Sightsavers Initiates Diversity in the CRPD

Diversity in Disability Rights was recently achieved with the election of six women with disabilities within the UN’s CRPD. There was only one woman representing the voice of disabled women prior. Thanks to Sightsavers’ initial campaign of #EqualUN history has been made.


By utilizing social media to get the word out, people became aware that the representation of women, in many different aspects of decision making roles in the UN, was unbalanced. The cry was heard, and the UN voted on June 12, 2018, to increase the number of disabled women at the helm. These women now make up a third of the members.


The six members are Gertrude Oforiwa Fefoame of Ghana, Rosemary Kayess of Australia, Miyoon Kim of the Republic of Korea, Risnawati Utami of Indonesia, Mara Gabrilli of Brazil, Amalia Gamio of Mexico. These six women will embody the premise of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


Officially adopted in December 2006, the CRPD continued the work of the UN, to ensure that all persons with disabilities enjoyed the full rights and fundamental freedoms as anyone else. The convention is in place to clarify their rights, according to law, and identify areas that require reasonable adaptations. A person with disabilities must not have their rights violated and their rights must be protected.


Unfortunately, many persons with disabilities live in conflict. They are denied education, healthcare, and other necessities. Many are subjected to violence or are locked into institutions away from society. Thanks to Sightsavers sounding the call to action for every voice to be represented at the UN level, less tragic stories are on the horizon.


A more diverse voice, that represents the populations under the governance of nations that may not hear them, is not only imperative, it’s right. How we treat the most vulnerable defines a nation. Not just in the current sense, but for generations to come.

Class Dojo Creates Cultures of Positivity in Schools.

Class Dojo is a platform released in 2011 as a way for non English speaking parents to keep up regular contact with their children’s teachers. Class Dojo wants to help build a bridge between teachers and parents that do not speak English. This tool helps support, develop and connect students with their skills, their teachers, and their parents.

This sharing platform allows parents to have access to their children’s reports, and also allows teachers to monitor student behavior. Teachers can upload photos and videos for parents to view as well.

Class Dojo claims to build a community and culture of positivity in classrooms and schools, while also building connections between teachers, school leaders, students, and families. It is currently in use in 90% of American school districts. Not only does it help build that connection though, it also a way for teachers to interact with their students with ease. Once a class is built, students can see their individual progress in the class, and teachers are able to reward their students in real time for tasks they perform.

The creators of Class Dojo had one thing on the back of their mind when they created this app. The fact that these relationships between teachers, students, and parents require trust. With that in mind Class Dojo has made their privacy policies very easy to find and read. They are as transparent as they can be with their users. Class Dojo promises to never sell or rent any user’s information, and they will not use the information for advertisement or marketing. All unnecessary information is deleted after 12 months, included student feedback points.

Class Dojo specifically makes sure to mention that they are in line with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act and the Family Education Rights and Privacy act. The app is also TRUSTe certified and has been granted the iKeepSafe COPPA Safe Harbor seal. They also do not collect sensitive information about students like addresses and gender.

Clearly Class Dojo is doing everything they can to keep their users safe and empower them to build communities of trust and positivity.


Understanding Contactless Payment by PSI-Pay

PSI-Pay is a firm that provides a contactless payment system that includes the use of debt, credit and the smartcards in the payment of payments under 20$. The NFC-near field communication technology used ensures that all the payments made are secure. Also, the transactions that are made using the technology are limited for the sake of protecting the clients against unauthorised payments. The contactless technology does not need a PIN or any signature from the customer. Some companies have started using the contactless payment but PSI-Pay is the market leader. The firm is among the Fintech companies that are regulated Financial Conduct Authority of Britain. The company lately united with Kerv to offer better services to customers.


PSI-Pay has professional staffs that have a lot of experience in alternative banking and have been offering their services since the year 2007 to the local and global businesses. The bases of this company’s operation are its clarity, transparency and efficiency poly that has dramatically influenced its success. After the company was licensed in 2011 by FCA, it is now able to provide to the whole European Union with electronic money. The firm also gives prepaid accounts that are viable in more than 170 countries.


The firm has been a principal member of MasterCard since 2009, and this enables it to offer the contactless PayPass programs, prepaid cards and virtual cards to both individuals and organisations all around the world. PSI-Pay has made payments in the retail setting much more comfortable with the contactless payment system as customers no longer need to do credit card checking, and count of cash. According to Kev founder Phil Campbell, the PSI-PAY-Kerv product is uniquely efficient in payment and sharing of data. There is a lot of hope in the contactless payment, and PSI-pay believes that it is the future when it comes to payment options.

