, Toshiba, Samsung, and Hitachi are being honored for their technological ingenuity. However, Saito is keeping a close eye on Russia.


Russia is known for Kaspersky, the popular security software brand. After The United States Department of Homeland Security criticized Kaspersky, their sales decreased among American users. However, Saito points out that Russia has often been at the forefront of technological advancements.


Russia helped create science, invent the radio, and complete the periodic table. William Saito notes that he worked with then Russian president Dmitry Medvedev to figure out a way to help other nations catch up to Russia when it comes to technological innovation.


William Saito talks about some of those discussions in his memoir: An Unprogrammed Life; Adventures Of An Incurable Entrepreneur. Saito met with the CEOs of Apple, Twitter, and Google to talk about the future of Russian Technology. Saito says that Russia is aware that most of their economy is dependent on the energy sector. Russia is aware that they need to be more attractive to investors, however, they are unsure of where to install the investments. Saito became an asset to Russia because of his knowledge of global tech innovation. Saito wanted to help Russia understand their importance to the global tech revolution.


Saito discussed some of the key successes of Silicon Valley. Russia wanted to expand its reach and find ways to help startups and contribute to building new architecture. Renovo asked Saito to come to Russia so that the discussions could continue. The dialogue helped create Slovolko.


William Saito says that the future of Russian technology depends on creative thinking. It’s important to identify problems and offer solutions. Goldman Sachs agrees with Saito, as they are confident that Russia will become one of the World’s leaders in technology within the next few years. Goldman Sachs believes that Russia’s technology brands will rise to the level of their American and Asian peers.

NewsWatch TV Draws Praise From Avanca

NewsWatch TV has been at the heart of a host of TV ads for different firms. It has successfully produced tremendous results that have enabled them to maintain close ties with numerous organizations. They recently partnered with Avanca to run one of their crowdfunding campaigns. NewsWatch TV used their online channels and television shows to broadcast the promotional segment they had created.

Avanca was glad that they chose NewsWatch as they raised far much more than what they had hoped to get. The ad was able to get to close to 100 million families hence the tremendous success. Speaking on this partnership, Nathalie van Wijkvliet the firm’s MD insisted that working with NewsWatch TV was always a pleasure. She said that they received adequate support from the great team at the broadcaster.

The interviewers were spot on with their questions making the ad captivating and worthwhile. The media of NewsWatch was highly influential in the success of the crowdfunding project for their Windows 10 pocket PC. She also stated that they were looking forward to working with the television show as they made plans to launch the Ockel series 8 devices. The device which has the benefits of a mobile device is a complete desktop Windows 10 PC.

NewsWatch TV is hosted by both the ION and AMC networks. It runs for half an hour and is broadcast on a weekly basis. It has been up and running for close to three decades as its first show was aired back in 1989. Public awareness campaigns, product releases, travel & tourism as well as medical breakthroughs are all aired in the show that is not restricted to a few fields.

Diane Lane, Carrie Underwood, Julian Moore and Carl Lewis, the Olympian, are some of the notable celebrities that have graced the show. Apart from Avanca, they have run ads for numerous other market leaders. Toyota, LG, Discovery Channel as well as the American Health Association have partnered with them time and again.

The Career of Finance Professional Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is an executive in the financial services industry. He has spent a number of years working for a number of top investment firms. Over the years, Henry has steadily moved up the ranks to become a leading executive in the field. During his career, Gareth Henry has worked as an analyst, a research specialist, a managing director and also as a head of investor relations. With all of these positions, Henry has been able to make valuable contributions to the investment firms such as Schroders in London and Fortress Investment Group in the United States.

After working at the firm Fortress Investment Group for several years, Gareth Henry accepted his new position at the firm Angelo, Gordon &Co. Once taking on the new role at this firm, Henry will hold a number of top positions such as managing director and as the global head of investor relations. These positions will allow Gareth to help build and expand Angelo, Gordon & Co to other markets. Getting this position has made Henry very happy as he mentioned his satisfaction with joining one of the most versatile investment firms in the world. The President of Angelo, Gordon & Co Lawrence Schloss was also thrilled to have Henry as a part of his firm as well.

