Omar Boraie Focuses on the Middle Class

Omar Boraie is the man who gave me confidence that not everybody in the 1% are evil dirtbags. He has single-handedly turned the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey around and helped it become the flourishing city that it is today.

Sam Boraie achieved this mainly through his real estate company Boraie Development. He used his real estate company to hatch a four-part plan that would make New Brunswick great.

The first step of his amazing plan was to build community between families. Omar Boraie approached outreaches, churches, and nonprofits in an attempt to get them on board to help families. These various organizations each held events that were meant to build community between the families. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The second step of his amazing plan was to secure the job market. This had to be done in a twofold stroke. Firstly, he had a get current jobs to stay. While there were many things he did that made this happen, the main one was getting Johnson & Johnson to stay in New Brunswick. Once they agreed to stay, it was easy to get the other businesses the fall in line. Secondly, he had to bring new jobs the area. He built commercial real estate and factories and sold them to other businesses for margin profit. This allowed upstart companies to come to New Brunswick.

The third step of his amazing plan was to build a coalition of prominent and powerful people who helped New Brunswick be on their main agenda. This coalition was made up of the city Mayor, members of the City Council, the President of Rutgers, and various editors of various newspapers. They began to make their visions work in harmony to help New Brunswick thrive. Check out State Theatre New Jersey for more.

The fourth step of his amazing plan was to bring back a strong middle-class. He thought it would be wise to combine this with the first step of his plan which was to focus on young professionals. He knew that young professionals were having a hard time renting and leasing buildings. On top of that, they had an even more difficult time finding buildings that made them look prestigious. Omar had the idea that he would build real estate that the upper class would like but sell it for a price that the middle-class upstart professional could easily afford. This made the prices in New Brunswick competitive and brought the middle class in droves.




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