See What Jeremy Goldstein Thinks about Employees’ Compensation Rights

Law matters will never end in this world. They have even continued to increase in the business world. Whenever you have a legal business issue, always contact a competent business lawyer like Jeremy Goldstein.

He knows business legal issues in and out, and the best approach to apply in each legal issue. In most of the largest companies in New York, Jeremy is an esteemed advisor.

Corporations with their main offices in other states in the country send representatives to have a meeting with this great attorney. They know his comments on an issue matter a lot. He is known to advise employees on the right compensation policy to choose, and enlighten them on their benefits.

The traditional stock options were meant to benefit the employees. However, this doesn’t happen today in most corporations. Jeremy says it’s disheartening that some corporations have gone ahead to eliminate these stock options.

He says it’s unfortunate some corporations have replaced employees’ stock options with some other benefits or awards. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

While most employees may not note the difference, Jeremy says it’s hurting. Although any company has the right to choose how it intends to compensate its employees, Jeremy Goldstein insists eliminating stock options is a serious offense.

Companies also benefit whenever they offer stock options to the employees. Jeremy, therefore, doesn’t understand why a company could get rid of these stock options. Companies shouldn’t just concentrate on the different benefits the employees want, and forget the obvious advantages that come with stock options.

According to Jeremy Goldstein, it’s wrong to provide employees with less complicated benefits at the expense of their rightful stock options. It’s evident today many companies are using equities to replace stock options. Most employees may find equities a logical choice, but they are not the best.

Jeremy says when a company decides to increase the wages and salaries of their employees to do away with the stock options, a huge imbalance is created. No other benefit can offer the equivalency level stock options offer.

Jeremy says its sad most corporations don’t realize this. With stock options, the employees are personally vested in the success the company achieves. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Quora

The worth of stock options increases when the company performs well. Having been in the legal advisory business for over 15 years, Jeremy Goldstein knows what’s good for the employees.


Global Demand, Global Satisfaction: OSI Industries

All across the world, there is an increasing demand for food production. While such demand appears to be met there are only a few industry leaders providing such satisfaction. One of the leaders in food service innovation is OSI Food Solutions. Below are a few ways OSI has set the standard for what it means to be a global food production company.

Of the many ways OSI Food Solutions stand out amidst the competition is having a myriad of capabilities. With OSI Industries you get more than top quality products. A tome can be written of the capabilities OSI offers, but one of the most vital is its food processing capabilities. OSI is an industry leader when it comes down to state-of-the-art capabilities in the processing of various foods. Along with processing capabilities stands OSI Food Solutions research and development teams as well. As with any organization that has a track record of success as well as longevity there has to be the ability to notice the ever-changing trends in whatever industry a company is focused. This is what makes OSI Food Solutions so special because their research and development teams supplied key information at key moments about the trends across the world which allowed OSI the opportunity to change and adapt. Innovation is definitely a cornerstone of the success of this company.

Would having a food Service Company there must be a standard of safety as well. With no room for failure regarding such OSI Industries take extraordinary food safety steps through very rigorous systems. By having such an enormous amount of weight on food safety OSI routinely conducts food safety inspections. A small example of the tedious practices that OSI Food Solutions have regarding safety is the continuation of good manufacturing practices (GMP). This is a training that employees receive as part of the orientation and at least annually thereafter. Never short on responsibility, this is an organization that understands the benefit of teamwork wherein each member functions and assist for the benefit of the whole. Along with such training, there are relentless tracking to ensure excellence and perfection when it comes to food safety and training. With these methods in place, OSI is sure to provide quality service with a quality foundation in place.

In short, OSI Food Solutions have set the stage for what it means to have an effective system in the production of food globally.

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The Founding Of End Citizens United And Strides It Has Taken To Date

The federal elections committee (FEC) regulations dictate that election candidates reveal the source and extent of their campaign financiers. However, in 2008 a conservative group referred to as ‘Citizens United’ sought to air a 90-minute long campaign ad “Hillary: The Movie” without revealing its financiers or how much it would cost to air the ad. FEC challenged the airing in federal court and won in a unanimous decision.

In 2010, however, the Supreme Court made a highly controversial ruling in favor of Citizens United that gave corporations rights to privacy. This effectively meant that they would privately finance election campaigns to their ideal candidates. End Citizens United was formed in 2015 to help check the excesses of this ruling and bring to light any heinous election frauds championed by corporations like running election ads that bombard their competition.

