Bruce Levenson’s Camp Sues Insurance Company over Settlement Claims Related to Hawks Basketball Franchise

Former Atlanta Hawks Basketball franchise holding company, AHBE owned by Bruce Levenson filed a lawsuit against AIG for breach of insurance contract. The contract was meant to cover losses related to employment practices such as wrongful termination and workplace torts.

The lawsuit states that AIG is liable to pay for the claims. It also claims that AIG has not only refused to settle the claims, but they have failed to acknowledge the insurance claims sent to them as well as failing to offer any response towards AHBE.

In light of this situation, the current Hawks Basketball Franchise owners were quick to distance themselves from the ongoing litigations. “We are aware of the lawsuit. However, the two conflicting parties have no ties with the current ownership and therefore no further comment on this matter.” A spokesman said.

According to ESPN, Tony Ressler, A billionaire investment fund manager together with Grant Hill, former NBA star and Co-Founder of Marquis Jet, Jesse Itzler are believed to be the new owners of the basketball franchise. The total fee involved in the acquisition is believed to be around $730 million, the highest bid for the franchise. Bruce had expected the franchise to sell for at least $1 billion after hiring Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to carry out a valuation of the franchise and manage the negotiations.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce is a businessman and a philanthropist, see, He is the former owner of the Hawks Basketball franchise and a Co-Founder of United Communications Group (UCG). Bruce is also a board member of Tech Target, a publicly traded IT company. As a philanthropist, Bruce has been involved with many nonprofit organizations such as the Community Foundation, the Hoop Dreams Foundation, SEED Foundation, and Seeds of Peace. He has served as president of I Have a Dream Foundation, helping disadvantaged kids pursue Higher Education.

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Why The World Should Join Lovaganza In The Global Celebrations

Lovaganza is promising a unique event that will make the whole world come together to embrace each other and appreciate the differences that define communities. The company has for more than one decade been offering entertainment services and in recent years they began investing in projects that support the growth of humanity.

One of the projects the company is looking to implement is the establishment of a foundation that will champion the attainment of equal rights for children across the world. The Lovaganza Foundation will be launched in 2018 and will come before the main celebrations that the company will organize to be held in 2020.

The 2020 Lovaganza celebrations will feature different cultures and communities and will highlight the cultures that exist in the world. People across the world will be invited to the event and no special rights on will be needed for one to access the celebrations. It is a method the company is using to create unity through entertainment.

Prior to choosing 2020, Lovaganza picked 2015 and some preparations were underway to implement the idea. However, according to the managers of the program, choosing 2015 would not provide the effect the company wanted from the event. Part of the reason was that the time available would not be sufficient to guarantee a success.

Having secured enough time, the company is now able to embrace current entertainment technology and concepts that are designed to enhance quality. There will be enough time to also cater for marketing and to arrange all the items that will be necessary for the event to proceed seamlessly. The time remaining is also enough to allow for testing and development of better programs to be aired during the celebrations at

How the event will be marketed
The marketing part of the celebrations is also something that cannot be omitted if Lovaganza wants to achieve success in the entire process. To let the whole world understand what the celebrations will entail, Lovaganza has created the Traveling Show on, which is a way to reach different countries and share previews about the celebrations.

Set to be launched in 2017, the Traveling Show will feature trilogies and will be driven towards educating the world about some of the things that will be highlighted in 2020. It is a way to promote the event while also entertaining the audience and teasing them for the full celebrations in 2020. The show will be run until 2020.

Malini Saba: A True Tycoon of Business

When it comes to great businesswomen, Malini Saba is one of the greatest. Born on the poor island nation of Sri Lanka, Malini brought herself to the U.S. with only a few hundred dollars a lot of dreams. Through the help of her husband, she was able to attend a few lectures at Stanford, where she soon became deeply interested in business and the art of investing. She took her education further, gathering up the firsthand experiences of great investors and bankers by traveling around and asking them how they go to where they are. When no venture capital firm would take her on, she created her own firm called Saban.


In the United States, Saban is invested heavily in technology. Elsewhere in the world, Malini Saba’s company invests in oil, gas, real estate, and rice. Malini’s goal is to invest where other investors believe the stakes are too high and the investment is too risky. That is the only way that she feels comfortable with the investments that she makes. She even stated in an interview with Ideamensch that she bucks the current trends in favor for trends that she thinks will exist three to five years down the road. This strategy has paid off well for her. She has faced some adversity in the recent past, however. Her company was involved in some investments that were soon taken over by corrupt companies. Nevertheless, she picked herself back up and made the company successful again.


Not only is Malini Saba a world-renowned investor, but she is also an avid philanthropist. Malini will donate to every cause she can think of, especially when it comes to her home country. When the tsunamis struck the small island nation of Sri Lanka, she was one of the first to help out financially, giving over $10 million in aid. She also started a nonprofit company called Stree, which is focused on giving women a leg up in poor and at-risk countries. Stree gives women a voice, the ability to get healthcare, and a foot in the door to the public policy in their countries.  No matter what, she will always pick her child up from school every single day of the week.

How to Save Your Digital Reputation

On October 18, 2016 Alexander Nguyen (Patch Staff) wrote an article reporting a new California Company, Status Labs, would open an office in Culver City by the end of October 2016. Status Labs is a company which specializes in reputation management.


