Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala Recognized as M&A Advisor Emerging Leader

The M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Awards honors Anthony Marsala for his notable accomplishments and business proficiency. The awards began in 2010 as the 40 Under 40 Awards. M&A, Turnaround, and Financing professionals are honored at the black tie awards gala to acknowledge the achievements of developing leaders. This event also introduces these new leaders to notable leaders in the business community. Marsala, a 15 year leveraged finance and M&A advisory veteran, was recently chosen as a participant in the 2016 Crain’s Leadership Academy Program. The M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Awards will take place on June 10th at the New York Athletic Club in Manhattan, New York.

An integral part of what drives this investment banking firm is the importance placed on emerging markets. The international firm is based in Chicago, Illinois and was established in 2011. The firm makes a philanthropic effort to support needs of the community such as disaster relief. Madison Street Capital provides world class advisory services, merger & acquisition expertise, as well as financial advice. The company offers their services to public and private businesses alike. With a supreme level of professional standards, the firm represents many boards, special committees, shareholders, and companies. MSC is involved in multiple industry sectors including: private debt placements, valuation, ESOP advisory, fairness & solvency opinions, and restructuring. The company currently holds 100 deals in exclusive contracts.

MSC’s clients span across a wide range of industries from aviation and healthcare to media and real estate. The advisors at MSC are capital raising experts, with unparalleled negotiation skills and attention to detail. MSC’s services extend to companies seeking growth capital or intending to use the funds for M&A activities. The advisors raise funds based upon a strategic plan which includes valuation and risk mitigation. MSC has an immense network of institutional investors to leverage.

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A New Age of Web-Based Search Engines

While keyword-matched searches are only as good as the searcher’s ability to describe an item. Visual search engines identify items in imagines by looking for color, shape, proportions, text to identify brand and product names. Some visual search engines allow text input and give a visual display of the search results. Visual search engines search for web pages, as well as, media content like videos, images, and podcasts. Some offer that ability to search for similar sites. There are a variety of ways these engines display results. They can be arranged in stacks (viewing one web page at a time), along a Google timeline, simple text, showing a photo tag cloud, or even a 3D cube made of visual previews of media content. Every search engine is different, some use Yahoo or Google to do the search while others like Slyce (for shopping) work with partners and build their own database. Some only show web pages and some only show media content.

A new app, Slyce, launched in 2013, featuring a “Snap find Shop” capability. Referred to as “The Shazam for shopping,” snap a picture whether it’s a QR code, barcode, advertisement, or a 3D image. It takes 1 one to five seconds for codes or ad image results to show up, while 3D images take five to fifteen seconds. From the man that founded Futurelink (the original cloud computing company in the 90’s) and Trace (autonomous cameras that follow and stream live action), Cameron Chell, developed visual search technology that can identify products based on a picture and allow the user to purchase the item on their smartphone.

Sanjay Shah And The Business Of Autism

Sanjay Shah is a philanthropist that cares about the world he lives in and wants to help others in any way that he can. It is no wonder that he started the charity Autism Rocks to help individuals with the neurological disease get the help they need, and to fund research and educational materials to inform others.

Shah also runs a variety of other companies in the London area which includes Solo Capital. Solo Capital is a full service financial suite that aids consumers with their investment and portfolio needs. They special in the details of mergers and acquisitions, but also aid with investments in professional sports and stocks. Recognized worldwide, they have grown from a local investment firm to worldwide notoriety as excellence in investing.

In a recent interview with PR Newswire, Mr Shah offers some advice for those seeking to open or start their own business. First and foremost he warns that one should never underestimate the amount of money that will be needed. If you think you have enough, make more and then maybe you will have enough.

He also warns that the entrepreneur should never try to do all of the work by themselves. They are so many things that need to be done to open a business, ( there is far too much for one person to handle alone. Having help means covering your bases, not a sign of weakness.

After his son Nikhil was diagnosed with autsim he realized he needed more information to properly deal with the situation and Autism Rocks allows him to continue to generate and gather information.

He hopes that information can be dispersed to end stigmatisms and help those with autism. Sanjay Shah wants to be the answer to the issues. Autism Rocks is just one way that he continues to help others.

Securus Announced Tech Survey Results

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company that is one of the leaders when it comes to providing secure communication services and equipment to prisons and other correctional facilities. Securus currently provides services and products to over 1,000 correctional facilities across the country, which oversee hundreds of thousands of inmates. The company sells a wide range of products that are often considered state-of-the-art and provide an added convenience to prisons, inmates, and inmate family members. 

