Ara Chackerian, Co-Founder of TMS Health Solution Provider

Ara Chackerian is an angel investor, an entrepreneur, as well as a philanthropist. He supports the developing health care facilities that are ready to reinvent the system of health care in the United States by investing in them. He is a graduate of Florida, State University, where he specialized in marketing. Presently, Ara is the acting Managing Director of ASC. Ara Chackerian has taken part in the development of some health care firms such as BMC Diagnostic, which is known for providing great diagnostic imaging services to clients, TMS, which is a behavioral health service provider based in California, together with PipelineRx which offers telepharmacy services. Ara has much experience in the development of health care firms.

Chackerian has managed to serve as the Executive Vice President of PSS/World Medical, which distributes its medical products globally. He has also been the Executive Chairperson at PipelineRx together with TMS Health Solutions and the Chief Executive officer at BMC Diagnostics.

The Chackerian group has been supporting as well as creating more non-profits, which look forward to ensuring youth development and their education. Their exceptional efforts are evident in Nicaragua, Armenia and the United States. The TMS Health Solutions provides service to those with treatment-resistant depression through transcranial magnetic stimulation. For more details visit LinkedIn.

TMS is a device that is diagnostically used in measuring the connectivity of the central nervous system with the skeletal muscle. This way doctors can evaluate the amount of damage when people suffer from a number of conditions, such as stroke, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, those with movement disorders, and also the motor neuron disorders. You can visit for more.


Ara together with his business partner had the vision to build diagnostic radiology facilities for outpatients. They started out by creating a network of new health facilities in Northern California. Their partners suggested the use of the transcranial magnetic stimulation. A device built using great technology to treat patients suffering from depression. The device would be used alongside the use of talk therapy and drugs. The outcome recorded after the device was used on those having major depressive disorder was appealing and promising.


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