It is well known that a reputation often means the difference between being a success or a failure. Status Labs is a company which uses a number of procedures to assist companies and individuals in maintaining, or restoring, their digital reputations.


Status Labs uses techniques designed to create an image that will achieve a higher rating on the Google Search results or with the social media. This may include such things as press releases, showcasing the best of a product or person, media hits in the news and so forth. There is no charge for an initial consultation.


Their Business Development Director is Spencer Blye, who is well known in the Digital Reputation Management field. His vast experience in digital strategy is well known and he previously worked with companies such as Verizon, Sonos and Unilever.


Darius Fisher is owner and co-founder of Status Labs and is considered its Digital Crisis Expert. He has firms in Sao Paulo, New York and Austin. This company works with athletes, politicians, CEOs, public figures and Fortune 500 brands, with over 1,500 clients in 35 countries.


Status Labs specializes in providing an opportunity for clients to negate things, such as bad press or attacks, that have ruined their reputations. Graduating from Vanderbilt University, Mr. Fisher has developed a company which provides an outstanding and needed service in many areas.


Services offered by Status Labs include:


  • Digital Financial Communications


  • Public Relations Strategy


  • Online Reputation Management


  • Digital Crisis Response


  • Social Media Marketing


  • Search Engine Optimization


Mr. Fisher has used his vast experience to develop an expert team as well as an experienced Advisory Board. Each member of the firm is devoted to customer satisfaction and providing the best service possible to restore their client’s reputation.



Waiakea is Helping Redefine the Water Bottle Industry

60 million plastic bottles make their way into incinerators and landfills each day; this amounts to a grand total of 22 billion water bottles being thrown away each year according to the Container Recycling Organization website. Learn more about Waiakea water:

Those numbers are six times greater than the plastic water bottles that were thrown away in 2004 compared to 1997. This huge increase in plastic bottle waste has led many consumers to become more environmentally conscious and to be self-aware of their carbon imprint.

What if there was an alternative to the water bottle industry? The industry could be redefined thanks to Waiakea, a company who has taken great lengths to set themselves apart from the competition.

Unique, Pure Product

Ryan Emmons is the founder of Waiakea and starting bottling the Hawaiian volcanic water in 2012. He discovered the water he and his family had been drinking for several seasons was special in nature.

“I discovered my family had access to one of the most naturally healthy, pure, and sustainable water sources in the world,” Emmons stated about the pure water.

According to Shop Guarment, Waiakea water is a rather unique, but pure product unlike previous water bottles. The water is packed with a mixture of essential nutrients and minerals to help people live a healthier and happier life. The mineral composition contains a mixture of silica, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and even calcium.

Drinking this mineral rich water is usually healthier than drinking the bottled tap city water often sold to consumers with the tag of being from a ‘pure’. The true source of these cheap knockoffs was nothing more than a common household tap.

Sustainable Packaging & Renewable Energy

According to  Organic Authority, the Waiakea spring may be one of the purest sources of water in the world. The water itself is filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock in the Mauna Loa volcano.

The water is also sourced from a sustainable aquifer with a 1.4-billion-gallon recharge rate where it’s bottled in a facility using 33% renewable energy for the packaging process.

The company’s efforts have even earned it the first premium bottled waters and beverages in the world certified to be CarbonNeutral. The packaging speaks for itself being made out of a 100% recyclable, high grade polyethylene terephthalate, which uses up to 85% less energy compared to regular plastic bottles.

The combination of this refined manufacturing process has allowed the company to reduce its carbon emissions by over 90%; and the plastic is even BPA free too.

Andy Wirth’s Successful Career

Andy Wirth is the current President and the Chief Executive Officer of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He took over the position from Nancy Cushing in the year 2010. Andy started off his career in Steamboat Springs Resort in the year 1986, and for years he has worked for the company he has served various positions in leadership and marketing. In the year 2007, Steamboat was acquired by Intrawest, and Andy was chosen as the CEO and the Executive Vice President of the company. Andy left Steamboat in 2010 for President and CEO position at Squaw Valley.

Squaw Valley Ski was acquired by KSL Capital Partners, and this is the period when the company decided to replace the company’s CEO Nancy Cushing with Andy Wirth. After Andy had been appointed as the CEO, he made a $70 million worth upgrade of the company to improve its performance in the market. The upgrade was mainly done on the infrastructure of the hotels. Within a year of Andy’s leadership, the company had managed to improve its performance with 20 percent. Squaw Valley acquired Alpine Meadows Ski Resort in 2011 and Andy was made the head of the two resorts.

While still serving as the President and the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, Andy Wirth was also elected as the Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Air Service Corporation (RASC) and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. RASC focuses on improving the quality of air services offered in Reno-Tahoe International Airport and managing flights in the airport.

Andy Wirth has received some awards in his career. In 2002, he received the leader of the year Award by Steamboat; in 2009, he was on the list of 25 Minds in Hospitality, Travel Sales, and Marketing. In 2012, Andy received Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award from Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees.

Andy loved Skydiving, and as he was doing it, he got a serious accident that he almost lost his limb. After recovering, he co-founded Wooden Warrior Support and organization that aimed at honoring people serving navy seal. The organization raises fund to support Navy Seal Foundation.