Highland Capital Management Donates a Grant of $1 Million in Support of Family Violence Victims

In October 2016, The Family Place received a grant of $1 million from Highland Capital Management, LP to support its charitable initiatives. The President of HCM James Dondero made the announcement during an annual event organized by The Family Place. Mr. Dondero said the grant would be channeled through its philanthropic affiliate Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. The Family Place is a Dallas based organization that focuses on helping victims of family violence. The organization was targeting to raise $2.8 million to support its Legacy Campaign, and HCM had pledged to contribute half of the amount raised in this campaign.

According to the co-founder of Highland, they accepted to support The Family Place after local authorities in Dallas requested well wishers to assist in ending the family violence issue in Dallas. The Legacy Campaign was supposed to fund the construction of Counseling Center in Central Dallas to cater for the needs of victims of family violence.

Insights about James Dondero

James Dondero is a Dallas based entrepreneur and businessman who in 1993 co-founded Highland Capital Management. He has worked in the credit and equity markets for over 30 years and has been mainly focusing on distressed and high-yield investment. Highland pioneered the formation of CLOs and credit solutions for individual and institutional investors globally. Under the leadership of Dondero, HCM has emerged as a leader in private equity fund, REITs, ETFs, hedge funds, CLOs, mutual funds and separate accounts.Mr. Dondero has received several accolades and honors such as the Lipper Award, Morningstar’s 5-star and Morningstar’s Healthcare Fund.

Before co-founding Highland Capital Management, Dondero served as CIO at Protective Life, an affiliate of GIC, where he helped it to grow from inception to over $2 billion asset under management.From 1985 to 1989, James Dondero worked at American Express serving as a Corporate Bond Analyst. He kicked off his career at Morgan Guaranty as an analyst. He graduated with highest honors from the University of Virginia where he majored in Accounting and Finance. He is an active philanthropist where he has supported various charitable causes in education, public policy and veteran affairs.

US Money Reserve Finds More Ways To Market Gold And Silver Bullion

There are always highs and lows in an economy and recessions come and go. But on occasion a recession can become so extreme that hyperinflation or deflation could hit the markets, and when that happens having gold in your possession is usually the best solution. That’s what US Money Reserve is about; selling gold and silver bullion for such times as those.

US Money Reserve is one of the largest private sellers of gold and silver based in Austin, TX and is in the business of providing useful information to new investors. US Money Reserve also redid their website recently to provide even more information for new customers and increase live chat availability for them.

US Money Reserve has an extensive collection of gold, silver and even platinum coins to choose from in their catalog. They also have a photo gallery of about 19 different coins and bullion editions. You can search their catalog quite easily and take a look at exclusive offers and products ranging from the upper to the lower prices.

Included in US Money Reserve’s exclusive series is the Reagan Legacy Signature bullion, a numismatic that commemorates the former president’s 1985 event. The US Money Reserve also has a deep knowledge center for those who want to understand more about the basics of buying gold and diversifying their portfolio. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-money-ceo-angie-koch-121500601.html and http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-encourages-visitors-to-explore-its-new-website-and-e-commerce-coin-catalogue-300225181.html

One reason buying gold with US Money Reserve is a great decision is because they are the only private precious metals company that has a former US Mint Director leading them. Philip N. Diehl was US Mint Director for 8 years and is known for the “50 States Quarters” in 1999.

Diehl has taken much of his experience in running a savvy business at the Mint to US Money Reserve, including running an interactive sales website where users had a wide variety of coins to purchase. But Diehl is also passionate about making sure everyone understands the opportunities afforded by owning precious metals.

US Money Reserve has free information that’s available upon signup, and their customer service team makes sure you are guided to the right place.

Buying gold and other precious metals has its risks depending on which products you want, but with the right plan for storage and keeping it for the long-term, you can be prepared for an economic storm.

According to Crunchbase, Client-Connect Advantage is US Money Reserve’s resource for ongoing support, and you can speak to a representative there immediately by going to www.USMoneyReserve.com.

Select a Quality Used BMW from Beverly Hills Autos

Beverly Hills Autos brings you everything you would ever need in an auto dealership, offering great cars and customer service. BMWs weave between a sports car and a regular sedan. Beverly Hills Autos used BMWs come in a variety of sizes; however, four seats are quite common for the BMW sedan/sports car.


Due to major depreciation levels, a used BMW is far cheaper than a new vehicle. It is recommended that a buyer of a used BMW, consider a car driven up to 150,000 miles as a measuring point. Any used car can be a problem if not carefully selected. Therefore, check the maintenance records of the car and the number of owners. Beverly Hills Autos has plenty of used BMWs for customer selection.