Before taking on the new opportunity at Angelo, Gordon & Co, Gareth Henry was a member of the global investment firm Fortress Investment Group. At this firm, he would hold a couple of key positions which included overseeing relations with investors. While he was a member of Fortress Investment Group, Henry spent a lot of his time getting more clients as well as working with investor clients to make sure that they are satisfied. His efforts have helped the firm expand into other worldwide markets in areas such as Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Gareth Henry began his career in London where he served as an analyst for an investment firm. This position consisted of him making calculations for stocks. With this opportunity, Henry would use it to move on to a higher ranking position as an investment researcher. As a research specialist, Henry would continue to evaluate asset classes and make recommendations for his firm as well as for clients. After a number of years, Henry moved to the United States to pursue a managerial role with the firm Fortress Investment Group.

Stream Energy, A Model of Corporate Philanthropy

Stream Energy, a Dallas-based energy company, is living the reality that philanthropy and business can go hand in hand with its Stream Cares Foundation. Stream energy used money from its very successful energy business to be one of the first to fund recovery from Hurricane Harvey and at the same time relieving the financial burden of its customers. When Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston neighborhoods extensively with up to 56 inches of rain, causing the loss of lives, homes, and much displacement, Stream Energy leveraged philanthropy and charity to not only raise much money for relief but making this kind of giving back a major part of their brand.

Philanthropy isn’t new to Stream Energy, as the company has been been involved in many philanthropic projects for more than twelve years. More recently, Stream Energy launched Stream Cares Foundation to certify its continued philanthropy not only in Texas but all throughout the United States. Adding a separate philanthropy arm to the business has a two-fold advantage: the company gives back to the community, while at the same time encourages new and loyal clients and the respect of the public.

They also have long standing relationships with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross in addition to driving local philanthropic projects and giving. Another major cause that Stream associates have is helping the homeless in Dallas. In a partnership with Hope Supply Co., both companies provide supplies and cover the cost of meals for more than 1,000 homeless children in North Texas at the annual event Splash for Hope. In their partnership with Hope Supply Co. for more than four years, they have provided much-needed supplies to homeless children such as clothing, diapers, and school supplies.

Stream Energy also aided Texas tornado victims in 2016 when North Texas experienced several tornadoes the day after Christmas. Working with the Salvation Army they raised thousands of dollars, and as a direct selling company were able to match funds and double the donations brought in by employees.

Anil Chaturvedi Is A Banking Veteran Who’s Expertise Is Sought After Industry Wide

Anil Chaturvedi is an industry veteran that is well-known all over the world today for his contributions to various banking corporations. With more than forty years of experience in the banking industry, Anil has seen and pretty much done it all. His expertise in investment banking, private banking, and commercial banking is unrivaled. Anil acquired his economics degree back in the early 70’s from Meerut University, quickly landing banking positions right out of college.

Since Anil first entered the banking industry in the 70’s, he has found positions at some of the biggest banking corporations in the world today, including the State Bank of India, Merrill Lynch, and Grindlays, which are only a few of the many that he has worked with or advised over the course of his career. Banking is an extremely important industry for the economics around the world, passing around huge amounts of money around the world economy. Most people don’t really understand how banking truly works or how it affects society, though Anil has always been one to explain and inform others of the banking industries inner workings.

According to Anil, there are several different kinds of banking out there, though the public just recognizes most banks to be the same thing. These different sectors of banking including private banking, investment banking, corporate banking, and retail banking. This different sectors of banking play different roles and serve different functions across the globe to help the various clients and their different needs. While some people often think it might be safer to keep money in their own hands, when dealing with truly high amounts of money, there are many services and opportunities that are available from using a trusted and reputable bank.

Today, Anil Chaturvedi is working for the Switzerland Hinduja Bank as a managing director, offering his expertise to customers and the company to help it expand over the next few years. Anil himself primarily enjoys working in private and investment banking, which usually deals with large sums of money and major corporations or wealthy individuals.