The Founding Of End Citizens United And Strides It Has Taken To Date

The federal elections committee (FEC) regulations dictate that election candidates reveal the source and extent of their campaign financiers. However, in 2008 a conservative group referred to as ‘Citizens United’ sought to air a 90-minute long campaign ad “Hillary: The Movie” without revealing its financiers or how much it would cost to air the ad. FEC challenged the airing in federal court and won in a unanimous decision.

In 2010, however, the Supreme Court made a highly controversial ruling in favor of Citizens United that gave corporations rights to privacy. This effectively meant that they would privately finance election campaigns to their ideal candidates. End Citizens United was formed in 2015 to help check the excesses of this ruling and bring to light any heinous election frauds championed by corporations like running election ads that bombard their competition.

Impacts of the ruling

Election campaigns in the country are often marred by such non-conventional tactics as defamation through televised campaign ads. The FEC regulations demanding that campaign ad financiers take responsibility for their ads helped put checks and balances on the type of televised content. By absolving the donors and corporation of this responsibility, the Supreme Court opened a loophole on how elections are conducted in the country as donors don’t have to be named in the content they sponsor.

It also created loopholes for corporations to privately sponsor election campaigns for different individuals directly or indirectly. According to Supreme Court judge, Justice Stevens, such uncontrolled campaign spending undermines democracy and creates an assumption that the law creation process can be bought or sold to the highest bidder.

By investigating and prosecuting politicians deemed to have been compromised by the campaign funds, End Citizens United hopes to employ some remedies to the ramifications of this ruling while they find a lasting solution.

Steps End Citizens United takes to remedy the ruling

End Citizens United adopts several strategies aimed at helping curb the effects of the ruling and overturning it altogether. The most prominent step is geared towards supporting election candidates dedicated to strengthening election finance laws. The lot primarily consists of democratic candidates as well as individual Republican candidates opposed to the ruling.

The End Citizens United movement is also bent on gathering evidence of election finance frauds and taking offenders to court. This strategy is aimed at proving to the country and the Supreme Court judges how wrong they were in their citizens united v. federal election commission ruling. The more evidence they have against the rampant campaign finance abuses, the more solid their case in overturning this ruling.

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