Doe Deere shares her friend’s work

Doe Deere is one of the most influential people in the cosmetics industry. Several years ago, Doe launched Lime Crime with one mission, allow women everywhere to live their lives out loud. Since launching, Lime Crime has released many exciting products. Women throughout the world look forward to the launch of Lime Crime’s next lipstick, blush, and eyeliner. Doe Deere enjoys innovating these products, but she also enjoys supporting local artists. Doe feels that the creative community needs to support each other so that everyone can achieve their dreams.

Recently, Doe had a great opportunity to share the work of another local artist. Joshua David McKenney is a dollmaker in Los Angeles. He is close to Doe, so he decided to create a Doe Deere doll. The doll was a perfect match for Doe Deere.

Doe was extremely excited to receive the doll from her friend Joshua. She put on a matching outfit, and immediately posted a picture to Instagram. Her picture was seen by thousands of Doe’s followers. Doe has a great social media presence, and she loves sharing products and images with her followers.

Richard Prince is a 66-year old artist that works out of the Gagosian Gallery. The artist took a screenshot of Doe’s picture and immediately began altering it. He removed any reference to the creator. After altering the picture, Richard Prince began printing the picture. He printed it on 48 x 65-inch paper and took it to a local art auction. Prince sold the print for $90,000 at Frieze Art Fair. Prince made a huge sum and Joshua did not get any of the profit.

Richard Prince probably thought that he would easily get away with his actions, but the internet never forgets. Doe Deere has an army of Instagram followers and several of them noticed that a print had sold. When people discovered that Joshua had received nothing for the print, and also received no credit, the community was outraged. Joshua has a different reaction to the incident.

Dollmakers have struggled for years to receive recognition, and now millions of people are interested in Josh’s work.

While Doe is frustrated that her friend’s work was stolen, she is glad that the incident had a happy ending.

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The Midas Legacy: A Model For Financial Wealth Management

Most investment firms are looking to help others make sound financial decisions. However, part of the problem why people are so financially unstable is because other areas of their life are out of whack. For instance, a person may have a ton of money saved for retirement, but one night during a depressive state they spend a fortune on a car that they do not need. Things like this happen all the time. The only way to prevent and hope to improve is by having someone work with a person on all aspects of their life. The Midas Legacy is just the firm. They do not look to just the finances, but they help people discover the path they are on and fix what is wrong.

The company’s model is ingenious. They are located in the Winter Park area of Florida. When a person joins the Midas Legacy as a client, they get a The Midas Code book for free. This book is filled with wealthy information about how to be successful. Their website is quite informative too. It has things like a retirement calculator, natural cures for common conditions, blogs, and much more. It is one of the most well-rounded advisory teams around.

Most people already have the keys they need to be successful. However, they let their emotions and other circumstances get in the way. The group at The Midas Legacy teaches people how to avoid emotional spending. One of their top areas of focus is on the pre-retirement group. Too many people are depending on Social Security these days and it may or may not be a factor in upcoming years.

What makes this group unique is their diversity. They also have a specialist who helps people who are interested in looking to natural cures. The physical man can play a big role in emotions and finances. If a person is sick all the time, they are going to have less time and energy to devote to their wealth. Midas Legacy does not tell people what to do. In fact, they actually allow people to draw their own conclusions based on where they are and where they want to go. Why didn’t someone think of a concept like this years ago?

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Thicken those Thin Strands with Wen

Using new hair products is an adventure. Using new hair care products when you have naturally thin hair can sometimes be a nightmare. Luckily, using WEN hair by Chaz on this hair type is a dream.

One of the annoyances that those of us with thin or fine hair types must struggle with is the tendency for our hair to become weighed down by products. One blogger recently told her story of a six-day trial run with Wen on Bustle. She had chosen the Fig formula from the sephora healthy hair line. This is a thick, rich blend to give hair shine, bouncy locks and plenty of moisture.

Over the following week she discovered a few new things about her hair. The first day she marveled at how much thicker her strands felt in the shower. Her hair was soft and shiny too. She also noticed that there was a lot less hair falling out in the shower. Days two and three she discovered that the rich formula made her hair almost too moisturized. But, if she showered and washed in the mornings, she would reap the benefits of the rich conditioner all day. While her trial run wasn’t long enough to show all the benefits of Wen, she was quite happy with the results.

Wen hair  by Chaz is a groundbreaking new way to care for your hair. Wen is an easy to use sulfate-free replacement for shampoo, conditioner and leave-in products. Instead of a bunch of harsh sulfate bearing products, you just use this one thing.

Wen is amazingly simple to use. Just rinse your hair, pump out enough Wen and rub it into your scalp and strands. Use water to help spread it evenly in the hair. It won’t lather but it will leave your hair at its best. Their products are available on Amazon.

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Through the Eyes of an Activist

Thor Halvorssen is not your average activist. The thirty nine year old is the president of New York-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF) which he launched about ten years ago. Born and raised in Caracas he speaks fluent American English without any accent and has a rich ancestry consisting of royalty. He has a lot of experience in this line of work and has been through turmoil in the fight against criminal activities. For instance, his father exposed government corruption while working as Venzuela’s drug czar and in turn he was tortured in Caracas prison. His mother similarly got shot in an anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration.

Thor Halvorssen however, does not let the past affect his doings neither does he let bitterness cloud his judgement. In fact, he says he is a lover of people. Those whose his affection he gives the most are dissidents and defectors and those who don’t just sit there while authoritarians break laws. He had Vaclav Havel serve as HRF’s chair until his demise in 2011. According to, Halvorssen then replaced him with Garry Kasparov, a Russian chess grandmaster and one of Vladimir Putin biggest and well-known critics. Kasparov had been through a lot as well to the extent that he was literally punched by a Russian police officer during a protest against the guilty verdict and two-year sentence of Pussy Riot for the crime of singing anti-Putin song.

Thor has also seen the back of whip for a cause. Six years ago, he and his camera man traveled to Ho Chi Min City to interview Thich Quang Do, a man who was the patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam and who had spent 28 years under house arrest. However, Vietnamese authorities would not let them have it easy and before he could leave he was arrested and detained.

HRF determination to cover various corners of the world and expose dictatorial regimes is relentless and is willing to provide support and listening ear to dissidents and political prisoners in any country. They might be smaller than other blue-chip human rights organizations but their concern for the oppressed in various countries and their lack of fear to bring to light injustices done to victims make them equals.