Jeremy Goldstein: Talking about Employee Benefits Again

It’s important to Jeremy Goldstein that every major corporation talks with their accountant before eliminating stock options as an employee benefit. Too many companies are getting rid of stock options because they don’t think they’re worth the trouble anymore. At one point, stock options were the only employee benefit offered.

Now, as more and more companies do away with stock options, they’re looking for other compensation methods. They’re looking for something that has no risks and all benefits. The problem with that is that no compensation method is perfect, which is why it’s so important that every corporation talks with their accountant before making any real decisions.

The main problem companies and their employees have with stock options is the risk of losing everything in the blink of an eye. It’s true; stock options are the riskiest form of compensation, but they also come with the most advantages.

Aside from the financial advantages of being in the stock market, stock options offer employees a direct line of sight of their value. Unlike other methods that don’t offer a form of equivalency, stock options show employees where they match up to the rest of their coworkers equally.

Equality is a big subject these days, as is hard-working employees not getting what they deserve. Stock options are based on the company’s success, meaning employees can see their work growing the company’s stock value. The more successful the company is, the more their stocks will be worth.

That makes employees work harder to ensure the company’s success. It’s a lot better than just paying employees more money to come to work and do just enough. They may come to work and try more to attract new customers and keep current customers happy. That’s an advantage other compensations methods can’t offer.

The man behind the stock options movement is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at his own firm which specializes in executive compensation, corporate governance, transformative corporate events, and specific situations. Jeremy Goldstein learned many of his tricks working as a partner at a similar law firm earlier in his career.

Now, Jeremy Goldstein spends all his time talking with clients about employee benefits. His clients trust his opinion more than their accountants’. Learn more:

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