Impacts of the ruling

Election campaigns in the country are often marred by such non-conventional tactics as defamation through televised campaign ads. The FEC regulations demanding that campaign ad financiers take responsibility for their ads helped put checks and balances on the type of televised content. By absolving the donors and corporation of this responsibility, the Supreme Court opened a loophole on how elections are conducted in the country as donors don’t have to be named in the content they sponsor.

It also created loopholes for corporations to privately sponsor election campaigns for different individuals directly or indirectly. According to Supreme Court judge, Justice Stevens, such uncontrolled campaign spending undermines democracy and creates an assumption that the law creation process can be bought or sold to the highest bidder.

By investigating and prosecuting politicians deemed to have been compromised by the campaign funds, End Citizens United hopes to employ some remedies to the ramifications of this ruling while they find a lasting solution.

Steps End Citizens United takes to remedy the ruling

End Citizens United adopts several strategies aimed at helping curb the effects of the ruling and overturning it altogether. The most prominent step is geared towards supporting election candidates dedicated to strengthening election finance laws. The lot primarily consists of democratic candidates as well as individual Republican candidates opposed to the ruling.

The End Citizens United movement is also bent on gathering evidence of election finance frauds and taking offenders to court. This strategy is aimed at proving to the country and the Supreme Court judges how wrong they were in their citizens united v. federal election commission ruling. The more evidence they have against the rampant campaign finance abuses, the more solid their case in overturning this ruling.

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Southridge Capital Revolutionising the Financial world

Southridge Capital offers benefits that consider every contingency. These incorporate Financial Analysis, whereby the organization outlines very point by point, anticipated budgetary articulations that are by financial and operational suppositions. The firm likewise offers Balance Sheet Optimization, which depends on helping organizations keep up a fitting harmony amongst obligation and value and also access to instruments that will yield wanted outcomes. Southridge’s administrations concerning Mergers and Acquisitions systems involve access to merger applicants whose plans of action are adjusted well to a current portfolio customer.


As far as Restructuring Analysis, Southridge Capital enables their organizations to take the best activities for the best rebuilding results. Chapter 11 Advice involves transactions and also organizing to allow organizations to rise out of liquidation. At long last, Southridge’s Legal Settlement administrations are centered around assisting with settling a suit by plainly characterizing the more significant part of the legal prerequisites and limiting both time and costs brought about by its customers. There are vast amounts of individuals at present making utilization of the Southridge Capital office on account of all that they can improve the situation individuals.


They can work with you on a wide range of levels, regardless of whether you’re an individual requiring help with obligation issues or you have an enormous partnership that requirements help monetarily. Southridge is aware of and supports its social duty, which the group shows using both formal and casual magnanimity. Southridge advances humanitarian effort, group administration and giving as the group trusts those to be approached to enhance, reinforce the firm and to have a positive effect on groups as well as a society on the loose. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Like this, the organization centers around attempts that offer help and quality for kindred subjects and also improve endeavors completed by non-benefit association and religious philanthropies across the country. Together with his better half Mary, Stephen Hicks started the Daystar Foundation that backings a few beneficent associations. By submitting time and money related assets to the change of our general public, the two try to have an immediate effect and effect in the lives of those in require. You can check out their website



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Hussain Sajwani: The Vision Carrier for Damac Properties

Hussain Sajwani is the chief executive officer of the famous Damac Properties. He is known to be the founder of the same organization that has become one of the biggest in the real estate world. The company has undergone various phases of growth some of which were discouraging, but Hussain is a tough person who never gave up. Through an extensive interview by Arabian Business, Hussain shares openly on his story of rising and raising his empire despite the falls. Here is to a charming story from a real estate investment expert. It is essential to understand that he is among the UAE students who got a scholarship in the entire United States.


Hussain’s conversation reveals how he has traveled through various countries in the world since he was young. He associates most of his lessons in life to what his father exposed him into while a child. He recognizes his success and links it to the years he lived in his youth. Being a Damac owner today is something that he appreciates the past for. Forbes ranks him as the tenth richest Arab in the whole world. His net worth is approximately $3.7 billion. Under his leadership and tolerance, the Damac Properties has been able to rise in positions even in the world being the fourth leading public company in the year 2017. What sets him apart is the resilience to expand even after the experience of the 2008 property crash in Dubai that made the Damac Company crash down. Damac was the largest known private developer for Dubai. He rarely talks about those challenging encounters. The good thing is he rose above the storm, and today he is most recognized for his great projects he is running through. Hussain Sajwani, the Damac owner, is behind the praised luxury villas that were built in partnership with Trump Organization. It contains luxury apartments, sipping mineral water, clubhouse terrace, and luxurious grounds. He prides in this great success since it has made him more ambitious as he hopes for more development projects. His vision and plan for this company in future is to build excellent Damac towers in all gateway cities in the world.