Beverly Hills Autos understands some buyers want a newer car at a lower price, so they keep a nice selection of BMWs in stock. The 2013 BMW-1 series makes a nice showing among used luxury vehicles. It gets good mileage and has a reliable engine.


The 2011 BMW is small and listed as one of the top used “Bimmers” for purchase. The 2014-2 series is ranked highly but may be difficult to find. Like any purchase, research. Know the fair value, car history, and check the guarantee.



Brian Torchin Excels in Medical Recruiting Business

Brian Torchin’s career has entailed staffing and managing medical offices. He has worked in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida. This experience led him to found HCRC Staffing firm. This firm works in recruiting and seeing that medical clients are well handled and treated.

They work full-time to offer consultations and staffing services in the health care industry. They market employment opportunities in the healthcare and firms partnering in the healthcare industry.

Torchin has played a significant role in Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. He has been praised for his ability to offer solutions to his clients and giving the best job candidates to the requesting organizations. Learn more about Brian Torchin: http://www.wellness.com/dir/458034/chiropractor/pa/philadelphia/brian-torchin-dc

HRC Staffing has over 200 clients in U.S, Canada, Asia, Europe and Australia. In these regions, Brian and his firm collaborate with private practices, hospitals, and urgent healthcare centers.

Brian tries to be knowledgeable on the compensation trends in the healthcare system so that he knows what attracts clients in the sector and what compensations are offered. HRC’s Staffing database has physicians who work tireless day and night, and over the weekends to communicate with clients and physicians.

The physicians at HRC Staffing work to find quailed candidates for the new client openings. Clients are given the right job search criteria. They assess the market demand, schedule interviews, reference and negotiate contracts on behalf of their clients.

Brian Torchin and his firm started staffing with doctors of Chiropractic, physicians, physician assistants, and therapists. In addition, the firm covers dentist opportunities, podiatrist opportunities, and nurse practitioners.

HRC Staffing can modify healthcare solutions to meet specific needs. They provide individualized career consultation. The firm is known to respect and trust their clients and give them the best.

Offering efficient and fast solutions and being there for his clients has always been Brian’s goal. He is a team player who has excelled due to his expertise in consultation in the healthcare sector. Brian is a blogger who publishes articles for HRC Staffing Blog. He writes in areas such as online marketing, hiring medical staff, interview questions to expect, and tips to hiring the best candidate.

Todd Lubar- Success In Real Estate

The president of TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar has been making an impact on the business world for quite some time. Lubar has worked for more than two decades to help others achieve their real estate dreams. His passion for helping others has led him to work to improve the ability for people to get loans for their homes. Lubar recently spoke with ideamensch about what drives him and his passion for improving the real estate industry.

Lubar worked in the real estate industry for years. During nearly twenty years of work he realized that there are a number of barriers for people when trying to get their home. He wanted to do something to try to help these people. He created a product that provides great relief to these people. Lubar’s passion is quite obvious and he works hard to help others.

Todd Lubar credits his daily routine as a big reason for his success in business. Lubar starts almost every day with breakfast with his children and a morning workout. He believes these things help to clear his head and prepare his mind for the upcoming day. He also is convinced his will is a big part of his success. As an entrepreneur you must have a will combined with great ideas in order to create success. He consistently knows what is going on in the news and works hard to research and stay on top of industry trends. More detailsof his job can be found on LinkedIn.

Todd Lubar is is an entrepreneur and businessman who has worked in the real estate for many years. His success is obvious as he has ranked in the top 25 mortgage originators in the country for many years. He has spent his career working very hard to foster a culture of trust and open communication in his business. With such great passion for helping others, it is almost certain his work will continue on for many more years. You can visit his About.me page to know more.


Lifeline Screening is a True Life Saver

The list of reasons to get screened for life threatening diseases and their severity run long and short. On the amicable side, Lifeline Screening uses state of the art technologies that are painless. These techniques used to screen for ailments are practiced by certified medical professionals. Moreover, many screens are available with little to no preparation. They also happen to be affordable, which really makes them convenient.No matter what you are being screened for at Lifeline Screening, there are three basic methods used. These are ultrasound, finger-stick and limited electrocardiograph.