This past week, Securus announced results of a survey that show that the inmate communication systems in correctional facilities are likely to be enhanced in the near future. According to the survey, which Securus prepared at their headquarters, about 55% of all correctional facilities will be looking to enhance their capabilities when it comes to communications technology with the majority of those looking ot update their technology in the near future.

Many facilities are now looking to invest heavily in tablets and video visitation services. This will help to reduce the amount of face-to-face communication in the facilities, which will also provide a convenience and reduced security risk to all people involved. Many other facilities are considering implementing new public safety protocols and looking for new ways to reduce the amount of contraband and weapons that enter the prisons. 

In the past year, Securus has implemented a new video visitation service at facilities all over the country. This service allows a family member to download a mobile application to a tablet or smart phone and then connect to an inmate using a secure connection. The prisons then have the ability to either give an inmate a tablet or set up a secure video location somewhere in the property. Download the app from Google Play here >>

So far the new application has been a huge success. The company has reported that over 60,000 downloads and sales have already occurred and the number will likely increase in the future as Securus attempts to implement the technology at more facilities in the coming years.

Securus Technologies is in no way affiliated with the product on Amazon called Securus nor is it affiliated with the website Securus America for agents.

Securus House is a center for victims of violence and abuse and is also not a part of Securus Technologies.

Impact of Declined Sales for Luxurious Developments and High Resale in the New York Real Estate

The New York City luxury real estate has seen some unusual changes  in the market this year. The luxury part of the market for instance has slowed down while the lower end and resale market have gone quite high.

According to Jonathan Miller of the Miller Samuel appraisal firm, the market can be divided in to 3 parts and that ‘the further down in price you go, the more intense the demand is’. According to Miller, the presence and sale of the luxury developments has gone down with only an increase of 8% of sales from last year. The units available in the market are relatively low as most developers are opting to keep the new buildings away from the market.

Despite the development of about 5,500 units last year, most luxurious apartments are lacking from the market. According to Miller, there has been a decline in the listings by about 44%. The average price of new buildings is now higher by 60% when compared to last year’s price but the comparison is not accurate since last year at such a time, more contracts were being signed.

The resale part of the market reflects the opposite of the high end market as most buyers went for lower priced units. Douglas Elliman’s report showed that the resale was growing strong and after the report, there was a 7.3% increase in the median resale prices compared to last year. The price reached an average of $950,000.

Andrew Heiberger the Chief Executive of Town Residential commented on the success of the resale market and said, “The real sellers have made adjustment to what was unrealistic pricing,” and that this move is most likely to be picked by other developers who have had their homes on the market for long.

It has established its success through its governing policy ‘Our Neighborhood. Your Home’. Their teams of professionals are well distributed in most neighborhoods.

Dick Devos and His Philanthropic Philosophy

Dick DeVos philanthropic philosophy is perfectly in line with his business philosophy. He is, as you might put it, a whole person. Everything in his life, whether it be in the business arena or in his charitable endeavors is about choice. Freedom of action plays a huge role in both the philosophy of Amway and in his political life. Merit plays a large role as well.

Amway is not a traditional company. It is a company that requires alot of self-motivation and self-direction. School choice is a philosophy that is much in the same vein. Amway is not the most traditional way to make a living and the DeVoses do not expect you to necessarily trust in the public educational system to properly educate your children.Private schools have a much better track record of educating students, generally speaking, than public schools do. Small businesses, once successful, generally generate infinitely more profit and satisfaction for the owner than any other form of employment. The voucher system Dick DeVos put together makes alot of sense. Why should you pay tax money to send your children to a public school that has a resounding track record of failure? Competition brings out the best in the school system in much the same way the market can bring out the best in an individual. Everything in Dick DeVos‘ philanthropic philosophy, from merit-based admissions to (ultimately) merit-based schools, bring out the best in humanity through competition.

Dick DeVos’ family also puts their money where their mouths are.  They espouse, write about, and practice christian values. Safe Haven ministries is a recipient of their charity that protects women and children. The Gerald R. Ford foundation, in promoting community values, works to create strong communities where societal trust and pride of place actually exist.

While Dicks’ father was the president of Amway, he also believed his son should earn his place and Devos has turned Amway into an international superstar. He has rapidly expanded the company and it thrives under his leadership. Everything about the man, and his philosophy, is earned. He also, obviously believes in humanity, and believes that if given the option, human beings generally make the right choice in regard to education and business.