Hussain Sajwani; the DAMAC owner Fights the 2008 Market Crash

All too often when things go wrong in life, people seek comfort in friends, families, and colleagues among others. In other scenarios, the same people will be heard complaining about expensive personal use items and other items in general. Similarly, you will hear of entrepreneurs complaining about business. At such moments, they reach out to their role models who have vast experience not only in business but also marketing skills. Hussain Sajwani is one such individual who has often been defined as a role model to entrepreneurs. The DAMAC owner is successful as it seems. However, it is also factual that he did not just wake up to success. Mr. Sajwani struggled to get to the point he is. To better understand his life, struggles and journey towards success, here is a short narrative of how he was raised, his predicament in business and the eventuality of victory.


Early Life and Education


The Hussain Sajwani DAMAC owner was born in the Middle East, to loving parents who committed most of their time to help him not only with school work but also the business. At the same time, the DAMAC owner worked in his father’s shop. While working in the shop, he was attentive to his father’s clients. Similarly, Sajwani the DAMAC owner developed a particular interest in school. For that reason, he enrolled in a medical school in Baghdad. Nonetheless, Sajwani left the institution after a few months of studying medicine. Why you may ask. Well, Sajwani changed his mind about the school of medicine. Therefore, he relocated to America with the hope of landing better opportunities.


The Onset of his Businesses


After joining the Washington University, Sajwani the DAMAC owner majored in economics and engineering. Consequently, when it was time to enter the job industry, he first practiced in GASCO. This is a famous oil company situated in Abu Dhabi. It is while working for that company that Hussain Sajwani changed his mind regarding employment. He now wanted to focus on business. Consequently, being a man with vision, he decided to establish a company that dealt with food and catering. For some time, the company majorly served high-profile clients within the Middle East. Besides, he still pursued a business in real estate. DAMAC Properties was born right after the foundation of a food catering business. Now with DAMAC properties, there have been tremendous success stories as the DAMAC owner has been closely working with high-profile clients and entrepreneurs in establishing a secure platform for the business.


Getting Back His Grove


Other than that, it is critical to highlight that the property developing firm underwent a major crash in 2008. At that moment Hussain Sajwani managed thousands of assets within his jurisdiction. Therefore, he was more aggravated by the fact that his clients suffered a significant loss. Faced with two primary options if he should quit of focus on revamping the business, Sajwani was wise to remember his father’s guidance when it came to business. Moreover, he recalled Mr. Ali Sajwani asking him always to pick up his armor in calamities. Until now, DAMAC Properties has been leading in real estate property development.

AvaTrade Customer Review: Forex Broker 2018

About AvaTrade

AvaTrade broker review was obtained from the former AvaFX broker company. The company has an excellent reputation regarding its facilities and protection for both their clients and their money. According to a statement released by the AvaTrade management board, they record a $60 million trading turnover per month. AvaTrade is an Irish brokerage company that has its headquarters in Dublin. Nevertheless, they have established subsidiaries in Sydney, Milan, Tokyo, and Paris. AvaTrade brokerage company has been legally registered, and their operations are regulated by the Central Bank of Irish.

Customer services

According to AvaTrade Review, the brokerage company has established a team that provides a professional response to any users and customer inquiries. They are available 24/7 through their phone operators. Customers don’t have to worry on the languages to use since their phone operators have vast knowledge on different languages such as English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. Moreover, you can reach them through their email live chat and ask for inquiries.

Trading Software types

As indicated, AvaTrade is a famous brokerage company due to the trading facilities it possesses. Many individuals prefer AvaTrade due to the variety of trading software you can use. They Include;


This software has been excellently designed by the IT team working or AvaTrade. It is a unique software that gives you a chance to make Forex with just a click. It has typical features that are convenient for both beginners and experts.

MetaTrader 4

This is a popular trading software that has excellent and unique features. You need to download the software and see the outstanding features it incorporates. Other trading software used by AvaTrade include; Mac trading option, Mobile version of the website for mobile users, Mobile apps for iOS and Android tablet and smartphone users, and Web trading option with a browser extension.

Ava Trading Facilities

According to AvaTrade customer reviews, the brokerage firm provides clients with facilities such as the fundamental and technical analysis. Moreover, they have a channel that displays the latest Forex news. Finally, AvaTrade has several realistic bonuses for their trades.