Each one of these methods detects problems in a specific way. Ultrasound is used to determine if there is an issue in a particular area of the body. Some of the conditions this methods detects are abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid artery disease and bone density. Finger-sticks find issues when it comes to cholesterol, proteins and enzymes. However, they are also used for lipid panels, glucose screenings and detecting cardiovascular disease. As the name suggests, an electrocardiograph detects issues in the heart such as fibrillation, which is a medical term for an irregular heartbeat. Regular EKG screenings greatly reduce the chance of a patient having a stroke.

On the not so amicable side for reasons to be screened for diseases, they are legion. The list includes, but is not limited to, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, prostate cancer, thyroid disease, lung cancer, type 2 diabetes and peripheral artery disease. However, none of them have to be a serious problem with early detection and preventive care.That is precisely what Lifeline Screening makes possible. The philosophy behind what this organization does is “Why diagnose when you can prevent?” and it makes perfect sense. As a team, this organization makes a difference in countless lives. But the way is not just through medicine. Their online blog site has tasty and healthy recipes for everyday way to take care of the body. In this way the organization’s expertise helps patients in the home and at the doctor’s office.

Source of the article : Here.

Self Expression is Encouraged With Fabletics

It is very likely that people have heard that fashion is a form of self expression. One of the common ideas is that people should always be expressing themselves in some way. One thing that people don’t realize is that everything they wear says something about them. This is why it is important for people to be deliberate and careful about what they wear. They want to control what they say about themselves to people. Then there are some issues in fashion when it comes to self expression. There are times when people don’t have the resources to express themselves through fashion. For instance, activewear has always been limited in their selections. Fortunately, a change has been brought forward with a new brand called Fabletics.


Fabletics as a brand has taken the fashion world by storm with what it has done with the activewear area of the fashion industry. The owners of the brand Don Ressler and Kate Hudson have seen a limited selection in activewear and have wanted to make sure that there is something unique for people so that they will be able to enjoy some great fashion that gives a unique identity to anyone who is interested in fashion.


Fabletics has managed to bring something new to fashion. It is not the unique cuts, but a much more effective opportunity for customers to discover who they are. Fabletics is almost like having a tailor. The only thing is that it costs a lot less for customers. Customers also get a lot of features for memberships which makes the experience a lot more personalized. Therefore, people will be able to put together something that is a perfect representation of who they are as people.


One of the best things about using fashion for self expression is that it allows people to explore who they are and come to appreciate themselves. Fabletics wants that for people of all sizes. Therefore, they have become an all inclusive company. Men and women of all sizes have the chance to put together outfits that are very unique to their tastes and sense of style.

U.S. Money Reserve founder is world’s foremost expert on gold coins

Over the last 15 years, U.S. Money Reserve has distinguished itself as the nation’s leading seller of gold coins and other precious currencies. It has also distinguished itself as one of the companies with the most extensive expertise in nearly all aspects coin sales.

Read more on Crunchbase about US Money Reserve.

Founded in early 2000 by Phillip Diehl, ex-director of the U.S. Mint, U.S. Money Reserve has a staff of dozens of the world’s most talented experts, from economists to appraisers of coin value. This deep pool of talent has allowed U.S. Money Reserve to distinguish itself among all of its competitors, delivering strong value to its clients since the day of its inception.


One of the many areas which U.S. Money Reserve has provided outstanding service in a wide variety of highly innovative and valued products is in its creation of a special type of retirement account called a Self Directed Individual Retirement Account. This account type is like a traditional retirement account. However, it allows the account holder to solely determine the mix of assets that make up the account and the various proportional allocations which those assets are assigned. This puts the administrative functions of the account completely in the hands of the user, along with levels of latitude that are not seen in any other retirement product.


This is not merely an opportunity to make the customer feel good about themselves and the product. A Self Directed Individual Retirement Account allows for the customer to achieve a crucial level of diversification, using tools that were previously only available to the super rich and professional account managers. This puts the tools that professionals have relied on for decades to ensure their high-net-worth clients are sufficiently diversified to withstand any market downturns into the hands of average Americans. This is just one of the many ways in which U.S. Money Reserve has created innovative products that allow its customers to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.


Another aspect of U.S. Money Reserve’s successful rise to the top of the gold coin industry is its innovative web portal. This is much more than just a website. Like eBay and Amazon, it allows users to purchase gold coins with the ease and efficiency of the largest and most popular shopping sites on the internet. This is a crucial step in bringing to a wider audience the availability of investment strategies which were previously only accessible to those professional account managers who were in charge of multimillion-dollar transactions. Now, it’s fully possible for any American to purchase gold coins as part of a broader diversification strategy.


Watch videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/usmrwebvideos.